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Adds more conditions in order to be able to use Fast Travel, making the game harder.

Permissions and credits
- DLCs: Dead Money, Honest Hearts and Old World Blues
New Vegas Script Extender
- JIP LN NVSE Plugin

This mod adds 5 more conditions in order to be able to use the Fast Travel system in addition to the vanilla ones.

Those are the new things that restrict you from fast travelling:

You cannot fast travel if you have less than 85% of your total health, any crippled limbs, any kind of radiation poisoning, chem/alcohol withdrawal or disease(dehydration, starvation or sleep deprivation (HC mode only)).

I highly suggest playing on Hardcore mode with this mod.


Should be compatible with most of the mods out there as this one just uses a single custom script,actor effect and base effect. It should only conflict with mods that enable Fast Travel from anywhere unless you manually merge them together somehow.


Place the .esp file into Fallout New Vegas\Data folder.

To uninstall, remove the .esp file from the Data folder.

NOTE: This mod doesn't modify the save game at all, so it can be added/removed with no repercussions.