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Removes all ownership from Garbage Cans and Dumpsters, allowing the player to remove items from them without being considered theft.

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A while ago someone was wondering aloud (in post form) why taking items out of a Garbage Can is considered stealing. It's not like it's storage, after all. Theoretically whatever is in there are items that the previous owners no longer want, right?

Well, that same person and a few others suggested that I should try my hand at fixing this little bit of logical inconsistency. A thought popped into my head, and with a little bit of jiggery-pokery I was able to make it work. Thus I present to you a simple mod which makes all Garbage Cans and Dumpsters unowned, or more accurately owned by you, allowing you to take items from them without consequence.


This mod works by adding a script to every Garbage Can and Dumpster which sets its ownership when its 3d data is (re)loaded. If you load this mod while in an area that has Garbage Cans or Dumpsters their ownership may not be updated, since their 3d data is still considered loaded. In order for the ownership changes to kick in you will need to leave the area for a while and then return.

There are two versions of this mod: one with DLC, and one without. The DLC version requires Dead Money and Lonesome Road; however, my memory is that none of the Garbage Cans and Dumpsters in either DLC are actually owned. As such this version is in the Optional Files section.