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About this mod

FOOK - New Vegas is an overhaul for the Fallout: New Vegas game. FOOK is a coherent and balanced overhaul, adding and fully integrating many bug fixes, new items, high quality retextures and gameplay features to the base game. It also has full support for the Fallout: New Vegas DLCs.

Permissions and credits
Heya people! Xporc here. It's been almost two years since the last update, and to be honest I've lost almost all my modding skills so I'm not really planning to do much with FOOK again in the short term. But, the good news is that drithius has kept the flame on and has now started providing compatibility patches for several modern mods, that you can find here: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/79782

He is even providing a slightly overhauled FOOK replacer that undoes a couple Fallout 3 quest overwrites and appeases the [false] warning about recompiled scripts. If you still want to play with FOOK, be sure to give it a chance!

Thank your for your continued attention, and see you next time.


Name: FOOK - New Vegas
Version: 1.14
Date: 04/06/2021
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Requirements: Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout Mod Manager, Fallout: New Vegas DLCs (optional), NVSE v2b12 (optional), The Mod Configuration Menu 1.2 (optional)
Author(s): The FOOK Team
Source: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34684


FOOK - New Vegas is an overhaul for the Fallout: New Vegas game. FOOK is a coherent and balanced overhaul, adding and fully integrating many bug fixes, new items, high quality retextures and gameplay features to the base game. It also has full support for the Fallout: New Vegas DLCs.

Latest features:

After 7 long years without an update, here's FOOK - New Vegas v1.14! Thanks to all who ever contributed to the mod (including Jethead, Jonnyeah, Drithius, blove and many more), and of course thanks to you, the players, as well!

You can find gameplay spoilers about FOOK in the FOOK_FullNotes.txt file, including where you can find the unique weapons and armors of the mod.

Remember - don't use the "FOOK - New Vegas DLCs" ESM file if you don't own Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road AND the Gun Runners' Arsenal. The Courier's Stash is not required.

For those wanting to play FOOK-NV alongside Project Nevada, it's been possible for some years now thanks to Drithius and his Convergence mod! Go download it here: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/54398

1.14 Changes

Dead Money
* Corrected "Elijah's Ramblings" perk description to say it improves your damage by 25% instead of 125%.

Old World Blues
* Added proper Death Items for the Old World Blues Spore Plants, like for the plants of the other ESMs.

Lonesome Road
* The dead NCR Ranger in Lonesome's Road collapsed overpass tunnel entrance will now wear NCR Ranger Patrol Armor Mk II since the dead troopers around him were upgraded to use special force armor.
* Gaius Magnus from Dry Wells has been given the "NVDLC04CSMarkedMenMixed" combat style instead of "NVDLC04CSMarkedMenMelee", making him able to shoot with his Minigun instead of just charging with his Machete.

* Added abbreviation values to the 7.62mm and 7.62mm Surplus rounds so you can see on the UI you are not simply shooting .308 when loaded.

* Leather Armors will now give a bonus of +2 Unarmed and +2 Melee Weapons.
* Recon Helmets will now give a bonus of +5 Sneak.
* "Powder Ganger Guard Helmet" renamed to "Powder Gang Guard Helmet" for consistency.
* "Boomers Cap", "Boomers Hat" and "Boomers Helmet" similarly renamed to "Boomer XXX" for consistency.

Leveled Items
* New Vegas is a game with many weapons, and as such, you usually find a newer better gun before you even find mods for your current gun. As such, vendors of the Mojave will now sell about twice the amount of weapon mods in order to give you more chances to actually upgrade your equipment as you explore and level up.
* Fiends that could previously spawn with a Flamer or a Rocket Launcher can now also rarely spawn with an Automatic Rifle.
* Reduced the number of MFCs found on the bodies of dead enemies with AER9 Laser Rifles (from about ~40 to around ~10).

Misc. Items
* Appearance of Cups and Glass Pitchers edited to a slightly glowing green in order to emulate Vaseline/uranium glass from the 1930s.

