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The Overlook is a very small, lore friendly, highly interactive player home.

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The Overlook is a very small, lore friendly, highly interactive player home located north of Novac just off 95 near the Southern Nevada Wind Farm (but not too near because of the Cazadors).

Features of the house:
Interactive furniture:
Because the interior of the house is so tiny I've tried to give it as much functionality/role play potential as possible in the limited space. There are some pieces of furniture that can be stored/deployed to use as needed.
-Bedroll that is stored on a shelf can be deployed to the floor for sleeping on (perfect for that preferred companion you take inside with you).
-Chair that hangs on the wall can be put on the floor
-Table that hangs on the wall can be put on the floor
-Two bedrolls are stored outside for putting down on the deck.

Other interactive features:
-Door has to be broken into the first time you arrive (you'll need a hammer, tire iron or axe to open it)
-There is sorting available into containers placed around the room. Requires NVSE.
-Cooking pan on the hot plate will deploy a meal for one or two onto the table. A pitcher is put out with the meal and is the activator for cleaning up the meal.
-Water purifier at the sink
-Crafting menus for campfire, reloading bench and workbench. Crafting supplies are sorted into containers near their respective menu activator.
-Doctor Bag provides healing options
-Snowglobes can be displayed on a shelf designed for them
-Click the light fixture hanging from the ceiling to turn the lights on/off.

Additional features:
-Fully navmeshed and companion friendly.
-If you'd like the door to remain locked at all times take the key out of the Lunchbox container by the bed. Whenever it's in your inventory the door will remain locked. If you don't like it locked you can remove the key from your inventory, but that has to be done at the console because it's a quest item for sorting purposes. ID# XX0034C1.
-Unique melee weapon in the house
-Small number of uniquely textured items to give the place some personality.
-Extra containers in addition to the sorted ones
-The views from the exterior of the house are beautiful. There's a bench out front for enjoying them. There are idle markers outside for companions to use.
-There's an outhouse outside down the stairs because the house is too small for a bathroom.
-Exterior lights turn off during the day/on in the evening.
-Two map markers to be discovered. One at ground level and the other upstairs by the front door.

If you are interested in the theme I've crammed into the house click here.  I didn't think it was subtle, but no one has commented on it without my asking about it so I'm adding the info here as part of the description.

Requirements and Installation
NVSE Required for sorting
Install the file via NMM, FOMM or drag n' drop. The mod consists of one bsa and one esp.

Disclaimer: As with all mods something terrible might happen to your game if you add this one. Save your game before you install.

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