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wearable, smokeable cigarettes with effects

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Update v 1.0 final
  • fixed addiction not triggering correctly, now you can finally get addicted to Nicotine!
  • Withdrawal effects won't start directly after smoking but will take a while to kick in

I liked the smoke effect of Animated Usable Cigarettes for New Vegas but didn't like anything else about how it worked, so instead of complaining I made this:

  • Cigarette cartons and cigarette packs are in the AID section now, you can open them by using them (1 carton = 10 packs, 1 pack = 20 Cigarettes)
  • Opening up a Pack adds 20 Cigarettes to the armor section, which can be equipped like the wearable cigarettes from that mod + smoking effect. These cigarettes add +5 Speech (closest we get to a coolness factor) and slowly burn down. You can see how much of the Cigarette is left by checking out it's condition in the Inventory. They last about 4 minutes. Repeated useage causes Tobacco addiction. You can also put them out by unequipping and start smoking them again later by reequipping. When a Cigarette burns out it dissapears and you get a helpful message that you're done smoking.
  • All items come with rad and spiffy pipboy icons, curtesy of: Misc Item Icons
  • I removed everything else from the original mod, especially the animations that break the player.

Behind the scenes
There is no way to activate items in the misc section in NV, so the normal clutter objects get turned into "chems" (same way as magazines are technically chems) on addition to the players inventory. Their stats, value, weight etc. are exactly the same so it's a pretty neat transition. As it is impossible for items to have fraction costs and I didn't want to make cigarettes repairable, they are worthless so you can't trade with them. You can still sell the packs and cartons normally. They never burn out for NPCs, so they theoretically give a permanent +5 Speech bonus to them as long as they are worn. As speech is worthless for NPCs this isn't really a huge benefit. Don't use it with the original mod, also it is incompatible with anything that changes clutter cigarette packs and clutter cigarette cartons but should work fine with texture and mesh replacers. You also don't need to reopen your Inventory on "opening" a pack like it is with many mods, it gets refreshed which can cause a tiny pause if you have lots of stuff. (I still found this preferable to close and reopen) You also can't see how many cigarettes you have left as long as you have a started one, this is a limitation of the engine. I could have made a workaround but it would have caused memory bloat when you would have had many cigarettes so I decided against it. Needs NVSE.

Why only +5 Speech
1 carton of cigarettes has 10 packs, one pack of cigarettes has 20 cigarettes, that is 10*20 = 200 cigarettes. 1 cigarette works for 4 minutes, so one carton works for 800 minutes, or 13 hours and 20 minutes, so with only 6 cartons (and those things are everywhere) you'd be covered for a very long playthrough or for about 80 hours, 6 cartons having an unmodified worth of 240 caps.

That's why I gave only +5 Speech, because of how easy the cigarettes are to acquire, a bigger boost would've meant the player actually has it all the time, which would unset the balance of this game. a lot of cheap clothing offers this for very cheap as a permanent bonus, a lot of cheap clothing also offers +1 AGL or +1 PER or +1 CHR but the cigarette has the upside that it allows you to wear a normal armor with it.

Just put all the files into your data folder and activate the .esp, make sure to get Animated Usable Cigarettes for New Vegas first, but deactivate it's .esp, they are NOT compatible.

Just deactivate the .esp, be aware that this will make all cartons and packs of cigarettes dissapear that were ever in your inventory.

Misc Item Icons
Animated Usable Cigarettes for New Vegas