Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Fallout New Vegas Texture pack by NeilMc_NMC: re-textures roads, trees, landscape, vehicles buildings and interiors with high-resolution photographic based equivalent textures. Global texture replacer. Does not retexture the DLC.

Permissions and credits

What This Mod Does:

It changes the vast majority of in-game graphics (see screen-shots)

Does not retexture the DLC. But the DLC will still work if you use this mod, but will use default game textures where applicable.

This was a years worth of work, all textures were made individually by 1 person alone, and took a great deal of effort.

What graphics does this mod change?

Trees (ie trunks/branches)
Medium to large sized objects (eg. toolboxes, Nuka cola vendors, chairs, cupboards etc).

What graphics does this mod NOT change?

Small clutter objects (eg bottles, cans, books etc)
NPC's (in game characters)
Bodies/ faces
Posters, Bill-boards
Decals, Effects
Foliage- grass, leaves, bushes etc.
Text/fonts/ UI elements.

(so any glitches with these particular textures has NOTHING to do with this mod!).

How to install this mod

I will cover using NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) and FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager), and Manual installation methods below.

There are 3 main Sizes of texture pack to pick from, all contain the same number of textures, just at different resolutions:

From highest quality to lowest quality:

Ultra High Quality, maximum resolution graphics. (Typically: 2048 x 2048 Textures & 2048 x 2048 Bumpmaps/Normal maps)
You need to use the FNV 4GB Patcher (by Roy Batty and LuthienAnarion) mod or you will most likely get slowdowns and crashing and texture glitches and CTD's.

Very High Quality Graphics. (Typically: 2048 x 2048 Textures & 1024 x 1024 Bumpmaps/Normal maps)
Strongly advise to use the FNV 4GB Patcher (by Roy Batty and LuthienAnarion) mod, or you may get slowdowns and crashing and texture glitches and CTD's.

* SMALL- (Typically: 1024 x 1024 Textures & 1024 x 1024 Bumpmaps/Normal maps, a lot are 512x512 sized)
Good quality graphics, a lot are around the same resolution as the default game graphics (512x512), some are a little larger (1024x1024). Don't think they are not worth trying, you will be very pleasantly surprised!

*NEW*  burner9875 has kindly just created and released this:  Pre-generated LOD for NMC's Texture Pack to complement my texture pack here. This will make distant objects and landscape tie-in accurately with my new textures. This is a must-have addition to complement this texture pack!

Installing with NEXUS MOD MANAGER (NMM).

Next, pick a size pack you want to use and download it by clicking on the green button on the downloads page...


LARGE- Download the 3 parts and install ALL 3 parts via NMM.

MEDIUM- Download the 2 parts and install BOTH parts via NMM.

On the Large and Medium Packs, when installing the second and third parts you will see a window pop up in NMM:

Select 'NO'.
THIS IS IMPORTANT, as NMM will otherwise uninstall the part you have just installed!

SMALL- Download the single file, and install and activate it via NMM.

FOR ALL SIZES- Download and install the "Red_Wood_And_Burnt_Fence_Clash_Fix" patch file (Filed under 'UPDATES' half-way down the 'downloads' page) and overwrite if/when asked.

Activate 'Archive Invalidation' in the tools (spanner/ wrench icon) tab of NMM. Even if it is already activated, switch it OFF then back ON.

***Resetting archive Invalidation should be standard practice after installing any new graphics mod***.

You are ready to play.

Installing  with FOMM  (Instructions provided courtesy of EvilOssie)

- Use this version of FOMM. Once it's installed and set up, do the following...

1) Manually download whichever packs you want to use to your desktop (or wherever you download to).

2) Unzip each download individually; inside each is a folder titled something like NMCsTexPack xxxx; open that folder and and copy/paste the contents into a new empty folder and approve merges/overwrites if asked. DO NOT include the NMCTexPack folder(s), only their contents folders.

3) Once you have done that, name the folder 'NMC's Textures' or similar, open FOMM to the package manager (second panel) and do a normal 'Create from Folder' install. Wait a long time as everything is installed

4) And then reset archive invalidation through FOMM. You should be good to go afterward.

NOTE: If you're using the small pack (single folder download), the second and third steps can be skipped; manual download and then do a normal install. Reset archive invalidation afterward.

Installing Manually.

I am supplying these instructions because people have now started asking in the thread. Unfortunately, the Nexus servers are very unreliable and often break files when downloading the mod manually, so there are errors when extracting the mod. Read back on the thread and you will see it is littered with complaints about broken files due to the Nexus servers cutting out. I would advise downloading with a download manager- I use Free Download Manager (FDM) with no issues.

Download the relevant file(s) manually.
Extract the .zip file(s), and open the folder created- theres a folder inside called 'textures' and another called 'meshes'.
Copy both of these into the folder called 'data' in your Fallout New Vegas game folder.
Click 'yes' if asked if you want to replace files.
Activate 'Archive Invalidation' in the tools (spanner/ wrench icon) tab of NMM. Even if it is already activated, switch it OFF then back ON.

***Resetting archive Invalidation should be standard practice after installing any new graphics mod***.

(there are several Archive Invalidation mods here at Nexus that do that, search for them and choose one).

If you installed via NMM, then uninstall via NMM. Or with FoMM if you installed it by that method.
If you installed manually, please use 'Ox30s Uninstaller for NMCs Texture Pack NewVegas Edition' (found at the bottom of the main files on the download page). Instructions contained within the file.

Optional files:

* Ratio Main screen for NMCs Texture Pack:

Even though this problem exists with the default game, I have provided a ratio mainscreen correction for this mod. This corrects the distortion caused by the main image being resized depending on you screen ratio.

Simply choose the version that matches your aspect ratio, and install using NMM, AFTER installing the main mod. Overwrite when asked.


This is a version of the landscape textures with a more washed-out/ less red landscape/rocks, more matching the original game's colouration. If after trying it, you prefer my original colouring of the landscape, simply re-install the original mod.

Install using NMM, AFTER installing the main mod. Overwrite when asked.

* NMCs_NewVegas_512x512_Performance_Landscape:

Default Sized Landscape textures for better performance in the wastelands. This changes Rocks, Roads and Landscape textures to the same size as the default textures, for maximum performance.

Install using NMM, AFTER installing the main mod. Overwrite when asked.


* If textures don't show up in-game, eg. the ROADS, make sure you have ticked 'archive invalidation' in Nexus Mod Manager. If you already have, untick it, then tick it again. Also, try restarting Nexus Mod Manager. If NMM does not work, Please try this mod:[/url] ArchiveInvalidation File Generator by Sir Garnon . Its an archive invalidation text file generator. Deactivate all other methods of Archive Invalidation you (may) have tried first, then try this mod. In my opinion it's the most reliable way of getting ALL new textures to show in game.

* If the game stutters/ crashes more often, use the FNV 4GB Patcher (by Roy Batty and LuthienAnarion). This is a new solution to making your Fallout New Vegas 4GB aware and automatically load NVSE if present. And maybe also check out the 'Stutter Remover' mod here at Nexus. If that doesn't fix it, try a smaller sized pack.

* If you are not happy with your performance, download and install a smaller sized pack or turn down some of your in-game settings.

* If you are getting good performance and want better graphics, install a larger sized pack.


This page and downloads page has been recently overhauled, mainly due to the same questions being asked over and over again and because of Nexus Servers not working properly and stopping people downloading this mod easily enough. This involved me having to delete all the old files and re-upload the whole mod as NMM-compatible files. There are NO new textures, so if you already have my texture pack installed, there is NO NEED TO RE-DOWNLOAD IT!