* The AI packages of Sergeant McGee and Lieutenant Hayes were altered so they have more chances of safely reaching Camp Forlorn Hope once Eddie's dead and Primm has a non-NCR sheriff.
* Many NCR Troopers in Camp Forlorn Hope had two NCR Dog Tags, one in their inventory, one other in death. Now they only have it in their inventory. Corporal William Farber and Sergeant Daniel Contreras also won't sell you their dog tags anymore.
* Added a bit more variety to the clothes of the Bitter Springs refugees, notably a few tribal outfits.
* NCR Mantle Armors given to Major Polatli and Major Knight since they are both NCR officers.
* Camp McCarran's Drill Sergeant was previously given Authority Glasses, removed because the poor guy is already blind in one eye.

* Correction of many typos in some Vault 19 terminal entries.
* Added the missing title for a REPCONN HQ note.

* Since the "Nuka Chemist" perk requires 90 Science, the Nuka-Quantum recipe you can discover in FOOK now also requires 90 Science instead of 70.

* Fixed the AEP7 Laser Pistol not properly displaying some mod combinations in 1st Person.


FOOK Menus
* To open them, equip the [FOOK Menu Hotkey] in your inventory or, if you have NVSE, just press O (not zero, O, the letter! Press it for at least a second).
* There is an option to activate (in Doc Mitchell's house) the FOOK QA Boxes containing all of the game's items. You can also just open them on the fly using the right options. If you have NVSE, just press = (for at least a second) to open the proper menu.
* If you have NVSE, you can edit the game to give yourself a perk at each level, allow or disallow Repair in Combat, and much more!
* You can also remove your Pipboy glove, give yourself the Power Armor Training perk, access an infinite Bag of Holding, and more!
* FOOK also support the "Mod Configuration Menu", and all of the FOOK Menus have been mirrored in MCM for your convenience.

FOOK Global Features
* Bug fixing: FOOK brings to New Vegas thousands of little fixes that can't be described because they would be too numerous - for example, NPCs having the wrong class, weapons not counting for their respective perks, etc.
* Improved Character Generation: You can now play a Raider or an Old character. Many new presets from Fo3 NPCs included, such as Colonel Autumn or Dad. Finally, added an unused female haircut (Cherry Taste) and fixed disappearing eyebrows.
* Improved crafting: FOOK brings back the interesting weapon crafting part of Fallout 3 with both new and old weapons. The hunt for schematics will test your wits and your sense of exploration!
* Inventory Sorter: There is now several main Ingestible categories: AID (Stimpak), ALCH (Whiskey), CHEM (Buffout), DRNK (Nuka-Cola), FOOD, MAG (Lad's Life), and TOX (Bleak Venom). The Misc Items categories are BOOK (skill books), CURR (Pre-War Money, Legion Denarius), CARD (Casino cards), RELO (Lead), MOD (weapons mods), QST (quest items) and PART (crafting components). The Inventory Sorter only works with NVSE, needs to be enabled in the FOOK NVSE menu and doesn't work with Project Nevada - use their one, instead!
* Graphic Overhaul: alcohols, creatures, new icons, weapons, many textures were improved to be more beautiful. It also includes some fixes, such as removing the visible '101' on the back of the Vault 34 Security Armor and the Sierra Madre Security Armors under certain light conditions.
* New places: Toxic Cave, a balanced low-level dungeon near Primm. The Nevada Brake & Auto, south of McCarran. The Radiation King Shop, in Freeside. The Smuggler Cache, a place south of Westside.
* Night Vision: Enhance your vision with some headgears like the Power Helmets. To use this feature, equip the [Nightvision Switch] in your inventory or, if you have NVSE, just press N (for at least a second). The NVGs need some time to be fully loaded, and you can edit the duration of their batteries in the FOOK menus.

FOOK NVSE Features
* Shortcuts to many features like the FOOK Menus (just press O or = for at least a second, as said above) and Night Vision (N) on some helmets.
* Melee Lock-On: Allows you to lock on to enemies via a hotkey (C) while you have an Unarmed or Melee weapon equipped.

