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Professional quality Ballistic VFX overhaul. Bullet Holes match ammo, casings match ammo, new custom particle effects impacts.

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  |  IMPACT - Fun Begins Here     |

\1/ Description
\2/ Version Deets
\3/ Optional Options
\4/ Recommended Mods
\5Incompatibilities & Additional Info
\6/ Cred

  |    IMPACT - Description           |

IMPACT is a mod that aims to bring a feeling of power and danger to ballistic weaponry by adding new vfx and decals. 
This all began many years ago when I first played the title F.E.A.R. , for in that gamethe ballistic weapons felt very powerful and seemed dangerous as each impact caused very visible damage! Even to this very day I still feel 'new games' often lack in that department where FEAR had succeeded. When playing FO3/FNV the look, sound, and impacts of  ballistics make them all feel like shabby pea-shooters. Well I say no more!!! This mod is my humble attempt to get Fallout one meager step closer to ''awesome shooter stuff''. 

What it does :New custom particle effects for most surfaces (wood, metal hollow, metal solid, stone/concrete, dirt, glass, and cloth). Also adds brand new decals for bullet holes. Bullet shell casings have also been retextured, and new casings made to match ammo (ie: 9mm now has 9mm shells, yay!).

**NOTE** EXAMPLES found in the [IMPACT-epic screens] Folder!!  & and up in the Images tab of this page **NOTE**

What it doesn't do :NO tweaks made to weapon damage, or projectile speed/look. No tweaks to muzzleflashes, weapon textures, or SFX.

Having said this, it would very much behoove you to download mods that improve the weapon's look, sound effects, and even blood stains. (Links can be found in \4/ Links section below) This also means if you use weapons that *do* tweak weapon's damage or other things, you'll need a Compatibility Patch.
If you are not familiar with making Merged Patches yourself, then pls be patient as I try to get CPs for your favorite mods uploaded here.

  |    IMPACT - Version Deets       |

<<There are three versions to choose from>> 
Its best if you choose the version that best matches your computer's gaming performance. (Low, Med, High).

[The Basement Dweller] :
You may or may not be using your parents computer and/or Windows XP. This is for those who suffer 'lag' 
[The Gaming Rig] : 
So hotshot, you spend a couple K on a hunk of silicon and want to load up on mods. Here's your reward, padawan
[The Michael Bay] :
You are my kindred spirit. You don't applaud mediocrity. Your middle-name is Overkill. Let's kill flies with a bazooka friend.

~In Depth~

Basement Dweller : impact decals, shell casings, and vfx texture sizes are all same as original. Bullet casings last for 10 seconds.
Bullet casings max amount is 50% higher than original. 

Gaming Rig : Impact Decals, Shell casings, and VFX texture sizes are all double original. Bullet casings persist for roughly a minute.
Bullet casings quota is double original.

Michael bay : Impact Decals, Shell casings, and VFX texture sizes are all triple original. Bullet casings stay for about 3 minutes.
Bullet Casings allotted cap is quadruple the original.  

  |   IMPACT - Optional Options    |

Option 1 : Within the download you will find a folder labeled [IMPACT CHAR BULLET WOUNDS], 
which contains the instructions to guide you through a quick-n-easy painless .ini tweak that will let your enemies be riddled with bullets, just like the totally kickass screenshots of this mod. If you don't want to fiddle with your .ini, or have never fiddled with it before, simply use the ones I've included. The tweaks to enable tons o' wounds on your foes is already enabled and applied in the sample .ini files.

??? Da Fuq duz that mean anyway???
It means in Fallout New Vegas the maximum number of bullet wounds/decals an enemy can bear is just 3 (LOL!)
But, if you make a simple .ini tweak you can have any number of bullet wounds show up on your foes! Even choose how long to last, and more!

Option 2 : No Refract. Stone and Metal impacts in this mod cause a quick 'refract warp' kinda like in Crysis and Sanctum. If this causes lag to your 'rig', open the ''No Refract'' folder and drop the 'meshes' folder into your Data folder (overwrite when asked).

(example of the refraction on metal impact. if you lag when this happens, read the text above this picture)

Option 3 :Optional "Matrix Mode VATS" (bullet ripple trails) (optional DL, beta)

(Matrix Bullet Ripples functional for Minigun, SMGs, and fast firing guns. Mesh Replacer, NO .ESP REAQUIRED! yay!

Option : Pandora's Box (PENDING)
*Every* impact (currently from energy weapons) makes Havok'd particles (with collision). 
*Optional ESP*
*Experimental* Havok'd bits fade/delete after 5sec
<<<<Coming Soon>>>>

  | IMPACT - Recommended Mods  |

Having kickass bullet visuals isn't enough my friend, oh no its not.

You'll want to have really cool Sound FX to help sell the feeling of badass ballistics.
The weapon itself cannot be looking shabbier than it sounds! You'll want a weapon texture upgrade to accompany your new toys!

SFX upgrade : I personally recommend trying CRL9000 Sound Modification (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35429/?)

Wep Texture upgrade : I'd suggest using WRP - Weapon Retexture Project. Get those guns LOOKING as good as they sound and perform ;) (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/38285/?)

Weapons upgrade : So you like upgrades? Want more? WME - Weapon Mod Expansion offers you a lot of new aesthetically pleasing options! (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37576/?)
**A CP between IMPACT & WMX has been made, will be uploaded shortly

Blood Visuals : If you are not already using this mod, go download this after finishing this
sentence (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34917/?)

What about Energy Weapon Imapcts? Use EVE, of course, for the most well-rounded visual badassery to ever hit Nexus.  GET IT HERE, NOW! http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42666/?

  | IMPACT - Incompatibilities & Additional Info  |

IMPACT makes edits to weapons in order to apply the new Impact Decals + Bullet Casings. (NO TWEAKS TO DAMAGE OR VALUES!!!!!!!!!)
This means mods like WME, WMX, Arwen's Tweaks, that edit weapons in ways will have their edits overridden by IMPACT.
If you make a CP between IMPACT and another famous mod, Feel free to let me know and donate it to the cause so others can further enjoy IMPACT.
Credit will be given to you, and maybe more ;)

Neither I nor others are going to micro-manage your bloated load order for you!

If you are using a lot of mods, or a bunch of large mods (like WMX, FOOK, PN, ect ect) its up to you to take the few minutes required to make yourself a Merged Patch for all your stuff to work flawlessly together.

Fair Warning : filling the thread with questions about CPs or pasting your load order *will* get your comment deleted. If you don't find a CP here, pls make one for yourself as its not tough at all.

  | IMPACT - Credits & Swag  |

Me - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/1026866/?tb=images&pUp=1 (cool link)
Drag - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/2803386/?tb=images&pUp=1 (another cool link)
Super Helpful Beta Testers - chiknnwatrmln , renogaz  , 
YOU! (If you create and donate a CP to IMPACT :) )

Users who upload images to Nexus Image Share, or the IMPACT mod's User Images tab will be rewarded with Kudos for their efforts!

* EXE - featuring nexus' first -true- continuous beam laser!
* Soaked - featuring nexus' first -complete- liquid-based weapon!
* fNv - featuring a number of NINTENDO based weapons, char, space, n more!
* The Frontier - one of the most ambitious FNV mods to date!
* Will Haven - Silent Hill fans rejoice! Long creepy quest with new worldspace, loads of new foes, armors, and more content than you can shake a Brahmin bladder at!

....and more!