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Adds a new creature to the wasteland: Cazaclaws! Part Deathclaw. Part Cazador. All ugly. :D

Permissions and credits
This is just a simple mod that I made on a whim, as I wanted to see what a hybrid of the two worst Fallout critters would look like. I've added a small handful of the Cazaclaws to several places in the Mojave where Cazadors and Deathclaws normally hang out. I've tried to keep them balanced, while also giving them the most annoying features of both creatures [yay for speedy, poisonous Deathclaw-bugs!]. 

You can find them in the following places:
Silver Peak Mine
Primm Pass
Cazador Nest
Near the 'Hidden Cazador Nest' area
Callville Bay
Deathclaw promontoryDead Wind Cavern

Known issues:
This is a pretty small mod, so there shouldn't be too many problems with it. Though I am aware that some of the cazador features on the face don't behave properly when the Cazaclaw is decapitated. I'm sure there's a fix for that but I'm still a Blender noob for the most part, so I'm not sure how to avoid that at the moment. [Fixed now!] Besides that, if you find any game-breaking issues let me know and I'll do my best to fix them.

Brigand231 for testing, support and being awesome in general.
Dragbody, for fixing the dismemberment issue.
Blender, Fallout and GECK for all playing together so nicely. 
The Nexus community, for being so helpful and supportive!

I'm uploading this as an open "free" resource, so feel free to use these in your own non-commercial mods and projects! All I ask is that you credit me.