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A group of Engineers from Hoover Dam subcontract electrical and lighting work bringing MORE LIGHTS to the MOJAVE.

Compatible with URWL, Fellout, Empirical Weather, Lumenarium and Nevada Skies (with compatibility patch).

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I happily accept ENDORSEMENTS as well!

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REMOVES the controversial ELECTRO-CITY HQ as well as a number of other minor things (an Engineer here, a power juncture there). If you want it back, go to the console and type SET ECITYONOFF TO 1. This is in preparation for something I'm hoping to get to sometime before nobody cares about this game anymore ;)

FIXES (hopefully) the light script which seemed to cause flashing for some folks.

Now then... what is ELECTRO-CITY?

In non-marketing-speak, what I've done is add a ton of new lights and light fixtures in-game in order to (in part) compensate for (or, as I see it, capitalize on) the darker nights of URWL, NEVADA SKIES, FELLOUT, etc.

ELECTRO-CITY is a package of 2 MAIN MODS, some OPTIONAL MODS and some COMPATIBILITY PATCHES for other popular mods all bundled up into one lovely 7ZIP ARCHIVE:

(MAIN FILE : This is the only file you need in order to get more lights.)
As of V9B, this is an ESM file.

This mod is the primary file in the package as it contains the updated data on our completed assignments.

You do NOT need to use ANY of the BONUS files below in order for ELECTRO-CITY - COMPLETEDWORKORDERS to add more lights to the game.

As of V9B, this is an ESM file.

HIGHWAYS and BYWAYS adds 100s of lights and light fixtures along well-traveled roads in the Mojave Region.

Since starting ELECTRO-CITY, I have gotten requests for streetlights along the major roads. That's what this does.

I accept that this won't be for everyone because, in fact, highways in-game (and in real-life out in the desert) do NOT have streetlights...

... as such, it is offered as an OPTIONAL ADD-ON to ELECTRO-CITY - COMPLETEDWORKORDERS.

As far as staying "lore-friendly", by using the ELECTRO-CITY engineers and the SOLAR LAMPPOSTS, I'm able to plausibly add lights to areas with absolutely no electricity.

The lights themselves are high radius, but lower output than the wired-electric lights.

Place it directly after COMPLETEDWORKORDERS in your LOAD-ORDER.

A mod for darkening nights further - so dark now that you'll probably bump into sh*t. This also contains information for making exterior lights MUCH BRIGHTER in order to compensate for the darkness.

I like it personally because it forces me to make more use of night-vision, cat-eye and the like, but it's certainly not for everyone. It will work with Vanilla, URWL, Fellout, NEVADA SKIES, LUMENARIUM and most other weather mods, but is simply best suited to VANILLA.

When using this, I recommend bumping up your "light distance" as high as you can so you can see these changes from a distance. This function is available now in FALLOUT NV MOD MANAGER.

EMITTANCE is now called IMAGINATOR and has been moved to ELECTRO-CITY : IMAGINATOR. Far more functionality awaits!

I'm aiming for "plausible", not necessarily "realistic"... after all, how "realistic" are laser-guns, 6 foot fire-breathing ants and Super Mutants?

It's my personal feeling that some 300 years after a nuclear war it would only make sense that a society accustomed to electric lighting would strive to return to - and supersede - the past.

Even today, in "real-life", we have CFC light bulbs that require a fraction of the power of traditional incandescent bulbs to generate even more light. Production/stage lights (HMIs, LCDs and the like) can generate as much light as traditional lighting with an exponentially smaller electric draw.

As such, I don't think it's out of line to consider that a team of engineers, 300 years in the future, would succeed in designing a "better bulb".

And yet, I'm still keeping this whole thing "reasonable".Where there is no plausible way to get wired-electricity, there are generators or solar panels. Additionally, ELECTRO-CITY Engineers won't go where they're not welcome or at risk.

Placement of the lights is, in my opinion, "reasonable".

In many cases I've determined what type of light was initially used by the game-developers and increased their number in specific areas. In other cases, I've made a judgment call about what I think of as "reasonably likely".

