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A Dlc-sized Quest Mod with more than 2000 pro-voiced lines. Delve into a centuries-old library inhabited by sentient machines, and solve Hypatia's mysteries. Five different endings, unique O.S.T.

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Think you were done with the Mojave, Courier?
Did you really believe you could get on with your life, as if those bullets didn't scramble your brain?

Think again.

1. Features

A Dlc-sized Quest Mod with :

  • More than 2000 Pro-Voiced Lines
  • 8 New Quests with several routes and resolutions
  • 7 to 10 Hours of Gameplay
  • 29 New Perks - with a twist!
  • Hilarious Participation of Johnny Utah, from NewGrounds fame
  • Multiple Endings with corresponding Slideshows
  • Original Soundtrack by Pablo Coma (Free To Download Here!)

2. The Story So Far

3. Installation

-Simply unzip the file into your /Fallout New Vegas/Data folder.
-By default, using Steam, it's in the : Steam/Steamapps/common/Fallout New Vegas/Data
-Launch Fallout New Vegas, in the starting menu, click on "Data Files" and check the "Autumn Leaves" Box.

4. Where to Start?

As soon as you get outside, your Pip-Boy will pick-up a new radio signal - as New Vegas does for all new DLCs - and add a new Marker on your World Map :
Hypatia, where Autumn Leaves takes place. You will be able to fast-travel there, if you choose so. It's east of Novac.

5. FAQ

- What's the ideal character level for playing Autumn Leaves?

Autumn Leaves content is accessible to all characters. Its rewards - New Exclusive Perks - will be interesting for Low Level and High Level characters alike.
Hypatia is situated not far from Novac for a reason, though, skill checks are mainly aimed for a low-mid level character, as the Courier is supposed to be around these parts. There is also one quest influenced by what you did in New Vegas up to that point.

Anyhow, level 1 or level 50, feel free to tackle Hypatia when you feel like it.

It is recommended to play in Hardcore, as some interactions only unlock in that mode.

- What's the general feel of the mod? What are your inspirations?

The previous Fallouts, Planescape : Torment, Arcanum. These games had such an impact on how I see RPG that I wouldn’t be able to escape their influence, even if I wanted to. These games are heavily-based on investigation, skill checks, player choices and dialogs. I'm kinda old-school, that way, and wish to pay tribute to the guys that made those games.

- Who I got to thank for this?

A lot of fine people you'll see in the credits below. Everyone working on this has been doing pro-quality jobs - Most of the time because they are already professionals, often in the gaming industry. Voice Actors have been putting a lot of themselves in their roles, always exceeding what I expected for their characters. They invested a lot of time and efforts to deliver convincing lines, and make the characters even more relatable, loveable, heart-wrenching, or simply incredibly funny.

All of these people have been doing stellar jobs. If I got one thing out of this mod, it's the strong desire to work again with them, in a project with a larger scope - and budget. Again, they have been doing pro-jobs - sometimes in very hard conditions - and it pains me that they have to go unpaid.

Notable shout-outs goes to :
-JohnnyUtah, who has been kind enough to invest himself in a project with someone he barely met, when he already has enough to do with his own game. He also went out of his way to rewrite a lot of Rolland's lines, and provide us with his unparalleled dark humor. His cartoons were one of my foremost inspirations for Rolland in the first place, and I feel *very* lucky that he accepted to do this.
-Pablo Coma, the composer who also have Healer Quest in the works. If you cry sheer tears of emotion playing this, it'll be probably thanks to him.
-My significant other, for her clever advices, merciless feedbacks and constant support.

- I'm kinda stuck.

I provided a walkthrough in the files. Keep in mind that Autumn Leaves keep tracks of several of your choices, and that the critical path detailed in the Walkthrough doesn't take every possibility into account.

The lack of quest compass is deliberate. I tried to provide enough hints, through conversations, details and left-out items to let the players solve the quests in the way that they see fit.

- Who are you?

