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Command everything from a small strike squad to a whole army. Call in Airstrikes, carpet bombing runs, missile strikes, orbital strikes, & reinforcements wherever you want it! Four different factions to call in soldiers from; Enclave, Brotherhood, NCR, American Army.

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Name: Enclave Commander NV Edition
Version: 1.0
Category: Companions
Date: May 12, 2012
Original Author: J3X
Converted for Fallout NV: RickerHK

This mod lets you command three squads of soldiers on the ground, a Vertibird for air support, and a Vertibird player transport. It's pretty much free play with no restrictions. Cause mayhem as you please or roleplay as you see fit. You have four Factions to choose from, for your squad members.
The various soldier types don't care about your reputation with any group, or your karma. They are loyal only to you and are faction and teammate identical to other followers. They also play nice with other followers as long as those companions are in the Team-mate faction. This mod isn't meant for low level characters but I leave that up to you.
The original Enclave Commander mod is for Fallout 3, by J3X - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1410. This New Vegas Edition is based on, and is a continued version from, .90 of that mod. All FO3 dependencies have been removed. Some armor/weapon items that are still in the New Vegas BSA files have been restored as items in the Geck and used.
The controls for this version have changed a little from the FO3 version so you should read this even if you have played the FO3 mod. The wheel is not used as soldiers already have a menu.
Suggestions for features, enhancements, etc are welcome.

1. REQUIRED - Your game must be patched to version 1.4 through Steam. Please update your game to this version before reporting problems.
2. NVSE is REQUIRED - It must be v2 beta 12 or later. Get it here: http://nvse.silverlock.org/

New Installs and Upgrading from ANY version:
For upgrading to version 1.0, a CLEAN SAVE is REQUIRED. Please regard this as a warning. Get your stuff from soldiers and the Quartermaster Chest before making a clean save.
1. Drop any assault rifle or combat shotgun from this mod that is in the player inventory on the ground.
2. From the main game menu, create a new, full save. DON'T overwrite an old save.
3. Exit the game.
4. Uninstall and delete the old version in FOMM or NMM.
5. If you made any optional plugins that use this mod's master, un-tick them in FOMM or NMM.
6. Launch the game, and click ok to the warning.
7. From the main game menu, create a new, full save. DON'T overwrite an old save. That's your clean save. Exit, then proceed to the install.
The MAIN download file can be used for fomod or manual install (fomod ready).
I. Manual install - just copy the files and directories over the old ones (after a clean save).
II. NMM - From the Nexus, press the 'Download with NMM', then activate the mod. Or 'Add Mod from File' and browse to the zip file if you already downloaded it. Then activate it.
III. In FOMM - Similarly, 'Add mod from file' - add the zip file and activate it.
IV. In FOMM or NMM, check the box for the esm, and adjust the load order of EnclaveCommanderNV.esm so it is up with your other esm files. Setting it anywhere in this area should be fine as long as it is below your main FalloutNV.esm and the DLC's.

You can command up to three squads. Each squad can have their individual orders, or you can command them all together.
You can command individual soldiers. When a soldier in in 'individual' mode, they ignore squad commands until you order them to 'rejoin squad command'. Use this to have one or two units that always follow you regardless of their current squad order, for example.
Squad membership for a particular soldier never changes.
Dead soldiers clean up when the cell resets. When you dismiss live soldiers with 'Back to base', they run off and are moved to a remote cell for immediate deletion.
Soldier Factions that you can choose:
- Enclave
- American Army
Each Faction in turn has several types of soldiers:
- Soldier: Standard Ranged Assault
- Eliminator: Melee or Short-Ranged Guns
- Exterminator: Heavy Ranged Weapons
- Annihilator: Missile Unit
- Support Units:
- Stealth/Sniper
- Scientist/Engineer
- Mr Gutsy (American Army)
New soldiers spawn with better weapons as you level up.
Three items will be added to your Apparel inventory when you start your game:
EC-Command Radio
EC-Move Markers

Press on the EC-Options and get the options menu.
- Set the soldier faction you want
- Change the command key if you want (Recommended if you have Project Nevada - G is the Grenade key for that mod).
- Set a hot key for the Command Radio if you want. This is highly recommended.
- Close the Option Menu
- Press the EC-Command Radio item.
- Select 'Request Ground Support'
- Select a squad to assign these soldiers to.
- Move the green rotating marker to a clear spot and press the 'use' key.
- Select your soldier types, 1 to 8 at a time.
- Press the Command Radio hot key or EC-Command Radio Apparel item to give squad commands.
- Enjoy.

The 'Back to Base!' command DELETES the soldiers from the game, so be careful what you give them to CARRY. Use the 'Quartermaster Chest' to store things - talk to any soldier to access this.
Scientist/Engineers will hack or open ANY locked Terminal, door or container - even quest related ones. If an object says 'requires key' - use your common sense. I can't baby-sit you on this. It's your game.

