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Name : MRRadioactiv`s Weapon Collection
Category : Weapons
Author(s) : MRRadioactiv
This mod requires:
NVSE V2 Beta 9
The Mod Configuration Menu
Weapon Animation Replacer



This mod adds various weapons, created by me, to the Mojave Wasteland.
They vary in shape and size, as well as the ammo in which they use, making every gun unique in its own way.
To use the workbench, you must equip it, and press "YOUR KEY" to open the workbench menu. To use the underbarrel gun, use "YOUR KEY".
*YOUR KEY: - to set with the MCM Menu...

PROBLEMS!!!!!!!! - fixed now (thx jazzisparis)
JIP Selective Fire - supported
JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating - supported

How do I use the UBG?
A: At first you must equip an UBG Gun, than you can switch to the UBG (press "*" - *basic H) and now you can fire with it. Press "*" again
to use the basic gun.

Why the UBG use the basic gun ammo?
A: This is important because it allow to switch fast between the basic gun and the UBG (visit answer below).

Why the UBG - eg the Grenade UBG - don`t use - eg 40 mm Grenades? Why it use the basic gun ammo?
A: ;) - The UBG use 40 mm Grenades - if you fire with it, you can see on the left top of your display a message look like that- "removed 1 40 mm Grenade"
and "add 30 5,56 mm". If you don`t have any - eg 40 mm Grenades - you cannot switch to the UBG - you don`t have any ammo for it!
This is the system of the UBG - the script remove x UBG ammo (eg 1 40 mm Grenade) - and add the used basic ammo back (eg 30 5,56 mm).

What UBG need what ammo?
A: - Grenade UBGs - 40 mm Grenades
- Energy UBGs - Microfusion Cells
- Flamer UBGs - Flamer Ammo

How to use the double UBG? (Austrian Battle Rifle 717-C UBG)
A: At first enable the UBG (LASER) - than you can switch with "G" between the UBG-LASER and the UBG-Incinerator
(the Laser need Microfusion Cells - the Incinerator need Flamer Ammo).

Is anything important?
A: Yes. It is important that you don`t switch to fast (#) between the UBG and the basic gun. (#) The script need time to give the used basic ammo back and to remove the
UBG ammo - If you switch to fast - it could be that you get Lags and CTDs. If you have a strong PC - it is not a real problem.

Why the Display of the Austrian Battle Rifle 717-C UBG have sometimes problems? (not correct ammo count....).
A: It is a very soon version, don`t be worry about it - later versions of my Mod make it better.

Can I help you with anything?
A: Yes, you can help me. Endorse my Mod, please - and give feedback, please - I can make only a good mod if I get good and much helpful feedback.
If you are a modder, and you want to help me - please tell me that - thx.

You should search near the Goodsprings gas station...

thx for this video ncrvet :)

Manual Installation:
Installing this mod is as easy as any other mod.
Just copy the files from within the download into your Fallout New Vegas Data folder and use your prefered Mod Manager to activate the mod

Manual Uninstallation:
Just delete all of the files you copied from the download

-Me for making the weapons = MrRadioactiv
-For help and ideas = cheesyfof
-pictures = SariDecember
and same others.... ->http://www.deviantart.com/

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