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Modifies wound treatment to be somewhat more complex and a little bit more realistic.

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Modifies wound treatment to be somewhat more complex and a little bit more realistic.


Healing limbs with a Doctor's Bag requires the PC to be out of combat as well as the use of Purified Water, a Scalpel and Forceps. Employing Med-X as an analgesic allows for more effective treatment.

Each use of a Doctor's Bag causes a small amount of damage, reduced by the Medicine skill.

Doctor's Bags are reusable depending on Luck and the Medicine skill. Scalpels and Forceps can be sterilised at a campfire up to five at a time through the use of a Pressure Cooker as an autoclave.

The Doctor's Bag recipe is altered to include the otherwise useless Scissors and Tweezers items, as well Duct Tape and Wonderglue for wasteland bandaging and wound closure.

Doctor's Bags are less readily available from merchants and scavenging, while their component parts are more common.

Other sources of limb healing, including Daturana, Healing Poultices and the Weapon Binding Ritual, are scaled back in effectiveness. Hydra, being a fictional super-drug, and NPC doctors are unaffected.

Finally the weights of various miscellaneous medical items are rationalised, in most cases reduced. (By script, and only if their weights are unchanged by other mods.)


Requires NVSE (2.1+)

Use only one .esp or the other, depending on whether you need the Honest Hearts changes.


The primary vector for conflicts is other mods that edit the Doctor's Bag item itself. This includes for example jsawyer. Difficult Doctoring will have to be loaded after such mods.

Due to changes to a few merchant inventories and loot items, a merged patch may be desirable.