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Makes aiming more realistic by introducing a slight tremble while aiming. The effect increases with the weight of the weapon and various personal stats.

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This mod requires NVSE, which is still a Beta. (Disclaimer requested by behippo.)

This mod makes aiming more realistic by introducing a slight tremble while aiming, in both 1st person and 3rd person.
As your character grows tired and malnourished*, is using a heavy weapon, and/or has a low weapons skill, the effect worsens.

You'll have a much better sense of aiming, rather than only seeing your whole upper body gyrate. Although there won't be a large difference with hitting something at close/medium range, the visuals are much more natural feeling. Once you grow accustomed to the effect, this will likely become a must-have mod.

By using The Mod Configuration Menu, the following settings can be changed:
  • Maximum Movement
  • Minimum Movement
  • Total Movement Multiplier
  • Refresh Rate
  • Crouching Multiplier
  • Steady Chem Multiplier
  • One-Hand Multiplier
  • Two-Hand Multiplier
  • VATS Multiplier
  • Scope Multiplier
  • 3rd Person Toggle
  • Strength Penalty
  • Weapon Skill Penalty
  • Weapon Weight Penalty
  • Inventory Weight Penalty
  • Dehydration Penalty
  • Fatigue Penalty
  • Hunger Penalty
  • Radiation Penalty
  • Sleep Deprivation Penalty

* Should only affect Hardcore characters.



  • There are no known compatibility issues so far.