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  1. AntiTSeries101
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  2. deadpool0600
    • supporter
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    How long do they take to show? I finish "they went that way" and I've waiting maybe 8-9 n game days and they aren't showing? Can't even check if the mod is running cus no esp.

    Edit: Okay it does have an esp but it isn't showing in my load order?
  3. ZedCollins
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    I'd like to know how to use the default texture used in the first 4 photos.
  4. XerionTheBrave
    • member
    • 725 posts
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    I really like this mod but the lore explanation you gave is not really explaining why they want you -the player/courier- dead...

    just nitpicking thats all, again, do really like the mod
    1. MrEyeless
      • member
      • 111 posts
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      You are a death defying american who survived being shot in the face.
      They might want to study your biology to see why you lived.
  5. DiabloInvictus
    • member
    • 217 posts
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    this mod is so underrated af! though im not suggesting for a full-fleshed out backstory and quest, but any possible chance you make these guys into possible companions??
  6. alexstarwras123
    • member
    • 52 posts
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    Do it drop it into Fallout New Vegas / Data or just strait into Fallout New Vegas?
  7. SonofSparda13
    • premium
    • 19 posts
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    Okay since most people seem to not be getting them to spawn correctly does anyone know the ids? To be honest I'm only really interested in the armors though the quest does seem interesting.
    1. o0Aero0o
      • member
      • 75 posts
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      There is no mod path for nmm unfortunately, so you'll have to download manually. there is a guide at the top of the comments
  8. YanL
    • premium
    • 1,981 posts
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    awesome stuff


    the only issue is the sword, the textures is all mess up. Dont know why.

    Ah, the guys attack me on Novac, they almost kill Boone =p
  9. SilencedSkies
    • premium
    • 208 posts
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    The first playthrough that these ghouls were installed had them get killed by deathclaws in Quarry Junction. I was meeting that Great Khan girl and they waltzed on into the Deathclaw nest. I did notice that they're fairly tough to kill with any low power weapons, but they drop pretty quick to plasma weapons and grenades. I'd personally like a version that's built on the same scripts as faction hit squads, so that way I can keep fighting them.
    • premium
    • 6 posts
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    How hard are they supposed to be able to be killed? The first time I encountered them, all I had to do was put a single 50 cal armor piercing round in each of their skulls. Honestly was expecting more of a battle than that, lol. Then again maybe it's just because of the .50...