Lee Enfield Mk 1 Rifle by scottmack
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NEW V1.7 !

Finally got around to doing it and here are the results brand new textures for my Enfield MK I rifle done by camon. I also edited the Scope to be a side mounted scope! The new .esp replaces the old one so you will have to get the new moddable rifles that are compatible with WMM in the bathtub in Victors Shack Goodsprings (No I wont do levelled lists).

I have removed the light and dark versions now there is just one version which overall is much nicer, there is the regular, British flag and Canadian flag versions all moddable with a scope.


The Lee Enfield No. 1 Mk III was a standard issue bolt action rifle for the British armed forces during WWI and seen extensive use through WWII aswell. It has a ten round detachable mag and is firing 308. rounds (In game that is, IRL it uses 303.). All rifles can be found in the pvictors shack.


Extract all files from the .rar folder to your New Vegas data directory

+Known Issues/Bugs+

If your having textures flicker switch archive invalidation off and back on again. This seems to fix it.


RedRogueXIII - Mesh
Scottmack - Mesh edits, Base Texture
SGT_Ckonmishra & Ogramirad - Sound
Camon - New Texture


Ask me before you re-use any of the assets in this file, you\'ll need to obtain RedRogue\'s permission too.

Tally Ho old boy!