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This port of a mod from Fallout 3 allows the player to smoke cigarettes or simply walk around with a cigarette/ cigar/ cigarillo in his/her mouth. Features smoke animations!

Permissions and credits

IMPORTANT NOTE! : I understand some of you have issues, questions and suggestions regarding the animations and the mod in general. I would like to point out that I was merely "the delivery boy", meaning I did not create this mod. I only converted it to the New Vegas format. This http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?showuser=522488 is the account of the guy who made the mod. Please direct your questions towards him.

Thank you.

Port by: Leon0078
Everything else: neumen and GodofAlcohol

1. Description
2. Installation
3. Features
4. Bugs/Issues
5. Links


1. Description:

This mod allows the Player to smoke Cigarettes and wear Cigarettes (with smoke animation!) in his mouth. It also adds cigars to The Ultra Lux and Gommorah bars and cigarillos to the Mojave Outpost.


2. Installation:

Unpack "UsableCigarettes neunen Ver for New Vegas.esp" and the meshes and textures folder to your New Vegas data folder. Activate in your New Vegas Launcher, though I do recommend using Fallout Mod Manager.

There is an optional re texture of the cigarette packs and cartons. They are optional since I am fully aware that some people use other replacers.


3. Features:


- You will now have the chance (35%) to ask other people for Cigarettes.

- You automatically get a Bag of Cigarettes (found in Apparel) at game start or by loading a saved game.

- The Bag of Cigarettes can unpack normal packs/cartons of cigarettes and give you smokable Cigarettes.

- You can also turn smokable Cigarettes into wearable Cigarettes (worn in mouth) with the Bag of Cigarettes.


- The new cigarettes are treated like chems, so you find them in the aid section.

- Smoking a cigarette causes the following effects:

Charisma +1 and Perception +1 for 3 minutes
Action Points +20 for 90 seconds
Damage to Chest +1 for 5 seconds

- You can get Addicted to Cigarettes (Chance 10%/Cigarette)

This causes a drop in Intelligence, Perception and Agility by 1 point

- To Cure the Addiction you can talk to any Doctor and say "I need a therapy Doc", it will cost 100 caps

- When smoking, a "burning cigarette" is added to your inventory.
- Dropping the cigarette will stop the smoking animations.
- The burning Cigarette will be removed from inventory when smoking ends if you haven't dropped it.

Wearable Cigarette:

- Its just decorating, no effects attached, other than +3 Coolness
(Disclaimer: This mod does not encourage smoking, underage drinking or slavery)

- Worn cigarettes now emit smoke!

Amounts of cigarettes and packs:

- A small change has been made to how many cigarettes you are given from each pack (12 made 20) and how many packs from a carton (5 made 10).

Re texture: (OPTIONAL)

- Adds re texture of cigarette packs and cartons


4. Bugs/Issues:

- When dropping the "Burning Cigarette", the animation will not stop instantly, so it may take 2 seconds to be able to draw weapons etc.
- You have to ask people for cigarettes to get the "Bag of cigarettes", didn't find a way to give it to the player otherwise
- It appears that a problem occurred while editing this file and now the Bag of Cigarettes may take a couple of seconds to function. If the menu doesn't pop-up, be patient (you could say that your character is getting his cigarette packs out :P).
- I can not figure out how those freaking vendors work, so there exists a slight probability that cigars and cigarillos may not appear immediately at the casinos.


5. Links:

GoA Usable Cigarettes neunen version: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7186

Download it! I command you!


Neunen AND GodofAlcohol ARE CREDIT TO TEAM!

...No but seriously,thanks for the permission!