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adds a medium armor mash-up for male body types with helmet for the solo wastelander, and a new perk for medium armor which duplicates the Travel Light perk for medium armor only. Helmet grants Boones Spotter perk when worn, armor grants ED-Es Enhanced Sensors perk when worn.

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[size=10]-Jury Rigged Armor-[/size]

 This mod sprang from my love of playing the game without companions, (with the exceptions of Dogmeat in FO3 and Rex in FO:NV. A boy should have a dog after all.) and yet really wishing I could still benefit from ED-E's "Enhanced Sensors" companion perk and Boone's "Spotter" companion perk. I also find that most time I run through with heavy armor, and while light armor isn't really my thing, I wanted to try a play through using medium armor. Since there isn't much point to using medium armor with perks like "Travel Light" and Dead Money's "Light Touch" I made a duplicate of the Travel Light perk which I named "Middleman". It grants the same bonus as it's light armor counterpart, however only applies to medium armors.

This mod adds; 
- one craftable set of medium armor (+5 Guns and Energy Weapons) which grants a version of ED-E's Enhanced Sensors companion perk when worn. There is NO FEMALE MESH AS OF YET! Boys only. Sorry ladies.
- one craftable mask (+5 Speech and Barter) which grants a version of Boone's Spotter perk when worn.
- new perk, "Middleman". grants a movement speed increase bonus when wearing medium armors.
The armor will require that you have at least 25 Science plus the Jury Rigging perk (which means 90 Repair) in order to craft. 
(Female version is possibly in the works. Currently the female version just uses the male body type variant. I find that there are way more female clothes and armors than male versions, and since I never play as a female then I tend to work more with the male armor)

Special thanks to Kuroitsune for fixing the buckle so it would stay in place!


 Fallout New Vegas
 No DLC required

 To install this mod manually open up the mod zip file and copy it's contents over to your data directory, (This mod should not overwrite any other files!) then activate the esp file.

Optional Files:
 I've included some optional files in a folder named "Optional Files". These files include alternate versions of the armor. One sticks with the original color scheme and adds a modified NCR power armor backpack, and of the other two, one simply changes the color from a faded green to a sandy brown, and the other changes the color in addition to adding the backpack. With all alternate files you should be able to simply overwrite the files in the mod.

Project Nevada Compatibility:
 For those like me who enjoy using Project Nevada, I've included a patch file named "Jury Rigged Armor - (PN Patch).esp". It is a separate download from the main file. This file will require multiple master files including Project Nevada - Core.esm, Project Nevada - Equipment.esm, in addition to Jury Rigged Armor.esp. Failing to have any of these required files will likely cause your game to crash. If you are going to run this patch file please ensure that you have fulfilled all requirements before coming to me for troubleshooting help.

 To uninstall delete the Jury Rigged Armor.esp file from your data folder and then delete the hideousSnake folders from the meshes and textures folders.

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