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The best recoil mod on the Nexus!

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Immersive Recoil is a mod adding recoil to your weapons. It is built on the framework provided by the JIP LN NVSE Plugin to be the most stable and compatible recoil mod to date.


  • Compatible with (almost) everything.
  • Performance friendly.
  • Smooth recoil regardless of your framerate.
  • Crosshair return is included.
  • Highly customizable. Almost every aspect of the mod can be changed to suit your needs, including setting custom recoil values for specific weapon and/or ammo types.

Also try my other mods:

  • Immersive Recoil NPC adds a recoil-like mechanic to NPCs that limits the frequency of their shots depending on multiple factors.
  • Immersive Critical Effects attempts to recreate the Fallout 2 critical hit mechanic in New Vegas.

Note: due to the way JIP LN works, recoil will not work in god mode.

Credits: mamelukturbo & MMMZ for versions prior to 2.0. The mod uses none of their content since 2.0.