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I cut my modding teeth on Star Trek Armada 1 + 2 about aged 12.

My programming skills started off with Garry's Mod and its add-on; Wire-mod.
Those gave me a major edge when I came to learn C++ and Java at university, and meshed very well when I picked up JavaScript.

I'm a graduate of University of Wales: Newport where I studied for a BSc in Games Development & Artificial Intelligence.

Most of my hobby-side Games development work has been in the Unity3D engine, designing and building small games and trying out game mechanics.
Professionally, I work in ActionScript and Flash building games for the Facebook Platform with a small company in Manchester.

I bought Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas respectively when they came out on PC (upgrading my computer for Fallout 3)
and have played little else since. I own all current DLcs for both games and will likely continue to do so.
My Modding skills at the moment are primarily centered around mashing together existing assets and editing them to fit together better but I can create assets from scratch. My 3D modelling skills are poor, though my understanding of the software is pretty good. I could teach someone with more artistic ability if I had the time. Likewise my Photoshop-fu is poor, but I can recolor and add decals and symbols to armor with no difficulty. I am not very skilled at working from scratch.

In my non-computer time, I like to read, draw and listen to music. Though I sometimes also build and paint Warhammer.

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