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11meister - origional animations by Joefoxx082

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A work-in-progress collection of edits, tweaks, and reanimation of joefoxx's Weapon Animation Replacers - to enhance compatibility with LogicDragon's New Vegas Enhanced Camera.

Permissions and credits

Please be aware this project is currently indefinatley on hold. All files are provided as-is.

I'm sure plenty of you have noticed how inactive on the Nexus I've been this past year and a half now. Unfortunatley I'm having ongoing health issues, that have increasingly diminished my free time, and the amount of energy I have availible to spend on it. I'm sure most of you are disappointed at the projects current state. If anyone would like to add to or build off of the existing animations please PM me directly to discuss the possibility of such. Otherwise these files are provided as-is, with no promise of future updates until my health restabilises.


The 2hand auto animations have been redone to fix amateur posing and motions. Finger animations have also been added - you can check out the full effect over here.

All these packs are standalone so you can either stick with the old animations (why? D:) - overwrite the old ones with these - or use these from scratch - any option will work.

All 3 files now have Enhanced Camera ini's suitable for the latest version of Ehanced camera.

Skip down to the special note at the end of the install instructions for details on how to install new packs.


This mod is a collection of tweaks, reanimations and origional animations
built off of joefoxx082's WAR - designed to improve compatibility
with LogicDragon's excellent Enhanced New Vegas Camera. These animations
have been designed to provide a better first person perspective, without
sacrificing too much animation quality in 3rd person.

Included with the animations is a tweaked config file for New Vegas Enhanced
Camera (E.C.) which should be used to ensure proper camera placement - you can however use your own .ini if you prefer. But there are some settings which must be set according to the instructions below.

Before downloading, please note - this mod is incomplete, and is currently a work in progress.
I am uploading it now for those who don't mind playtesting unfinalised content.
As my first serious attempt at animating for New Vegas there WILL
be bugs, glitches, clipping and other weirdness at times. Please report any such
problems so they can be addressed in the next version.

~Completed animations~

- 2 hand auto weapons (Now V2.0)

- idle
- walk all directions
- run all directions
- sneak all directions
- jump
- finger animations now added

- 2 hand rifles (semi auto's, bolt guns, lever actions, energy rifles etc)

- idle (with finger fidgeting)
- walk all directions
- run all directions
- sneak all directions
- jump

~Still to be done~

- pistols
- shouldered mounted weapons/launchers

- possible tweaks to vanilla reload animations - let me know which in particular you don't like

If there are any other weapon animations - melee, heavy weapons etc, that you
would like to also see edits of - let me know, and I'll give them a go too.

~Required Mods~

- joefoxx082's - Weapon Animation Replacers (WAR)
- LogicDragon's - New Vegas Enhanced Camera (EC)

- Any requirements for the above. Note: Enhanced Camera requires NVSE.


This procedure assumes you have neither mod already installed. If you already
have either or both, please read through regardless to ensure you have them correctly

1. First, ensure that you have WAR installed and working.
Gopher has made an excellent FOSE scripted installer which makes installation
a breeze.
He provides plenty of details on what to download and how to package it
so your mod manager can install it.

2. Once you've got everything downloaded and packaged, run
the installer and choose the following options:

Click to enlarge
It isn't absolutley crucial to do this - but choosing the right animations
will prevent weird transitions between joefoxx's and my own.

3. Download and install Enhanced camera. Please note that it requires NVSE - make a note
of the NVSE > Plugins folder in your Data folder - you will need to revisit here later.

4. Download and extract my animations. If you use a mod manager (which I recommend) - simply copy the
FoMod file to your mods directory - and enable it in your managers Package manager. It will ask you
whether you want to overwrite several files - click yes to all of them.

If your manager dosn't recognise or open the Fomod - you can also package your own from the Raw Files folder.

Alternatively if you don't use a mod manager - you can open up the Raw Files folder and copy, paste it into
your data directory. I advise against this method however - as if you want to uninstall my animations
you'll have to manually locate each one - delete it - and replace it with its WAR counterpart.

5. Once you have the animations installed, navigate back
to your Data folder -> NVSE -> Plugins - and copy across the NVSE_EhancedCamera.ini from my archive
overwriting the one that should already be in your Plugins folder. If there isn't one - you've probably forgotten to install Enhanced camera - or done so incorrectly.

The ini I've packaged is the one I use myself personally. It has several extra options (such as headbobbing) - which others may prefer not to play with. There are however several settings that you must change if you wish to use your own ini:




6. Enjoy the view!

Special Note: Any additional packs can be installed much the same way. Simply open their FoMod with your mod manager and overwrite all files. (Or heed the call of sadism and install the raw files.) You DO NOT need to re-install WAR or Ehanced camera with each new pack.


Simply deactivate the package via your manager. If you installed the files manually (goodness knows why)
you'll have to find each individual one, delete it, and replace it with its WAR counterpart (hence why you should use a manager).

The tweaked Enhanced Camera ini can be replaced with another - but it works just as well with the vanilla animations so there's no particular
need to remove it unless you want to.


- Enhanced Camera is currently incompatible with True Leaning when in the 3rd person arms mode needed
to truly benefit from this pack.
- Incompatible with any other animation mod that replaces the weapon animations (obviously)


Origional Animations: joefoxx082
Reanimations: 11meister

Special thanks to LogicDragon for creating the camera mod every FPS deserves.