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A Courier 6-worthy compound in Hopeville (Lonesome Road Add-on). Many amenities, two player-owned buildings, loot, weapons and apparel. Companion Safehouse to Courier 6 Goodsprings/Novac Compounds, and Sierra Madre/Zion Safehouses. Full and LITE versions available. If downloading both, ensure you only activate one mod at a time.

Permissions and credits
COURIER 6 HOPEVILLE SAFEHOUSE (LONESOME ROAD):  A Courier 6 Big Guns and Grunt-intensive mod.

Courier 6 Hopeville Safehouse provides the Courier a regional, highly functional safehouse in the middle of Hopeville in the Lonesome Road Add-on. The mod consists of a Safehouse and a Commissary. This is the fifth mod installment in the Courier 6 Compound/Safehouse series.  

This mod is heavily focused on Big Guns and the Grunt Perk. There are a number of Courier 6 unique Divide weapons included (mostly Big Guns), two C6 unique recipes, and unique, hardened apparel…all well-suited for the intense, combat-heavy environment of Lonesome Road.

While offering a very functional, defensible safe haven in the harsh conditions of the Divide, that you can quick travel to at a moment’s notice, it also fully equips Courier 6 [in the Full version of this mod] for the extreme environment they encounter on their trek to the ultimate showdown with Ulysses. The unique weapons are massive and powerful, the armor is hardended and well-fitted…and Couriers, once victims of the overpowering climate and desolation of the Divide, are now outfitted as death dealing avengers, cleaning-up after themselves [and hopefully cleansing themselves in the process] of a horror they unknowingly unleashed.

The Hopeville Safehouse, like its predecessor Courier 6 mods, is a detailed, custom-crafted environment available upon the Courier’s arrival in Hopeville, once they have passed through and exited the Hopeville Missile Silo, and have spoken with Ulysses for the first time. The safehouse is located just across from the Hopeville Armory. It is fully Nav-meshed inside and out, and is companion friendly. It is a hardened, multi-dimensional facility with roof access and has a lookout tower. All custom roof areas are Nav-meshed. The mod is crafted as a fully scrounge-stocked, functional and deliberately defensible area that one would expect Courier 6 to have left behind, had they visited Hopeville prior to meeting Benny. As a side note; you should probably clear out the Marked Men in the immediate area before exploring it.

Also included as part of the mod is a lootable Commissary which is located next door to the Hopeville Armory. It is another usable area for the Courier to call their own in Hopeville. The key for the Commissary is located in Courier 6’s safe in the Safehouse secured by a Hard-level lock. 

As with my other mods, I have provided two versions: A Full version and a LITE version. The Full version includes all unique weapons, armor, recipes, ammunition, explosives and loot. The LITE version is the same safehouse, but with most weapons and stocked items removed for those who want to retain game balance.  The LITE version does retain custom recipes and a few other odds and ends. There are no unique weapons or armor in the LITE version, and the commissary item inventory is reduced. If you decide to download both, make sure you only activate one version of the mod at a time.

I’ve used assets from across the main game and all DLCs to craft this mod, so even though it’s a Lonesome Road-specific mod, you will need all DLCs to play it. My apologies to players who don’t have all DLCs, but this is how I like to craft my house mods…having everything available.  This mod is built purely from vanilla and DLC assets, so there is nothing introduced that can crash or freeze your game.  

The highlights below should give you an idea of what’s included in the full version of the mod. (See photos).


