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Automatic eating, drinking, radiation treatment, and caffeinating. Each option can be toggled.

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Requirements: [No-DLC version available]
Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road

Having trouble? Watch the video for a walkthrough.

Before the War, RobCo manufactured and marketed a device to assist the elderly and handicapped with many of their basic needs. Among its many features were: feeding, administering IV and injections, force-feeding of medication (when necessary), rehydrating, pampering, wiping (if you insisted), bridge partner, etc. Lost to the Mojave by the irradiated sands of time, partially destroyed models were finally unearthed by prospectors and sold to the Followers of the Apocalypse. After many years of researching the unique machines, the Followers managed to restore and repurpose many of its original functions. Re-branded as the "Hardcore Helper", Julie Farkas has one for sale at the Old Mormon Fort for around 1000 caps.

Restored Functions of the Hardcore Helper [all options can be toggled]
Will feed you when you are hungry (>=200 Hunger)
Will water you when you are thirsty (>=200 Dehydration)
Will RadAway you when you are irradiated (>=200 Rads)
Will Rad-X you when you are in an irradiated zone(>=+2 rad/s)
Will caffeinate you when you are sleepy (>= 200 Sleep Deprivation)

When you purchase the Hardcore Helper from Julie it will be fully functional. To change options, throw the Hardcore Helper on the ground and pick it back up. A menu will pop up giving you the option to toggle each function on or off. The order that food and drink is consumed is predetermined and sorted by the radiation level of the food and drink, the least radiated being consumed first. Also, foods that are used in recipes, like honey mesquite pods, cave fungus, Brahmin meat, etc., will not be consumed.

Good news for Goodsprings! The Followers of the Apocalypse have allowed Chet, the merchant of dubious moral values, to become their first licensed reseller of refurbished Hardcore Helpers. Just download the Chet edition for all your dreams to come true!

Below is a comprehensive list of every consumable supported by the Hardcore Helper device in the order it will be consumed.

Purified Water
Dirty Water
Irradiated Water
Desert Salad
Gecko Kebab
Bloatfly Slider

Wasteland Omelet
Spore Carrier Sap
Pre-War Steak
Preserved Meat
Mole Rat Stew
Human Remains
Fresh Carrot
Fire Ant Fricassee
Desert Salad
Cook-cook's Fiend Stew
Caravan Lunch
Brahmin Wellington
Bloatfly Slider
Grilled Mantis
Gecko Steak
Gecko Kebab
Coyote Steak
Bighorner Steak
Trail Mix
Strange Meat Pie
Strange Meat
Squirrel Stew
Squirrel on a Stick
Squirrel Bits
Salisbury Steak
Ruby's Spicy Casserole
Rat Meat
Giant Rat Meat
Potato Crisps
Lakelurk Egg
Imitation Strange Meat Pie
Iguana Bits
Iguana on a Stick
Fire Ant Egg
Fancy Lad's Snack Cakes
Dog Steak
Dandy Boy Apples
Cazador Egg
Yao Guai Meat
Radroach Meat
Human Flesh

Sleep Deprivation:
Atomic Cocktail
Ice-Cold Nuka Cola
Black Coffee
Coyote Tobacco Chew
Rum and Nuka
Nuka Cola
Nuka Cola Quartz
Nuka Cola Victory