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A Courier 6-worthy Safehouse in Zion Valley (Honest Hearts Add-on). Includes equipment and item stashes, weapons, resources and interfaces. A companion Safehouse to Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound, Novac Compound, and Sierra Madre Safehouse. Full and LITE versions available. If downloading both, only activate one mod at a time.

Permissions and credits
COURIER 6 ZION SAFEHOUSE (HONEST HEARTS): A Courier 6 Cowboy Perk-intensive mod.

Full or LITE version available.

Courier 6 Zion Safehouse provides the Courier a regional, highly functional safehouse in Zion Valley in the Honest Hearts Add-on. It adds to the sphere of influence that Courier 6 Goodsprings Compound began and has subsequently been extended with the Novac Compound and Sierra Madre Safehouse. This is the fourth mod installment in the Courier 6 Compound/Safehouse series.

This mod is heavily focused on the Cowboy Perk, and the environment is western in spirit. There are a number of Courier 6 unique Cowboy weapons included, as well as several useful, C6 unique recipes for explosives, throwing weapons and aid items, that support a cowboy-type playthrough. All provided unique weapons and explosives have been added to the Cowboy perk list. The Cowboy perk is by no means necessary to play this mod, but a +25% DAM bonus to virtually anything you pick up in the house is (needless to say) … useful. Most of the unique apparel included is western in style and each is significantly hardened and enchanted. In other words, feel free to dial up the difficulty heat.

The Zion Safehouse, like its predecessor Courier 6 mods, is a detailed, custom-crafted environment available upon the Courier’s arrival in Zion Valley. It has ample space, storage, items, amenities, interfaces (indoors and outdoors) and is well-suited for Hardcore gameplay. The safehouse is located adjacent to the Zion Welcome Center (See photos), and has been fitted into a unique game space. I’ve had to remove some of the surrounding mountains and adjust the terrain to fit it in, but it is fairly seamless and worked well in testing. The safehouse is fully Nav-meshed inside and out, and is companion friendly.

As with my other mods, I have provided two versions: The Full version of the Zion Safehouse and the LITE version. The Full version is the full monty with all unique weapons, recipes and loot. The LITE version is the same safehouse, but with most weapons and stocked items removed for those who want to retain game balance.  LITE version does retain custom recipes. If you decide to download both, make sure you only activate one version of the mod  at a time. I’ve used assets from across the main game and all DLCs to craft this mod, so even though it is an Honest Hearts mod, you will need all DLCs and add-ons to enjoy everything it has to offer. This mod is built purely from vanilla assets, so there is nothing introduced that can crash or freeze your game.  

The highlights below should give you an idea of what’s included in the full version of the mod. (See photos).


*A secured safehouse (locked – [key in toolbox in the bed of the pick up truck out front-Easy-level Lock])               
*FullyNav-meshed interiors and exteriors and integrated into environment. Everything inside and out, has been re-navmeshed to ensure seamless and “natural” integration within the framework of heavily modified terrain.               
*Map Marker for quick travel               
*Lore friendly western style environment               
*Crafting Hot Plates               
*Outdoor crafting camp fire
*Outdoor storage               
*Functional kitchen               
*Reusable chemistry set (random loot).               
*Well-rested player owned bed               
*Purified water sources               
*Named/unamed storage lockers/footlockers/first aid kits/safes/refrigerators/coolers.               
*Named/unamed ammunition and explosives storage.
*Companion storage               
*Stocked ammo, weapons, explosives, consumables, crafting items, caps
and ingredients from across the main game and other DLCs.               
*Workbench and Reloading bench with several adjacent parts containers.               
*Designated weapon and armor repair parts containers.               
*Respawning gardens with needed ingredients.               
*Courier 6 unique weapons. Mostly Cowboy-style weapons; all have been added to appropriate perk lists. All work with the Jury
Rigging perk. (See Unique Weapons Note below).
*Courier 6 unique apparel. Mostly western wear. All are enchanted, hardened, and stat adjusted to favor the player. All work with Jury Rigging perk. (See Unique Apparel Note below).              
*Custom Courier 6 recipes for field explosives. (See Note below).               
*Custom Courier 6 recipes for throwable weapons. (See Note below).              
*Custom Courier 6 recipes for field aid. (See Note below). 

Courier 6 Unique Zion Weapons: (See the READ ME or check Pip-Boy in-game for weapon specifics).