*Secured, hardened, defensible safehouse seamlessly integrated into the unique environment of Hopeville (locked – [key in toolbox on the roof of the Safehouse-Easy-level Lock]). Gate to roof access is secured by an Easy-level lock as well.
*Fully stocked, “loot-it or leave-it” Commissary (locked – [key is in the Safe in the Safehouse--Hard-level Lock])…located next door to the Armory and across from the Safehouse.
*Fully Nav-meshed interiors and exteriors for ED-E and any other modded companions you might bring into Lonesome Road.
*Access to the roofs of the safehouse and surrounding immediate area; customized and nav-meshed.
*Map Marker for quick travel. Works from any outdoor area in the Divide.
*Crafting Hot Plates and ovens.
*Outdoor crafting camp fires.
*Outdoor storage (Safehouse roof primarily).
*Functional kitchens.
*5 x auto-restocking containers located in the Commissary (these are marked as “Auto-Resupplied.” Respawns items in container every 3 in-game days, so do not store items in them!). Gives you a good reason to come back to Hopeville every so often once you’re done with Lonesome Road.
*2 x reusable chemistry sets (random loot).
*Well-rested player owned bed in safehouse. Well-rested bedroll in the tower.
*Purified water sources.
*Named/unamed storage lockers/footlockers/first aid kits/safes/refrigerators/coolers.
*Named/unamed ammunition and explosives storage.
*Stocked ammo, weapons, explosives, consumables, crafting items, caps and ingredients from across the main game and other DLCs.
*A large number of lootable containers with desirable items (inside buildings and outside) stored behind Easy – Very Hard-level locks. (Definitely bring your lockpicks and lockpicking skills.)
*Workbenches and Reloading benches with several adjacent parts containers.
*Designated weapon and armor repair parts containers.
*Courier 6 unique Divide weapons. Mostly Big Guns and select small arms. Most are not added to Perk Lists, as they are already extremely powerful. All are repairable with like items and work with the Jury Rigging perk.
*Courier 6 unique Divide apparel. Select pieces are enchanted, hardened, and stat adjusted to favor the player. All are repairable with like items and work with Jury Rigging perk. Significant RAD Resistance has been added to specific pieces, to assist players through the Courier's Mile...if they wish to have some extra help.
*2 x custom Courier 6 Divide recipes (Super Frag and Super Satchel).

Courier 6 Unique Divide Weapons: (See the READ ME or check Pip-Boy in-game for weapon specifics) 

Unique weapons have been enhanced, up-statted and re-sounded.  Most have had firing rates adjusted. All have had spreads tightened, DAM/DPS overhauled, and AP use adjustments to hit harder and more accurately, and feel better overall in gameplay. Unique Big Guns are substantially more powerful. All Courier 6 Divide Weapons have a Strength requirement of 4 and a Skill Req of 50, unless base game requirements were less.  

These weapons are very powerful and explosive/fire weapons have significant splash DAM areas.  Obviously, they are even more powerful with perks like Splash Damage and all Demo Expert Levels added.  I highly recommend “Adamantium Skeleton”  and “Hit the Deck” Perks with use of C6's Divide Explosive Big Guns; or at a minimum, if you don’t have these perks, use these weapons at extended ranges (all of which have been significanly increased), with no use at close quarters. Nuka-venger should only be used at max range.

I have tried to balance higher DAM/DPS with Splash DAM areas, so they are useable without hurting yourself at medium distances. But they will hurt you and your companions (if you carry other companions in addition to ED-E into the Divide), and will cause significant Limb DAM, and possible death, if you become careless. You have been warned! :-)  

The only Big Guns weapon I would recommend using at close quarters is the Custom Divide SMMG, which is a non-explosive weapon, but will still rip Deathclaws and Tunnelers to shreds with its higher RoF. These weapons will make even Lonesome Road a cake walk on normal-level difficulty, so if challenging yourself is a priority, either forego them, raise your difficulty, or play only the LITE version of this mod. 

All weapons are repairable with like items and work with the Jury Rigging Perk. 

Most Grunt weapons provided are vanilla. I didn’t think it necessary to add anything to the Grunt Perk list for two reasons: (1) All unique weapons are insanely powerful, and (2) if you are playing with some or all of my other house mods, the weapon perk lists are starting to pile up with weapons from multiple mods, and I see no real functional need to add to them any longer, since you probably already have a ton of these unique weapons lying about by now. I did add the Auto-12 to relevant shotgun lists so it works with Shotgun Surgeon and And Stay Back! perk.

