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Take control of all your visual mods from one streamline and powerful menu.

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This file is no longer supported.
Please use DYNAVISION 3 - Total Visual Enhancement instead

Update 1.2
No longer needs iHUD to work. This version is designed to work with One HUD (oHUD).

Too many visual mods to keep track of?
There are many great mods for making visual enhancements to your game and give that cinematic feeling during play, or give the right mood for that perfect screenshot. But with so many of them, it can be time consuming and messy to set them up for the many different situations you come across while playing.

That is where this mod comes in. It takes control of three mods (DYNAVISION, IMAGINATOR and CINEMATECH) and integrates them with the One HUD - oHUD. Now you can decide when CinemaTech and Dynavision should be active, and set it to happen automatically. Want it to stop during combat? No problem. Want it to only appear when you set iHUD to Screenshot Mode? Consider it done. And to top it off, the old pipboy menu system used for each mod is replaced with a centralized menu courtesy of The Mod Configuration Menu.

What does it do exactly?
1. The pipboy items for Imaginator and Dynavision have gone. You can get them back using the MCM menu if you want. But by default you will be using the MCM menu for all your visual mod needs from now on.

2. Adds a new streamline and user friendly menu (thanks to MCM) that will control all the settings for your various mods.

3. Adds an in game HUD menu that lets you alter you visual settings live so you can see them in game, and quickly find the look you want.

4. Allows you to have Dynavision and CinemaTech enable and disable itself automatically depending on what is happening in game.

DYNAVISION 2 - Dynamic Lens Effect
The IMAGINATOR - Visual Control Device
CINEMATECH - Film Grains and Styles *v1.6 or later required
The Mod Configuration Menu

*When I say required, I really do mean required. You need to install all those mods to get this one working. You can disable them once in game, but they must be present in the load order.

Make sure you update CINEMATECH before installing this mod!
As of version 1.1 the installation process is a scripted FOMOD. It is a good idea to deactivate Unified HUDProject before installing, and activating it again afterwards.
Download the Modding Fallout NV Tutorial - Part 4 - Visual Enhancements for more details on what this mod contains and how to install and use it.

Got a good setup you would love to share?

is an ongoing 'feature' demonstrating the various looks and styles you can create by mixing our mods! By mixing and matching you can create your own completely unique style! Make one you like? SUBMIT IT! CLICK the image above to get the cookbook and check back often for more!

Big thanks to MGE for making the main graphic splash for this mod. And thanks to him and Marcurios for making many of the mods controlled by this one.