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Uncover the fate of the Lone Gunman in a challenging, lore-friendly quest, with new locations. An optional player house with neat and innovative features. New, unique and balanced weapons, each with its own set of non-permanent (interchangeable via interface) attachments. New, unique armor/clothing.

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Life in the 23rd century is short and miserable. In the year 2281, few people are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have reached their fifth decade. Only these handful are old enough to make anything of the name “Lone Gunman”. They have lived through very different times, when life was even more unforgiving and uncertain than it is now. This was years before Robert House’s Securitrons emerged from the Lucky 38 and enforced some level of order and civility in what is now called “New Vegas”. The place was a warzone. Numerous gangs and raiding tribes were prowling in and around Vegas, fighting for control over the ruined city. The local folk, being caught in the crossfire, besieged and constantly preyed upon, had to endure unimaginable hardships.
It was with the arrival of an outsider in the Mojave Desert, somewhere in the year 2248, that this situation began to change. The outsider, who became known as the Lone Gunman, very soon became an object of dread and apprehension to the warring gangs, and a sort of folk hero among the locals.
Very little is known of the Lone Gunman’s background and, as is often the case with legends, there is a wide range of speculations. According to some, he used to lead a tribe in Arizona, but was overthrown and sent into exile; others would say he was an infamous bounty-hunter from some place far west. There are even claims he was actually a Supermutant.
One thing is certain - that his exploits during that year, up to his disappearance, were by no means anecdotal - they left a deep mark that was felt long after he himself was gone.
The circumstances surrounding his sudden vanishing, not surprisingly, vary from tale to tale. The truth, if ever found, would likely be uncovered by chance.


1. What’s in this mod?
2. Requirements
3. Installation
4. Getting Started
5. Issues / Conflicts
6. Troubleshooting


  • A challenging, lore-friendly quest, with new locations.
  • An optional player’s home with neat and innovative features.
  • New, unique and balanced weapons, each with its own set of non-permanent (interchangeable via interface) attachments.
  • New, unique armor/clothing.

Note: The above are the highlights. I considered providing a more detailed features list, but decided against it. Come on, it’s not like you’re buying a car here.
A document (now EXTREMELY outdated) is available from the files tab, where you can find, along with many other SPOILERS, a more detailed feature list. However, I strongly discourage you from using it. Just play it through and find out everything yourself. Where's the fun when you know exactly what to expect?


  • It is HIGHLY recommended (if not vital) that you use joefoxx082's "Weapon Animation Replacers" (both “The Commando” and “The Professional” packs; only the core animations are required). Though not tested, using the stock (vanilla) animations may result in animation glitches.


Using either the Nexus Mod Manager, or the Fallout Mod Manager (recommended):
Install in exactly the same way you would install any other mod. If prompted to overwrite existing files, be sure to select 'Yes to all'.

Install manually:
1. Extract the .7z file into your Fallout New Vegas 'Data' folder.
2. Open what mod manager you use and make sure Lone Gunman's Tools of Trade.esm is ticked.


There are several ways to activate the quest. The most “straightforward” way would be to travel to “Aguilars’ Last Option”, located due northeast from Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch.


None are currently known. Please let me know if you happen to find any.


  • I get an error message when installing the mod using NMM/FOMM. This may happen to some people. I suggest you try the manual installation (see 'Installation' section, above).

  • I notice some animation glitches when using some of the new weapons. This is probably due to some weapon animations not working in sync with the rest. See 'Requirements' Section, above. Even if you have already installed joefoxx082's "Weapon Animation Replacers" in the past, should you experience any animation-related problems, it is recommended that you re-install it.

  • None of the doors would open in Aguilars' Last Options. This is most likely because NVSE is not installed properly/at all (see 'Requirements' section, above), or is not loaded with your game. Make sure you select 'Launch NVSE' when launching the game.

  • I can't mod the weapons. I hit 'X', the mod menu comes up, but no mods are listed there that I can use. The only way to attach/detach mods to the weapons, is by using the Accessory Kit. When carried, the Accessory Kit can be found in the 'Aid' tab.

  • The holographic/red-dot sights indicate to a point considerably lower than where the weapon actually hits. You need to enable the "True iron sights' game setting. From the main menu, go to Settings/Gameplay, then make sure 'True iron sights' is set to 'On'.

  • I've reached a point in the quest where I'm stuck and can't figure out what to do/where to go next. Make sure you read every entry you come by. Also, check your pip-boy for any newly-added notes/your world map for newly-added locations. All the clues you would need are found in the aforementioned. As a last resort (when you believe you've tried everything), you can download the 'Supplementary Documentation and SPOILERS' from the download tab and consult it, or you can send a PM to jazzisparis. Please refrain from posting spoilers on the comment tab.

  • I am having other problems with the mod, not directly discussed in this section. Either drop me a line in the comment tab, or send a PM to jazzisparis.