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An ENB Preset designed with strong colors, bright skies, warm atmosphere, dark nights, moody interiors, and more.

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I present my newest ENB preset, Oxide ENB. I started working on this visual setup after playing around with my Overgrowth ENB for quite a while, and missing the lovely blue skies of New Vegas. And thus, my work had begun. Using my previous work as a base, I have created a atmospheric, colorful, and intense look for the Mojave. Additionally, this ENB would not have been possible without the work of Hitman47101, who I thoroughly thank for his weather mod, which provides for the gorgeous skies on display in my preset.

This is is to only be used with the included weather file. Do not use any other weather mod or interior lighting mod.


This ENB was made to be used with the v0.267 ENB binaries, available HERE

Firstly, make sure that you have cleared all ENB files out of your game folder (SteamApps\common\Fallout New Vegas)

Find the ENB D3D9.dll file within the enbseries_falloutnv_v0267.rar and put it in your game folder (link directly above)

Now grab all the files from the Oxide ENB archive (except for the Data folder) and place them in your game folder as well.

Then install the files from the data folder (of the archive of this ENB) to your game (manual or via a mod manager, I suggest M.O.)

Next make sure you TURN OFF anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering in the games launcher.

If you have installed everything properly, colored text will appear in the top right corner upon launching the game.


Your screenshots will look a lot better if you are able to capture the sweetfx
using the print screen button, which will place the shot in your main game folder, with a name like screenshot00000

With SweetFX:

Without SweetFX:

-=Recommended Mods=-

NMC Texture Pack
Bornagain NV The Book of Water
Weapon Retexture Project
Ojo Bueno Environmental
Spice of Life
Weapons of the New Millenia
Wasteland Flora Overhaul
Flashlight NVSE

Warning: I like it Dark

Yes, the nights are very dark. We both agree on that point. The nights are meant to be almost pitch black, to me there is nothing worse than seeing things at night. To survive through the nights I suggest the use of Flashlight NVSE, and I ABSOLUTELY encourage installing ELECTRO-CITY.

-=Showcase of the dark and intense nights=-

Thanks to Hodilton

Thanks to MCDReviews:

-=Current Rig=-
AMD FX 8320 at 4.025 ghz
New Vegas on a Kingston SSD


1. When I am in-game, I can see through object and everything looks broken.

Make SURE that AA and AF are both completely of, and if you have edited your settings with nVidia inspector make sure all AA settings are manually off.

2. Is it Night-Vision compatible?

I am not aware at this moment, as I do not use Night-Vision. Hopefully I can either confirm if it is or make a compatible version.

3. I don't like _______ about this ENB, can you make a new version?

Sorry, but no. This ENB was made for personal use, and I am releasing it for those that would like to use it.

4. What armors are those?

Armors are either Spice of Life, Willhaven (WIP), or custom.


Big Kudos and thanks to Hitman47101 for the Weather esp
Thanks to Printerkop for the cloud textures
Thanks to kingeric1992 for the enbprepass.fx file
Thanks to soulwynd for the alternate enbprepass.fx file
Thanks to  demidekidasu for the Lens Dirt file and the Palette
Thanks to Erinkiller for Dynamo ENB
Thanks to SunnyDelight for the enbloom file
And special thanks to Boris