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Makes it easier to purify large amounts of Dirty Water using the Mass Purified Water campfire recipe.

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I love the Mass Purified Water recipe. I can take a bunch of mildly useful Dirty Water and turn it into highly useful (and higher priced) Purified Water. All I need is two Glass Pitchers and one Surgical Tubing, and so long as I have those on me I can collect Dirty Water and purify it the moment I come across a Campfire. Afterward I get the Pitchers and the Tubing back, along with 4 shiny new Purified Waters. Neat!

But as useful as the recipe is, it's also a bit inconvenient. If I have, say, 20 bottles of Dirty Water, I have to either have 4 sets of Pitchers and Tubing or I have to select the recipe 4 separate times. It's still easy enough, but vaguely maddening. Couldn't it just be easy?

Well, actually, yes it can. It occurred to me that there's a way to, in essence, have the same requirements for the recipe, but allow for it to be done multiple times in one go with only one set of Pitchers and Tubing.

The way this is done is by having TWO Mass Purified Water recipes. One recipe is only seen when you don't have all the required ingredients, and is there to show you what you are missing. The second recipe is the one you actually use, and ONLY is displayed when you have all the required ingredients gathered together.

However, the second recipe is set up so that it only takes Dirty Water, and only outputs Purified Water. The Glass Pitchers and Surgical Tubing are still required for it to be available, but they stay in your inventory and aren't actually touched as part of the recipe. This allows you to purify as many Dirty Waters as you have available (in batches of 5) without having to access the recipe once for each batch.

Bottom line: this makes it a lot easier to purify a bunch of Dirty Water at once while retaining the same requirements, which really is what a recipe called MASS Purified Water ought to do.


Because this is apparently not clear, the EXISTING Mass Purified Water recipe already ''saves'' the two Glass Pitchers and the Surgical Tubing. The problem is that because of how the Crafting system is set up, the game technically takes them away, then gives you new ones back. This mod makes it so the game never even TOUCHES the Glass Pitchers or Surgical Tubing, and just checks that you have them before it allows you to use the Mass Purified Water recipe.