While the Courier is going about his or her business, the men and women of ELECTRO-CITY are going about theirs.

My goal has been to create a "company" that could plausibly exist within the Fallout New Vegas world. A company whose presence is felt throughout the game-world but a company not made up of "gods" or "unlikely" tech. I guess that's what we all mean by "lore-friendly".

In order to counter arguments against light in far-away places, I've "invented" new - but plausible - tech that converts Solar Energy into light. Or, I've simply added more burn-barrels and torches... it all depends on the location. You won't necessarily see the same lights in every place and you won't see them where they don't belong.

So where are these lights? Right now, they're just about everywhere. Rather than post a list, I hope you'll simply play the game and enjoy the additions.

Ultimately, if you disagree with this "vision" of mine, either don't use it or speak up! I'm certainly willing to hear productive counter-arguments 'cause I can't think of everything.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your comments (and hopefully your endorsements)!

- MyGoodEye

This mod is best suited to use with WEATHER MODS that darken the nights by comparison to VANILLA. It is compatible with VANILLA but by default Vanilla is so bright at night you almost need sunglasses. That's just my opinion of course.

ELECTRO-CITY works really well with:

I cannot say enough positive sh*t about this mod. And now, Tapio has nailed the settings and the palette. Really, check it out

This is awesome! Especially if you're using darker-than-vanilla nights.

Compatible with
Fellout New Vegas
and most, if not all, weather mods.

ELECTRO-CITY - COMPLETED WORKORDERS will most likely work with nearly everything and has no known compatibility issues at this time.

And thanks to SHILOH:DS for allowing the use of his COLORED WORLDMAP in the graphic up top.

LOAD ORDER detailed in README within the package.


INSTALL : As you would most any other mod.

The ESM go into DATA
The ESPs of your choice go into DATA
The TEXTURE folder also goes into DATA

UNINSTALL : Remove the ESM(s), ESP(s) and the TEXTURES. Voila.



Comments and/or requests greatly encouraged.

ELECTRO-CITY DARKER NIGHTS currently adjusts ONLY Imagespacemodifiers marked "NIGHT". These ISMs are, so far, used by nearly every weather modder (except NEVADA SKIES, hence the patch) AND Vanilla.

An ISM is - in short, horrifically oversimplified and in this case - supplemental information about how the game-engine renders a particular portion of a weather-cycle. This is why the ELECTRO-CITY ISMs do not generally interfere with the grand-scheme of a particular modder.

The alteration applied within ELECTRO-CITY DARKER NIGHTS is two-fold:

One is to the brightness/contrast of the "night" cycle. Simply put, it makes everything darker.

And the other effect increases the "emmittance" of a chosen light, or set of lights.

As such, with ELECTRO-CITY DARKER NIGHTS installed, theoretically EVERY instance of exterior lights will be brighter... I say theoretically because I can't possibly look at every light in the game... hey man, I haven't even finished it yet...

I kept the NIGHT DARKENER and the INCREASED AMOUNTS OF LIGHTS separate because not everyone wants their nights as dark as I do. And, frankly, with the weather mods being updated regularly, it's easier for me to keep pace by keeping them separate.

In other words, if you ONLY want the moderately increased light-brightness and the new lights throughout the Mojave, just use ELECTRO-CITY COMPLETED WORKORDERS.ESP... simple.

NEVADA SKIES presents an alternate "issue" in that the mighty YOSSARIAN created his own weather-cycles using his own named-variables. So, in order for my mod to effect his mod, I have to enter "my" ISM names into his. The nice thing thus far is that he chose not to use an ISM for NIGHT so I inserted a "null" ISM (it has no effect except to provide a variable name) which ELECTRO-CITY can then effect. Blah blah blah.

Sadly, there is an occasional bug when light hits the ground in FALLOUT. I've tried to minimize this effect as best I can - and will continue to do so - but this is a problem inherent in the game-engine (as illustrated below). I've done some research and apparently this is also true in FO3... damnit.