Thirty-ish belgian guy living in France, having worked for a while in PC-Gaming Online Distribution. Began working on Autumn Leaves more than 4 years ago simply because I simply love video games. I reached point in my life where I felt I had to do something to get closer to what I want to do : writing and designing games. So I began working on this project to educate myself on how to make them, to have something to show, learn how to write, learn how to script, learn how to level design. I learned as I went, usually painfully.

If it wasn't for the incredibly helping community, free resources, tools and tutorials on the Internet, I would've failed miserably.
I cannot stress this last part enough.

- 7-10 Hours of Gameplay? That's DLC's scope, there, pal.

Initially, the project wasn't as big in scope as it is now. I only wanted to create a small quest-hub with funny dialogs. Things went bigger than expected, and I discovered I wanted to tell many - many more -  things with Autumn Leaves. I grew attached to the characters and their struggles, and wanted to use them to explore various topics I care deeply about. Do it all in an entertaining, funny way and try to avoid any kind of pompous posturing.

- What's next?

It will depend on your feedback, ladies & gents. If Autumn Leaves is successful enough, I would like making a stand-alone version and integrate all the ridiculous ideas that couldn't fit into this version, expand on it and develop a new gameplay. I will begin to work for other mod projects and begin looking for a job into a gaming studio. I will continue to support, fix, tweak, improve Autumn Leaves, of course, so don't hesitate and report those nasty bugs to me as well as feedback on your own experience with the game. Keep in mind that being alone on the technical part, updates may take a while, depending on my schedule. 

I also intend to "let's play" the mod on Twitch, for a "Commentary Playthrough" : speak of the mod's development, reveal some secrets about the story and gameplay, and generally answer questions. Follow me on Twitter for how and when it'll happen.

- What ENB Preset did you use for your screenshots?

Dynamo ENB, with grain. <3
Heavily recommended.


The central area in Autumn Leaves - the Atrium - takes up some resources. Though it is not enough to worry 99% of configs (the mod was tested on a low-end rig from 6 years ago without problems), some crashes were observed when popping up the Pip-Boy a short time after having picked up a lot of items and clutter at once. In any case, save often.

FOR EVERYONE having a problem where the book and terminal only answers (...) or "Hey.", you must uninstall your T60 power armor mod. Thanks to Cybell for providing the solution!

UPDATE 17/10/2015 :
-To all people having a problem with the Helena's Book and "Terminal" responding simply "hey" when being talked to, please try the optional file uploaded today. Tell me if this solves the problem for you!

UPDATE 18/10/2015 :
-The ending slideshows have been sped up, and should take far less time to unfold. Problem came from missing lip files. Main File is now updated. Thanks to ZuTheSkunk for providing the solution!

UPDATE 24/10/2015
-Fixed a lot of typos/errors/mismatches audio/sub for James

UPDATE 26/10/2015
-Fixed most of Rolland and Arthur's subtitles - Typos, mistakes, mismatches audio/subs - remaining mismatches are due to the engine's limitation of 150 characters per line.


Project Lead - Writing - Scripting
Level Design - Game Design - Quest Design

Guillaume "BaronVonChateau" Veer


Pablo Coma

Creative Advisor - Trailer, Movie & Sound Editing


Additional Writing

Jeff "JohnnyUtah" Bandelin - (Rolland)



Voice Actors

Rolland - Jeff "JohnnyUtah" Bandelin
James - Adam 'BanDiGo"
Helena - Kate "LadyFabulousity" Hurford
Maintenance Bot, Narrator & Cartwright - Martin Purvis
Edgard - Colton "ThatCanadianDude" Fitzsimmons
Arthur - William "GentlemanWalrus" Harmar
Original James - Michael "Immolated Poet" Walker
Dexter - "PretzelMan781"
Cecilia - "Robberfox"

Beta Testers
Kevin "Rakanishu" Scatton
Antoine "RouxMythique"
Pablo Coma

Front Page Illustrator :

Mickael Cambefort

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