Fallout New Vegas
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New, higher resolution textures for the DLC stealth armors.

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I was irked by the cartoon crayon-like appearance of the diffuse/specular textures for the stealth armors, so I made this to make them.... less like that. Improved the normal map, too.

Installation Notes:

- Textures only, this had no need for a mesh modification so no meshes are included. Use "Archive Invalidation Invalidated!," or do so manually in order to ensure a clean installation.
- This is most likely compatible with custom stealth armor meshes, so don't ask (T6M/dimonized, etc)

I kind of phoned it in for the Stealth Suit, all the initial work was put into the Assassin Armor, so the stealth suit is basically a recolor/re-camo/re-specular of the same re-textured assassin armor. The same as vanilla in spirit (same color scheme) but has no stripes and white paint and stuff like that.