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A pictorial tour of the Mojave done in screenshots and photos.

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Did you ever wonder what the game world looks like in RL?
This will give you an idea.

This is a small selection of screenshots of well known places compared to photos of their real life counterparts. If you are like me you'll be amazed at how accurate some of it is. The developers did a good job.

In case anybody's curious. These pics were taken during a three week round trip in which my wife and I drove through California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah in a rented car. August/September of 2014. Even coming from the temperate climate of northern Europe we quickly adjusted to the 40+ C (100+F) temperatures of the Mojave desert. 
The desert itself was quite different from what we had expected. No sanddunes. But a lot of coarse gravel. And plants all over. In fact I think that Vurts "Wasteland flora overhaul" is much closer to the real thing than vanila game.
We DID see Las Vegas. And it was fun. But it was very difficult to get any decent pics I think.
"Travelling is living" I quote our native poet and story teller - Hans Christian Andersen. He travelled Europe in horse carriages on bad roads and would probably have thought of todays "monkey class" as the epitome of luxury. But he braved the difficulties and brought home a lot of impressions. Just like the modern day travelers.
If you are curious and have the time and money  - then by all means go! Have a beer at the Prospector/Pioneer. See the bullet riddled car at Vikki and Vance / Whisky Petes. Park the car and walk across Hoover Dam. Breathtaking.
And - not to forget- visit Zion Valley. Incredibly beautiful.
The devs did a splendid job at capturing the feel of the Mojave. And the modders add a lot of realism to that.

In 2015 we managed to go to a few other New Vegas related places too. Some 11 screenshots/photos can be found here: Vegas revisted

Cormell had a chat with some of the locals in Goodsprings when he and GP visited. He recorded it in these two humoristic entries:
Nexywood one by Cormell and
Nexywood two by Cormell
They are worth checking out.

The screenshots were done on a Radeon R5770 graphics adapter. Poco Bueono and NMCs small pack for the eye candy. Vurts wasteland flora provides the plants. No enb or such.

These pics are not to be uploaded anywhere else unless I give permission to do so.

Credits: Jokerine for Forever Free logo