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This mod has 2 purposes:
1) Automatically store and restore the weapon hotkeys when you enter / exit casinos
2) Allow to store / restore on the fly 3 different presets for the weapon hotkeys

Permissions and credits
09/04/2016 : Updated optional Beta version, added Silver Rush and Fort. Marked as Beta just because I couldnt' test all the cases (i.e. following the whole vanilla story that leads to the fort...), however testing with console worked fine, I consider that pretty safe.
17/03/2016 : Updated new version, it corrects a couple of script issues. A clean save would be better.


Yesterday I've installed the last Lutana, and this small script is the result. I wanted it since a long time, and I loved to share it.

This mod has 2 purposes:
1) Automatically store and restore the weapon hotkeys when you enter / exit casinos
2) Allow to store / restore on the fly 3 different presets for the weapon hotkeys

The first one is done automatically, all you can do is deactivate it via MCM if you don't want it. The three places where this automatic script fires are the Ultra Lux, the Gomorrah and the Tops. I can easily add more places if it's necessary.

The second one is done manually. It -is- very simple, but I have some hard time to explain it right now. Later in the description I'll do a practical example, which is how I use it in game.

MANDATORY: Lutana 16 (march 2016)

However, the optionals are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Without them, weird things can happen, like cows with 2 heads roaming Mojave etc.

Drop everything under your \Data, as usual, or use a Mod Manager that is so kind to do it for you. But it must do it diligently and in a correct way of course.

Remove the files and make a clean save, traces of the mod will be removed automatically.

Initial recommendations
This is not mandatory, but it's still a nice thing to do for scripted mods.
Before installing, go inside a calm interior and save your game, then install the mod, then reload that save and wait few seconds: the mod will make its own initial settings and if no bad things happen then you're ready to go.

Regarding this specific mod: at first, I suggest to go on MCM and make your own initial setup - decide if you need both the features, or unflag what you don't use (it reduces script workload). Then, unflag Debug if it's flagged and you don't have issues. Then, if you decide to use the preset hotkeys, configure the hud position with its option. Also, define how many seconds the menu must stick on the screen. Last, decide what keys bind to the 3 presets if you don't like the default ones (NumPad 1, 2 and 3)

How to use it

To STORE the hotkeys on a preset, HOLD the preset hotkey for a couple of seconds, until you'll hear a beep sound.
To SEE what you stored on a certain preset, TAP the preset hotkey: a menu will appear on the screen, showing the keys and the weapons. The menu will close on its own after few seconds (the Menu Time parameter on MCM).
To RESTORE the hotkeys on a preset, TAP the preset hotkey WHILE the menu is open. Or if the menu is not open, simply TAP-TAP (double tap) the preset hotkey. You then will hear a beep sound (even if slightly different from the store sound)

What you CAN'T do:
TAP a preset hotkey to check what you stored on a certain preset, and THEN HOLD that preset hotkey because you assume that it will replace it with your current setup. No, you can't, if you do that you won't STORE but will RESTORE instead. So, after that you checked the menu, wait few seconds that it will go away and THEN HOLD the preset key to STORE your current setup.

Practical in-game example (how I usually use it)
- I set some weapons on the hotkeys. Generally I reserve 1 for melee, 3 for shotgun, 4 for automatic, 5 for rockets, 6 for nades, 7 and 8 are extra
- I then STORE it on the first hotkey (default Numpad 1). To do that, HOLD the Numpad 1 for a couple of seconds, until you hear a *beep* sound
- After that, I open again the pipboy and I go under Apparel. I store some outfits on the hotkeys, i.e. a combat set and a "sunday clothes" set, you know, for roleplay when you walk on the Strip...
- Then I STORE it on the second hotkey (default Numpad 2), HOLDING the Numpad 2 for a couple of seconds, till the *beep* sound.
- Last, I open pipboy and set some drugs / stimpaks on the hotkeys, i.e. 1 for stimpaks, 3 for psycho, 4 for jet, etc.
- Then I STORE it on the third and last hotkey (Default Numpad 3), HOLDNG the Numpad 3 for a couple of seconds, till the *beep* sound.

Now, in game, everytime I need to switch weapons, I'll have to recall the Preset 1. To do that, I'll TAP-TAP (double tap) the Numpad 1. Then, if I go to the Strip, I'll change my outfit so I'll TAP - TAP Num Pad 2 and then I'll choose the hotkeys for some classy outfit. Then, if I'm fighting and I'm hit, I'll TAP - TAP Numpad 3 and then I'll press 1 to inject myself a stimpak.

Don't forget to check Misalen's review

Possible issues
- The mod doesn't work
It's pretty generic... however, in order:
1) Check if you really have the requisites installed and working
2) Check if the files are in the correct folders
3) Please report your experience on the thread, possibly checking the console messages after you enabled Debug on MCM

- The mod doesn't store / restore some items, sometimes, randomly
During my tests, it never happened to me. However, if it will ever happen, I won't be able to do anything because it all relies on some miracle made by some function, and not by me.

- Conflicts?
Mmmh, nothing I could think about. Pretty hard that it could conflict, no vanilla ID were touched.

- DarnUI et similia?
On MCM, you can change the aspect of the hud, the ratio, the fonts etc. So if the default hud is not nice, you can configure it in game as you prefer.

- Gamepad?
90 % of the mod uses "controls" and not "keys", so if you can bind the 3 presets hotkeys on some gamepad button, I think you're ok.

hlp for NVSE
Luthien Anarion for Lutana
JazzIsParis for UIO
Pelinor for MCM

My general rule on permissions - you can do whatever you want but not for commercial use; if it's marked as Beta/WIP, then do not use it, it's better if you contact me and we cooperate; if you use something from my mods, some credit would be nice, but if you can please inherit the permissions, so that others will be able to use your mod too, mods deserve to be spreaded.