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This is just a simple mod that adds the Pharmacist Perk to the game. What this perk does is unlocks recipes for chems and aids that were previously uncraftable.

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Basic Info: This is just a simple mod that adds the Pharmacist Perk to the game. What this perk does is unlocks recipes for chems and aids that were previously uncraftable. There are some requirements to getting this perk however so you wont be able to access it early. It is meant for mid to late game to avoid being over powered. While I have done my best to keep it as balanced as possible, this is my first mod and I cannot guarantee you wont become over powered. All recipes were created by me with ingredients I thought made sense for that chem or aid which I explain below.


Requiments: To get this perk you will need to be Level 20, have an Intelligence of 8 or more and a Medicine skill of 80 or more. (For some reason it doesn't display the Int and Meds requirements in game, I am working to fix this).

Also just a note, when creating this mod I did use all the dlc as master files. Now I am very inexprienced with making mods so I have no idea if this requires you to have the DLC's to use my mod. However I can tell you NOTHING from the DLC's were used in the recipes to created anything.


Chem: Buffout: Ant Nectar 2, Stimpak 1, Brahmin Steak 1.
Aid: Cateye: Carrot 2, Bubblegum 1.
Chem: Fixer: Banana Yucca Fruit 3, Radscorpion Poison Gland 2, Healing Powder 1.
Chem: Jet: Empty Jet Inhaler 1, Box of Detergent 1, Nuka Cola 1, Wonder Glue 1.
Chem: Med-X: Empty Syringe 1, Healing Powder 1, Broc Flower 3, Bark Scorpion Gland 2.
Chem: Mentats: Whiskey 1, Honey Mesquite 3.
Chem: Psycho: Med-X 1, Stimpak 2, Banana Yucca Fruit 2.
Aid: Rad Away: Cave Fungus 3, Purified Water 1, Surgical Tubing 1, Hot Plate 1.
Aid: Rad-X: Cave Fungus 2, Dirty Water 1.
Chem: Rebound: Med-X 1, Jet 2, Stimpak 1.
Chem: Steady: Empty sunset sarsaparilla bottle 1, Surgical Tubing 1, Coyote Tobacco Chew 2, Mutfruit 2.
Chem: Ultrajet: Jet 1, Sugar bombs 1, Abraxo Cleaner 1.


Explantions Behind the Recipes:

Buffout: Ant nectar increases your Endurance in game so I thought this was fitting as so does buffout. Also Steak is full of protiens that help build muscle mass, so adding it to a chem that does the same makes sense to me. The stimpak is just to help mix it all together.

Cateye: Fairly obvious one to be honest. I used the carrots because they help you see in the dark and the bubblegum to stick it together into a dried out chewy pill.

Jet: The empty inhaler is for storage, the Box of Detergent and Nuka Cola create a gas when mixed and the wonderglue is used for its fumes. I am aware jet was made from the fumes of Brahmin dung but sadly that doesn't exsist in game.

Med-X: The Empty Syringe is for storage, Bark Scropion gland because Med-X makes you ignore limb condition so I needed something to make your limbs feel numb. Venom came to mind so I chose the Bark Scorpion of Radscorpion as it would less potent venom. Also the Healing powder and Broc Flower are there to help remove the toxins in the venom.

Mentats: This is just a weaker version of the recipe for Party Time Mentats.

Psycho: Med-X and stimpaks mix to create a high and the Banana Yucca fruit was added due to them being in the recipe for Slasher.

Rad Away: Changed due to a comment I received which made more sense than what I had. The recipe was completely there idea and I just had to change it.

Rad-X: For this one I added Cave Fungus to Dirty water because as mentioned before Cave Fungus has rad removing properties and dirty water has radiation in it. So once dried it the water helps feed the mushrooms to boost that rad properties and them ground into a powder to create pills.

Rebound: If you look at a Rebound in game You will see two small canisters attached to a needle with tubes. The canisters are the 2 Jet and when mixed with a stimpak and Med-X Jet actually give you a different type of rush that rebound produces.

Steady: In game Steady is a bottle with a tube coming out. So I decided to mimic this in the recipe and by adding the Coyote Tobacco and Mutfriut, when smoked together, give you a calm relaxing mellow which allow you to focus.

Ultrajet: This is basically the recipe from Fallout 3.

Yes I may have put way to much thought into these but I feel they all made sense to me. While I may not have totally stuck to cannon I feel these recipe's are reasonable enough.


Installation: This is basically just an ESP file. All you need to do is download it and add it to your Fallout New Vegas data folder. Once you have done that don't forget to activate it in the mod menu before playing.


Finally I would like to say I welcome and all feedback. It would nice to hear from you all about what you think of the mod. Like I said I am new to the modding scene to any feedback would be awesome. Other than that thanks for reading this far and enjoy the mod.

If there are any bugs or issues please let me know and I will try to sort them out as soon as possible.