Courier 6’s unique weapons in the Zion Safehouse focus of Cowboy style weapons so players can fully use the Cowboy Perk. Unique weapons have been enhanced, up-statted and re-sounded.  Most have had firing rates adjusted. All have had spreads tightened, DAM/DPS overhauled, and AP use adjustments to hit harder and more accurately, and feel better overall in gameplay. Cowboy style weapons have been added to the Cowboy Perk list, to include custom field explosives. Other unique weapons (.45s) have been added to appropriate Perk Lists. All weapons are repairable with like items and work with the Jury Rigging Perk.  Unique weapons included in the mod are:

*Courier 6 Bowie Knife (Z)
*Courier 6 War Axe (Z)
*Courier 6 Zion Battle Axe
*Courier 6 Single-Action Army(Z)
*Courier 6 Zion SAA .44Special
*Courier 6 BFR .45-70 Gov't(Z)
*Courier 6 Zion Big Frame.45-70
*Courier 6 Zion Guide Gun
*Courier 6 Rio Grande .44 Mag(Z)
*Courier 6 Model 1887 (12 GA)(Z)
*Courier 6 M1911A1 Gov't Model (Z) (Grunt perked)
*Courier 6 Zion Thompson (Grunt perked) 

I also included a couple of bonus special cowboy gun fighting weapons…and Yes, they are on the Cowboy Perk List!

Custom Courier 6 Zion Recipes: (See the READ ME or check Pip-Boy in-game for item specifics).

There are 11 new recipes introduced in Courier 6 Zion Safehouse that well-support Cowboy-style playthroughs. Courier 6 is now able to craft their own throwing weapons, better field explosives, useful healing items and augments, as well as whetstones (these are fairly rare items in FONV, but are required in crafting throwable weapons). Courier 6’s craftable weapons in Zion have been added to the Cowboy Perk List. All items are superior to vanilla-like counterparts.

All recipes have notes by their respective interface. The Notes are for your information only; recipes will automatically show up in your inventory when you open the respective interface. All recipes have a moderate skill requirement of 25 for Repair, Explosive, or Survival as applicable. In full disclosure, aid items and explosives will definitely become overpowered as you level and perk up. 

Recipes and their yielded items include: 

*Courier 6 Throwing Knife
*Courier 6 Tomahawk
*Courier 6 Dynamite (Hi-Velocity)
*Courier 6 LF Dynamite (Hi-Velocity)
*Courier 6 Field Charge
*Courier 6 Fire Bomb (Hi-D)
*Courier 6 Field Restorative
*Courier 6 Field Quick-Heal
*Courier 6 Tobacco Plug
*Courier 6 Brawler's Brew
*Whetstone (Craftable)

Courier 6 Unique Zion Apparel: (See the READ Me or check Pip-Boy in-game for apparel specifics).

All are hardened, lightened, offer better DT to weight ratios, and have multiple enchantments. These include:

*C6 Wasteland Warden Goggles(Z)
*C6 Wasteland Warden Mask (Z)
*C6 Wasteland Warden Hat (Z)
*C6 Wasteland Warden Armor (Z)
*Courier 6 Zion Gunfighter Hat
*Courier 6 Zion Survivalist
*Courier 6 Zion Gunfighter
*Courier 6 Zion Handyman
*Courier 6 Utah Ranger


I’ve play tested this mod on a full run and have found no incompatibilities. But as with anything, YMMV with your rig, load order, and whatever mods you run. As I said above, the Safehouse has been fitted into a unique game space which required movement of HH terrain assets and extensive Nav-meshing to make the area playable and companion-friendly. All worked well in testing. Companion idles on wait, like those included in Improved Companion Sandbox and Companion Menagerie, both inside and outside the safehouse, worked perfectly. Courier 6 unique weapons should be compatible with WMX and WRP.


Placed Item Shuffle: There are placed items in the full version of this mod. As is to be expected, if you pick one thing up, it tends to shuffle the items around it. If it really bothers you, reload (although I never recommend re-loading an auto save) and attempt to pick up the wanted item; you tend to get less shuffle that way…or pick it up and stow it. 

There is a very slight chance of companions getting a little wonky around the outside areas, due to the fact that the area the safehouse fits in is actually under the mountains in vanilla HH. Be rest assured that the area has been properly nav meshed and linked to the normal Zion game terrain. If your companion(s) get weird walking around the outside the safehouse, fast travel away, then come back to the safehouse. I’ve tested with single and multiple companions and had no issues. However, I did have issues of them not wanting to move when I reloaded on an auto save. In this instance, once I left the area, they caught back up again. Again, I do not recommend ever reloading an autosave in FONV.

There are no companion pathing issues inside the safehouse. 

FYI: Outside the fence, only the slope leading up to the front gate is passable (the area between the gate and the vehicle hulks). I left the nav mesh alone in the rest of sloped areas outside of the fence line to keep it impassable, as was originally intended before I started moving mountains around.


All Fallout New Vegas issued DLCs and add-on packs: 
Fallout New Vegas .esm
Four main DLCs
Gunrunner’s Arsenal
All Courier’s Stash Add-on Packs 


-Bethesda and Obsidian for giving life to Courier 6, and giving us a great game and toolkit.
-Nexus modders, for your inspiration.
-Nexus Community users who make the effort all worthwhile. 

Enjoy! Regards to the Community! 



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