Dead Money
* Sierra Madre Martini: Will now work like any alcohol, including dehydration.
* Gold Bars: can now be moved around with the "grab" command when dropped.
* Elijah's Last Words/Elijah's Ramblings: Now provide bonuses to the Unarmed skill rather than the Melee Weapons skill (Veronica didn't even had Melee Weapons tagged).
* Junk Rounds: Added .22LR and 12.7mm to the crafting list. Also, instead of crafting normal rounds, you'll now craft "Junk" (JNK) rounds, doing less damage and more dangerous to your weapons. On the bright side, you need much less material now, and you can still craft any kind of ammunition at 45 Repair.
* Holographic Vendors: Will now sell the recipe to craft Fixer at the Vending Machines.
* Automatic Rifle: Rebalanced similarly to how others automatic weapons were rebalanced in the official 1.3 patch (Spread halved, Health doubled, AP cost reduced). It can now also be rarely found in the Mojave Wasteland.
* Bear Trap Fist: Rebalanced to be slightly weaker than a Power Fist but to have better Crits and Limb Damages than it.
* Holorifle: Will now have visible changes to its mesh as weapon mod kits are added to it.
* Knife Spear Clean: Fixed to really have clean Cosmic Knives on its mesh.
* Police Pistol: Made a Tier 1 weapon and can now be rarely found in the Mojave Wasteland. Mesh slightly improved, iron sights fixed and ground model added.
* Throwing Knife Spear: Rebalanced similarly to how the Throwing Spear was rebalanced in a recent official patch. Can now be used by NPCs.
* Fixed Ghost people having a Perception of 0, the value will be 1 now.
* Fixed the Holorifle's maximal health being set to 101.5% instead of 150% by the Holorifle reinforced components mod.

Honest Hearts
* Playable Tribal races.
* 37 new unique loading tips, since Honest Hearts didn't had a single one before. The topics are Zion Canyon, Mormons, Tribals, the state of Utah, John Browning, the .45 ACP Round and the M1911 Pistol, and finally Vault 22 and its legacy.
* Spore Carrier Sap: Can now also be found on dead Spore Carriers from the vanilla game and Old World Blues.
* Grunt: Damage bonuses reduced from 25% to 20%. Doesn't affect the Marksman Carbine and the All-American anymore, but now affects This Machine and the M1 Garand. Extended to work with Bayonets and American assault rifles, like the R91 Assault Rifle.
* Fixed a bug where traveling to Zion in February would take 10 months rather than the usual two weeks (I'm not kidding).
* A Light Shining in Darkness: Now a standard Holdout Weapon, as it was intended by the developers.
* .45 Auto Pistol: Fixed the glowing iron sights dots. Made a Tier 3 weapon, as it was intended by the developers.
* Compliance Regulator: Now with iron sights.
* Fire Bomb: Now much more powerful (as much as an Incendiary Grenade) but will explode on impact. Aim well! Also, enemies dieing from a Fire Bomb critical hit wont be reduced to plasma goo anymore.

Old World Blues
* Playable Lobotomite race.
* Added 37 new loading screens unique to Old World Blues.
* Fixes all weapons so they use their 1st Person Textures when used in 1st Person.
* Fixes numerous bugs about Old World Blues entries overriding vanilla New Vegas entries, such as empty Ammo Boxes suddenly containing Energy Weapons ammunition.
* Battle Brew: Now works like Vodka (no Intelligence loss with the Whiskey Rose perk, no dehydration with the Communist perk).
* Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator: Doesn't flatten hairs when worn anymore. Now uses the Earrings node.
* Lobotomite Goggles: Now has NVG capacity.
* Hazmat Suit: The suit now comes with integrated gloves, and can't be separated from its helmet. The Night Vision effect can also be turned ON/OFF with the standard FOOK NVG hotkey.
* Valence Radii-Accentuator: Doesn't flatten hairs when worn anymore. Now uses the Earrings node.
* Christine's COS Silencer Rifle: Can now be modded with Sniper Rifle Carbon Fiber Parts.
* FIDO: Can now be modded like its non-unique counterpart. Magazine now holds 100 bullets instead of 50.
* K9000 Cyberdog Gun: Magazine now holds 100 bullets instead of 50.

