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New Revolver Gun from Alien: Isolation
TTW Supported

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Custom Revolver from Alien Isolation game. I don't like Alien gameplay but visual part is gorgeous, especially I like weapon models, so I made revolver model and textures for NV. 2k Textures - diffuse, normals, specular and gloss, plus custom Cubemap for environment reflections. I hope you will enjoy it.

You may find it in Doc Mitchell's house for New Vegas version.
In the first blue mailbox you run into when entering Springvale after leaving Vault 101 for TTW version.

The gun is overpowered a little, not lore friendly and was made just for fun.

Special thanks to The 3rd Type for custom weapon Icon and Agammamon for TTW version.

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P.S.: Let Me know if you find any glitches.