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1 Star Wars style blaster with infinite ammo, in 3 colours, non-cheat versions available too

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It adds the Prototype EE-1 blaster carbine. It is a fictive blaster semi-automatic pistol, very similar to the EE-3 carbine from Star Wars, a.k.a., Boba Fett's weapon. It's not an identical copy, though -- especially since the weapon looks different in each movie and game that features it -- so, if it helps, you can think of it as an early pre-production prototype.

In fact, it adds 5 versions: A, B, C, SB and S in increasing order of their power. Each series is in a different plugin file, btw, so you can choose which you want in your game. The options are:

C) C is for Cheat. Or Commando. This series has respectable damage, good rate of fire, infinite ammo, double crit chance, double limb damage, and silent too.

S) S is for SMG. It's like the C series, but with half the damage per shot and full auto fire. Still has infinite ammo, so just point and hold the trigger down until the opponent falls down.

B) B is for Breeder. Like the C series, and actually seems to do a little more damage per shot, but it has only 6 shots and they breed 1 shot every second.

SB) SB is for SMG Breeder. It's the B series with half the damage per shot, but with a 30 shot magazine and full auto fire.

A) A is for Adequate. It has infinite ammo, but half the base damage of the C series, half the rate of fire, non-silenced, no crit or limb bonuses, and needs 100 skill. So the damage and spread at low levels suffer. It can still be made better with the right perks, though. This is really an under-powered weapon by the end of the game, for people who want just the blaster looks and lots of challenge.

Each of those is in turn available in 3 different bolt and muzzle flash colours: red, green and blue. All 3 colour bolts are amply represented in SW movies (though blue is often supposed to be ion blasters), so you can take your pick. The 3 colours otherwise have identical stats.

All versions have been added to both the Laser Commander weapons list AND to the Plasma Spaz list, so it will benefit from both perks. The rationale is that technically blasters are described as plasma weapons, but are confused with lasers occasionally even in canon literature, and occasionally actually described as both. So I figured, wth, then I'll treat them as both and save myself the arguing with the fans.

While I was at it, I've also added them to Cowboy perk weapons (hey, you too can be a scruffy nerf herder;)), EnergyWeaponsLIST (it is energy), BeamChallengeWeaponList (beats me what that does), The Professional perk weapons list (since it fits the criterion), and Holdout weapons (beats me how you'd hide it, but hey, it's stupid to have to switch to a GUN in the casino.)

Like most SW weapons it has a scope, and this one even has night vision at that. The prototype obviously was built with iron sights too, but the attached scope makes it impossible to use them.

In keeping with the movies, it shoots a large and very slow bolt. It's actually slower than the plasma projectiles.

Since I'm lacking ideas where to find replacement parts for a weapon that shoots Vespene gas, it is repaired with almost any other energy weapon, including another such blaster.

Like all the laser and plasma weapons, it uses the energy weapons skill.

Note 1: one constant of the universe is that no matter what values I put there, everyone will have different ideas as to how high or low the accuracy or damage should be. If you're bothered, just open it in the GECK or NVMM and set the values you like. It's very easy.

Note 2: did you know that Veronica has energy weapons skill? Yeah, she can use this one actually pretty well, and you don't need to worry about her running out of ammo. If you need a little more boost to her skill, try stuffing her in a Professional Suit, hat and glasses, from my Professional Suits mod.

Note 3: if you want a different colour bolt than the supplied ones, open the bolt mesh in NifSkope, and open the tree nodes until you see the NiMaterialProperty nodes for both NiTriShape nodes. The bolt is actually made of the ultra-bright white beam in the middle, and a red corona around it. Click the NiMaterialProperty nodes and look at the Emissive Color property. It's #FFFFFF (white) for the central beam and #FF0000 (red) for the corona. Just change the corona Emissive Color to something else, like #0000FF (blue) or #00FF00 (green) or whatever. Usually you'll want to leave the central beam as it is, but you can recolour that one too, if you want to. You can then use the same technique to recolour the muzzle flash.

Note 4: yeah, I know the texture could be better, but unfortunately that seems to be the best I can do for now.


The Van Graffs are the primary importers of energy weapons, so you may want to have a look there, if you didn't tick them off yet. Chet in Goodsprings has also bought a few of the refurbished ones in wholesale from the Van Graffs, and is looking to make a profit selling them. You may want to pay either of them a visit when you have lots of cash.


Extract the archive, with directories, in your Data folder. Now look in the list of plugin files in the launcher. Select one or more of the following plugins:

- BlasterPistolsMod.esp has the powerful C (Cheat) series weapons

- BlasterPistolsBreederMod.esp has the B (Breeder) series weapons

- BlasterPistolsNonCheatMod.esp has the A (Adequate) series weapons

- BlasterPistolsSMGMod.esp has the S (SMG) series weapons

- BlasterPistolsSMGBreederMod.esp has the SB (SMG Breeder) series weapons

All five can co-exist with each other, so it's up to you whether you want to use only one, or different weapons for you and the followers, or whatever. I'd say typically you won't really need more than one or two of them active at the same time, but again, it's up to you.


Delete the .esp file from your Data directory.

Delete the MBlaster directories in both your meshes and textures directories.


It shouldn't conflict with anything, since it doesn't override anything from the base game.


If you like using blasters or other modded energy weapons, you might also enjoy my small perk pack for them:


The weapon is really a .44 Magnum with new textures and a replacement cylinder. Yep. That whole finned barrel is the replacement cylinder. I release my own work into the public domain, which means you can do whatever you wish with the textures or the finned tube. That includes the bolt mesh.

The revolver frame including the handle and the scope are Bethesda's, though. I can't give you permission to it because I don't own it.

In practical terms it means it's ok to use the weapon in other Fallout 3 or New Vegas mods. If you want to port it to another game, I'm afraid the only thing I can grant you permission to do is export the finned tube (it's a separate mesh) and combine it with whatever suitable handle or frame you can find that's in that game or free to use.


    The S series now has infinite ammo
    Added a new SB series that's a breeder like the 1.03 S series

    Removed the references to the Assault Blasters that aren't actually included here
    Reduced the fire rate of the SMG ones to something more in-line with vanilla weapons

    MUCH less shiny
    Less smooth surface
    No more reflecting light on the muzzle hole
    Less shiny wood on the grip
    Redone the "rubbed edges" on the texture of the barrel flanges and such
    The breeder version now recharges at a much more useful rate
    Changed the repair list
    Added them to those lists by script, so load order doesn't matter
    Added them to the IMPROVED hold-out weapons too
    Added them to the items the Van Graffs sell too
    Added the even more unbalanced SMG series

    Replaced the ShinyBright_e shine with Reflection, so it stays black in strong light too
    Added the characteristic EE-3 "wings" on the sides of the "cylinder"
    Added the transversal gap through the fins at the top, to match the Boba Fett model

    Added the green and blue bolt versions
    Added matching muzzle flashes
    Renamed it to EE-1C, with C standing for Cheat version, to distinguish from possible future non-cheat versions

1.0 Beta:
    First Release