Controlling this mod:
There are three main components that you control this mod with - your cross hair, the Command Key, and the EC-Command Radio
Command Key and Cross hair:
These work together. Use the cross-hair to point at an object and tap the Command Key (default 'G'). The object can be very far away, and depending on the object, it will be lit up with a red glow. Tap the command key again on the same object or another object. Always use the command key twice to close down the pointer effect. For example, you will point at a soldier and tap once, then point at an enemy and tap again, to attack. Tap twice on a soldier to access their command menu. Tap twice on an actor a distance away and get the menu for an air strike at that position.
Command radio:
The Command Radio is your central tool for this mod; you find it under your Apparel tab. Optionally, you should set a hot key for this with EC-Options.
How to use the Vertibird marker system:
Press the Command Radio hot key. Choose a option, like 'Request ground support'.
You will see that a large, rotating green marker is following your mouse, you can change the distance to it by your scroll wheel.
When you have found a good position to call in your troops press the 'use' key - (Default "E").
Air support:
You get XP for air strike kills. You also get any negative faction and reputation consequences.
The Vertibird will shoot down everything in the area, including you and your soldiers. Any actor caught in the explosion radius will be dead.
Nuke that molerat from orbit - it's the only way to be sure!
Press the Command Radio hot key, then 'Request air support'. Select the type of air attack, then position it with the rotating green target.
Vertibird Travel:
Press the Command Radio hot key, then 'Request Vertibird Transport'. Position the large, rotating green marker to a clear area and press the 'use' key - (Default "E").
When the Vertibird lands, walk up to it and activate it. You will be asked which squad that you want to board with you, or 'None' to load just troops in 'individual follow' mode. Up to 8 troops will be loaded.
1. A squad must be in 'Follow' mode, near you, or they will not be among the choices when you activate the bird.
2. If there are more than 8 squad members for the squad you are loading, the script loads the first 8 found and the rest are set to 'individual wait' mode.
3. Companions from other mods will be loaded aboard if they are following you too, unless you tell them to wait. ALL of them.
4. Soldiers are assigned a seat when boarding and will sit whenever they are in the vertibird. 
5. Package AI is pretty dumb and sometimes two soldiers will block each other from sitting. Tap the command key on one of them once, to make them salute, and break them up. Tap the command key on another soldier to cancel the highlighting.
6. The two pilots are essential and never leave the vertibird. Do not over-ride this and kill them or the bird will break.
7. Use the flight computer on the wall to set one of the 16 preset destinations, or one of the 8 beacons that you have dropped. The female pilot will acknowledge the command, walk to her seat, and the flight will begin.
8. The Transport Vertibird is persistent (not spawned) and cannot be destroyed.
9. The Vertibird interior is avalable for Fallout New Vegas thanks to Vivanto - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/39109
10. The original Vertibird interior control textures and seats are not available with Fallout New Vegas. I've made due with what is available.
11. The Quartermaster Chest that the soldiers share is also accessed by one of the Enclave crates embedded in the Vertibird wall. The chest has a 200 lb. limit.
12. Tap the command key on a soldier, then point at the vertibird and tap the command key to move the soldier into it. The soldier will be put in 'Individual mode' (ignores squad commands).
13. Tap the command key once on the vertibird, to send it off till you call it back later. Recommended if you are going far from it on foot.
14. Vertibird flight is simulated with sound and effects for a bumpy ride.
Vertibird Beacons:
You can drop up to 8 vertibird beacons anywhere in the wasteland. Once you drop a beacon, you can come back to it through Vertibird travel. Each beacon has it's own eyebot 'guard'. The eyebot has no other function.
1. Press the Command Radio hot key, then 'Place Vertibird Beacon'. Available beacons will be listed. Pick one and it will be placed near you. Make sure there is enough clearance ALL AROUND it, since the position of the vertibird when traveling there can not be predicted.
2. Activate a beacon to pick it back up. You can then re-use it somewhere else.
3. The beacons and their eyebots are persistent - they are not spawned items. The eyebots are essential - Do Not change that and kill them. They also allow the beacons to be seen in your pipboy maps.
EC-Move Markers:
Use it and select a color then move the marker around with the mouse, you can change the distance to it by your scroll wheel. Press the 'use' key - (Default "E") to drop.
Try to place the flag right over the ground. Placing the flag in weird places may break the AI.
Or double-tap on something with the command Key.
Order a squad to wait (guard) by a flag. You can also send a squad to a remote flag on the other side of the map, if you want.
Command Key:
Use EC options to change it, default is G.
- Double tap on a soldier to access their individual command menu.
- Select a soldier and then a NPC for attack order.
- Select a soldier then a prisoner for execution order.
- Select an Engineer/Scientist, then a locked terminal, door, or container to give an unlock order.
- Double tap anywhere to place a marker there.
- Double tap on a NPC for air support menu.
- Double tap on a prisoner for options menu.
To enable prisoners, use the Command Radio, Squad Commands, take prisoners. You can keep prisoners indefinitely unless they re-spawn.
You can plant a prisoner marker flag anywhere - just allow a 15 foot circle around it as prisoners will be transported randomly around it.
To take a prisoner, you can point at a soldier, tap the command key, point at an actor (NPC) and tap the key again. The NPC has 6 seconds to sit or your soldiers will probably kill the target.
Shoot with the laser marker on the prisoners for access to the command menu.
Execute = Pop the prisoners head.
Transport to base = Transport the soldier to the prison marker flag.
Confiscate beljavascript-event-stripped Pick and choose from the NPCs items.
Release = release.

I've made it easy to add two additional factions with optional plugins that would simply require editing NPC inventory to equip them, and a couple message box conditions and form lists.

1. T-51b armor modded for females causes a crash sometimes on my computer when looting the dead soldier or accessing her inventory. I believe this is system specific and not everyone will have the issue - just a minority of people.

J3X, for the original Enclave Commander mod for Fallout 3 - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1410
Vivanto, for the vertibird interior resource - http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/39109
zhangweizheng3, for asking me to do this.
Bethesda and Obsidian - for some great games.

1. You may do pretty much whatever you like with this mod, as long as you credit J3X, RickerHK and Vivanto and don't charge money for it.
2. If in the future, Steam workshop extends to the fallout games, any use of this mod - resources or scripts - is DENIED for a mod posted to the the Steam Workshop, regardless if you charge for the mod or not.

With this mod loaded, as with any other mod in your load order, it's possible your computer will spontaneously combust, trigger a real nuclear war, or worse yet - cause your save game to be corrupted. Use at your own risk.