With VANILLA lighting, the game designers made NIGHT so bright as to make this error, well, hard to notice. I ran around a bit with NO MODS and kept a watchful eye. Lo and behold it exists in VANILLA and is exacerbated by darkened nights.

It happens on the GROUND PLANE and almost never happens on anything that is a proper "model".

For instance, the "runway model" in McCARREN is fine, but the potholes that "reveal" the GROUND PLANE sometimes illustrate this issue. It also happens less when not using a PIPBOY light.

Alas, it's "baked" into the game and there's not much to be done about it past being mindful of it when placing lights (and playing the game).

I have found some ability to correct/minimize the problem can come by tweaking the LIGHTING settings in your INI file(s). As well as upping the LAND QUALITY to maximum (or above in FOMM). Plus having a bad-ass video card can't hurt either.

The image below contains an illustration of the issue in an area untouched by ELECTRO-CITY - which is both vindicating and annoying (ha!) - with NO MODS AT ALL in the upper frame and NSKIES in the lower frame. I've also experienced the problem with extended pip-boy lights - all of them that I could find on the Nexus - and every mod that darkens nights in any way.

Please note the 'hard line' on the GROUND TEXTURE just ahead of "my guy".

Now if anyone has information to the contrary or some ideas for how to "fix" it... man, I'd love to be wrong about this.

Personally, I'd rather play with these bugs than VANILLA NIGHTS.

All that said, if you come across a specific spot in which this happens all the time and is near an EC light, please let me know and I'll see if I can do anything about it.

A mod like ELECTRO-CITY spans most of the MOJAVE Wasteland, so it is possible that you may come into conflict with other mods and/or some plain-old-Vanilla bugs. Most times these bugs/issues are noticeable when adding mod(s) mid-game, updating from previous versions or an underpowered machine (sometimes overclocking does bad things too).

I expect it has something to do with the expansive nature of the game, the HUGE amount of variables and the fact that we are allowed to modify it.

I don't mean to take a defensive posture, but the only way you can tell that ELECTRO-CITY is the absolute CAUSE of a particular bug is if the only mod you're using is ELECTRO-CITY. Otherwise it's almost certainly vanilla, load-order error or a combo-problem with another mod. Thus ends my defensive stance ;)

If you are having problems, by all means leave a comment, but most times, these are simple enough to overcome.

NOVAC DISAPPEARING : Sadly, this is a VANILLA bug. It is absolutely exacerbated by adding a lot of mods and is usually corrected by simply rebooting the game. I have also found that doing a CLEAN SAVE can be helpful.

MISSING COMPANIONS IN FREESIDE, ETC : I've had this bug since day one, so I'm fairly sure it's not limited to only ELECTRO-CITY (especially since ELECTRO-CITY does nothing to alter Companions anyway). That said, the easiest way to get them back is to FAST TRAVEL to close to where you're standing. Eventually, the companions will show back up, but yes, it's irritating.

There is much documentation on the 'net about this VANILLA issue... and that's where I got these nuggets of information for you.

In order to bring your companion back to your location, you may enter a simple console command:

prid <ref_id>
moveto player

REF_ID is the 'number' of the COMPANION.

The REF_ID can be found here at the FALLOUT WIKIA PAGE . Simply type in the name of the companion that's gone missing and the REF ID will be at the bottom of the chart on the right side.

CLEAN SAVE : Simply put, this can tend to fix a lot of issues especially if you're mid-game.


I don't know why it works, but it does most times.

Please bear in mind that ELECTRO-CITY is usually not the ONLY cause of the error you may be experiencing. 95% of the time it is a combination of things/mods that leads to the problem and disabling ELECTRO-CITY may appear to correct it but the root cause likely still remains. Still, whatever works - so long as you can get back to playing!

If you run across a specific conflict with a specific mod, I will be happy to attempt to 'patch' ELECTRO-CITY to play nice. Just leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do.


It also wouldn't bother me at all if you tried out my other mods:

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Any REQUESTS? Hit me via PM! Woo.