Courier 6 Unique Divide Big Guns: (Full version only) (See the READ-ME or check Pip-Boy in-game for item specifics): 

Courier 6's Custom Divide Red Glare
Courier 6's Divide Missile Launcher
Courier 6's Custom Divide SMMG
Courier 6's Divide Nuka-venger
Courier 6's Divide Grenade Auto-Cannon
Courier 6's Divide Flame Thrower
Courier 6's Divide Inferno Cannon 

Courier 6 Unique Divide Small Arms: (Full version only) (Seethe READ-ME or check Pip-Boy in-game for item specifics): 

Courier 6's Divide Gov't M1911A1
Courier 6's Divide Custom Bowie
Courier 6's Divide Super Flare
Courier 6's Divide Auto-Nailer
Courier 6's Divide Auto-12
Courier 6's Divide AA Auto-Carbine
Courier 6's Divide .308 SASS (Suppressed)
Courier 6's Divide .308 MRAD 
Courier 6's Divide .50 BMG Super Match 

Custom Courier 6 Divide Recipes: (See the READ-ME or check Pip-Boy in-game for item specifics): 

There are 2 new recipes introduced in the Courier 6 Hopeville Safehouse.  

*Courier 6 Super Frag
*Courier 6 Super Satchel 

Both offer higher DAM/DPS and increased splash DAM. Both recipes have notes on the workbench. The Notes are for your information only; recipes will automatically show up in your inventory when you open the workbench interface after installing the mod. Both have an Explosives skill requirement of 50. 

Courier 6 Unique Divide Apparel: (Full version only) (See the READ-ME or checkPip-Boy in-game for item specifics): 

C6 Marked Beast Helm
C6 Marked Beast Eyes Helm
C6 Marked Beast Face Helm
C6 Marked Beast Tribal Helm
Courier 6's Divide Protective Mask
Courier 6's Divide NVGs
Courier 6's Divide Mechanic Goggles
Courier 6's Divide Heavy Overcoat
Courier 6's Divide Super Duster
Courier 6's Divide Super-Duty Riot Helm
Courier 6's Divide Super-Duty Riot Armor
Courier 6's Divide Heavy Plate          

COMPATIBILITY:  I’ve play tested this mod on a full run and have found no incompatibilities. But as with anything, YMMV with your rig, load order, and whatever mods you run. Courier 6 unique weapons should be compatible with WMX and WRP.  If you have Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound in your load order, you already have the lightened version of the Roughin-It Bedroll in your game. I have made no alterations to it in this mod.


Placed Item Shuffle: There are placed items in the full version of this mod. As is to be expected, if you pick one thing up, it tends to shuffle the items around it. If it really bothers you, reload (although I never recommend re-loading an auto save) and attempt to pick up the wanted item; you tend to get less shuffle that way…or pick it up and stow it. 

There are no companion issues inside or outside the safehouse or commissary. Movement is good enough and idles work fine.  

I’ve actually customized much of the outdoor area within the center of Hopeville to fit everything in properly, so if there are any problems with Marked Men, sandstorms, etc, please let me know. I’ve gone through and double checked the navmeshing, storm boxes, etc, and had no problems in game. All Marked Men spawned as intended and the sandstorms worked fine.There shouldn’t be issues, but the possibility is there. I navmeshed the roof of the safehouse and tied it to the quonset hut next door. The areas I cluttered to prevent access from below are not navmeshed, so your companions and ED-E will not have access to small areas on the roof that you can traverse. Any place inside the sandbags is considered companion friendly. 


All Fallout New Vegas issued DLCs and add-on packs: 
Fallout New Vegas .esm
Four main DLCs
Gunrunner’s Arsenal
All Courier’s Stash Add-on packs 


-Bethesda and Obsidian for giving life to Courier 6 and giving us a great game and toolkit.
-Nexus modders, for your inspiration.
-Nexus Community users who make the effort all worthwhile. 

Enjoy! Regards to the Community! 



If you’re interested, please feel free to check out my other mods. 

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