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Configurable radar displayed on the HUD and showing up to 50 NPCs.

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This mod needs NVSE

This mod needs MCM

A fully configurable radar display shown on the main HUD.

Configurable features include:
  • Position
  • Size
  • Range
  • Number of Actors
  • Color of markers
Additional features include:
  • Indicators for entities that are higher/lower/same level as you
  • Color coded indicators for friendly, enemy, neutral, teammate, and dead entities
  • New Color coding for major factions: NCR, Legion, BoS, Outcasts, Enclave
  • A hot-key to change the range without entering the menu
  • A hot-key to change the scale without entering the menu
  • Configuration for update speed of the radar, smaller number = closer to real time
  • Dynamic range changing for indoor/outdoor
  • Configurable to show dead bodies
  • Max range increased to 105 meters*
  • Show up to 50 entities**
  • Hold down either hot-key to turn off the radar. Hold down either key again to turn it back on
  • Loot Mode allows you to view other item types around you, many with custom icons
  • New All settings saved and loaded from INI. Take all your settings between saves with no effort!
ADDITIONAL:The work for this was started by the Project Nevada team, but left abandoned without ever making it fully into New Vegas. I have taken what they started, expanded upon it, and finished it up for release.I started this because I was bored, and because the only other radar mod hasn't been updated in forever, and the source is not available. The source for this is freely available, and anyone is welcome to use it or expand it.If you have any questions or requests for features, I will gladly consider them.* The maximum range is now controlled by the RadarConfigRangeMax global. Set this to higher to get greater maximum range in the menu.** The maximum number of entities shown has been increased to 50. This has the potential to be very slow and possibly cause other problems besides stutter. Additionally, there is a Perl script in the fomod folder that will generate all the code required to add even more entity markers.
SUGGESTED MODS:In order to get the full functionality out of Radar Mod, I suggest using aHUD, or oHUD in order to be able to view the radar while in the menu for configuration. DarnifiedUINV is used in the screenshots. The mod is designed for DUI, but will work fine without it, just some of the fonts will be the wrong sizes.

Install through mod manager. UIO will handle the XML part.

Manual installation is not suggested or supported. uHUD is also not suggest, as it has been superceded by UIO for years.

None at this time.