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The iconic rifle from Aliens franchise. Scoped variant available. Integrated into leveled lists.

Permissions and credits
Thanks to MrRadioactiv for MrRadioactiv's Weapon Collection. I used his assets and he also helped me with modding questions. If you like this rifle, endorse his mod!

--->Fallout 3 version here<---

(M41A Pulse Rifle raider carnage + IMPACT for Fallout 3 bloodspurts)

(Optional esp In-game location, versions 2.1+)

(new sounds, muzzleflash, fixed clip reload, scoped version in version 2.0)

Credits / Thanks:
Neotorious for M41A Pulse Rifle Enhanced Edition. I used sound, pipboy icons and some values from his esp.
xzax for projectile
FXHOME.COM for sounds
miscdude, Millennia for script inspirations
Furente7 for alternative sounds


I was scouring nexus for a nicely done M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens franchise, but I couldn't find mod which would satisfy my every whim (in some I didn't like the texture, in others I didn't like the sound or model or both - I am rather nitpicky) and I had to combine other mods to get a result I liked. I thought perhaps others might like it too and after checking that authors of the mods I used encourage editing of their work I decided to release this small mod.

I took esp from Neotorious's M41A Pulse Rifle Enhanced Edition as a base skeleton for the mod (I am much better at editing something in FO3Edit, than creating it from scratch). I also used the sound from his mod. Since his mod only contained the 3D sound (which you hear when someone else fires it in distance) I used Audacity to create a 2D sound (which you hear when you shoot the gun). In version 2.0 I added a new sound created in part form the old and from new source.

I couldn't find at least 2048x2048 texture looking like from the movie and furthermore the static ammo counter on those I found didn't sit well with me (personal preference). I discovered MrRadioactiv's Weapon Collection for New Vegas and found in it, in my opinion, a very well done model of the rifle. I also used his textures for the rifle which I found to my taste and fitting with the other weapons I use (predominantly FWE, FWE weapon pack, EVE and EVE Lost and Found). Although he provides also 4k textures I thought this is a bit overkill and used 2048x2048 as the resolution for textures for "my" version of his rifle.

With having Meshes, Textures, Sounds and Esp, the rest was just a bit of mucking around in the FO3Edit and the result - you can judge for yourself. The conversion to Fallout New Vegas was straightforward.

Use any mod manager of your choice to install or just manually copy contents of the archive into the Fallout New Vegas folder and activate the Aliens Pulse Rifle NV.esp.

Use reverse of whatever method you used for installation.

Where is it in game?:
In the Hollowed-Out Rock next to Yangtze Memorial. Please refer to the pictures or video above.

(review by vaulthu version 2.x)

What are it's stats?:
Stats are the same as in the Fallout 3 version of the mod (you can see them in NV in pictures above) - In FO3 I use FWE and I based the stats on the FN P90c which I thought is closest in terms of fire rate. I made in just a tad more powerful but less accurate. It uses 5mm ammo (because I rarely play Big Guns character and never have any 'end-game' weapon to use the thousands of 5mm rounds I lug around. Perhaps 4.7mm Caseless  would be more fitting, but that is hardly as abundant - again this is personal preference). If you don't like any of this - want it weaker or stronger or use different ammo - open the esp in FNVEdit and change the values - it's extremely easy and even person without any prior modding experience can do it provided they pay attention to what they change.

Fallout New Vegas base game, no DLC required
copious amounts of 5mm ammunition

Not compatible with anything modifying contents of the Hollowed-Out Rock loaded after this mod unless you use Bashed or Merged Patch or resolve the conflict yourself in FNVEdit.
Compatible with everything else.

Contact me for permissions to modify this file. Contact original authors for use of their assets.
I do not wish this file to be uploaded on another sites, especially not to the Steam Workshop. I will release any potential updates exclusively on nexus.

My other mods:
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/ version for FO3 - adds recoil to relevant weapons (currently in beta)
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