Lonesome Road
* Added 40 new loading screens unique to Lonesome Road.
* Riot Gear Helmet: Can't stack with other headgears anymore. The Night Vision effect has been changed to use the FOOK NVG system. The helmet now has a visible neck cover.
* Advanced Riot Gear Helmet: Can't stack with other headgears anymore. The Night Vision effect has been changed to use the FOOK NVG system. The helmet now has a visible neck cover.
* Elite Riot Gear Helmet: Can't stack with other headgears anymore. The Night Vision effect has been changed to use the FOOK NVG system. The helmet now has a visible neck cover.
* The Marked Men are now affected by the Fight the Power! perk.
* Broad Daylight: Is now a level 12 perk with an Agility and Sneak requirement - since the FOOK NVGs made it useless, it seems fair to make it a mid-level perk.
* Certified Tech: Now properly adds 25% to the current Critical Chance against Robots instead of adding 0.25%.
* Marked: The DT bonus won't show up in the Pipboy anymore, but it will still be present when shot. Tooltip was also fixed to mention DT instead of DR.
* Robotics Expert: Is now a level 26 perk with a Perception and Science requirement. It was mainly to be more accessible for Old World Blues and to be selectable even when limited by the Logan's Loophole trait.
* Laser Detonator: Not a quest item anymore. Be careful not to lose it!
* Red Victory Grenade Rifle is not considered a Grunt perk weapon anymore, but is now considered a Communist perk weapon.

Gun Runners' Arsenal
* Some of the Arsenal's Unique weapons have changed location - you either have to buy them from other vendors (Esther, Medicine Stick, Li'l Devil, Two-Step Goodbye) or you must find them through exploration (Embrace of the Mantis King!, MF Hyperbreeder Alpha, Nuka-Breaker, Paciencia, Sleepytyme). Happy hunting!
* Around 80 fixes and improvements to the Meshes & Textures of the Arsenal's weapons.
* Added the 25mm Grenade APW, the 5.56mm Pistol, the Battle Rifle and the Katana to the various leveled lists (enemies, loot, vendors) of the Mojave Wasteland.
* Replaced the GRA vanilla weapons copies with their vanilla counterparts. For example, you can now upgrade the vanilla Assault Carbine with the GRA mods, and it will count for the GRA Challenges. The vanilla Fat Man can also shoot the new GRA Mini Nukes.
* Replaced the GRA vanilla item mods copies with their vanilla counterparts. For example, instead of using the GRA-only "Assault Carb. Ext. Mags" item mod, you will use the vanilla "Assault Carbine Extended Magazines" item mod.
* Fixed the GRA ammunition and mods being unleveled - for example, you'll only start to find the new GRA Mini Nukes at higher level now, instead of always being present. The new item mods will also seamlessly be integrated into the vanilla mod lists.
* Removed the annoying "GRA" tags from every entries (ammunition, recipes, weapons) besides the Challenges.
* Removed the "Vigilant Recycler" tag from the new Optimized energy ammunition, since it is not necessary for their identification.
* Removed the "Mad Bomber" tag from the new crafted Explosives, since it is not necessary for their identification.
* New item mod: Hunting Revolver Sniper Scope.
* New item mod: Ripper High-Speed Motor.
* Fixed the 20 Gauge and 12 Gauge Pulse Slugs not properly affecting all power-armored NPCs.
* Nuka-Grenade (GRA): Now renamed "Nuka Quartz-Grenade" to mark the difference with the FOOK Nuka-Grenade.
* Fixed Sleepytyme missing from the Improved Holdout weapons list.

* Ash & Goo Piles: Now scripted to disappear properly after four days.
* Shotgun Trap: Will now always grant you a shotgun when deactivated.
* Many previously silent radios (such as in the Lucky 38 suite) have been edited to listen to Radio New Vegas when activated.

* Energy Weapons ammunition Weight reduced, now uses the same values as the JSawyer mod.
* Real rounds were given their real names (.45 Auto is now .45 ACP, .50MG is now .50BMG).
* Harmonized the name of all the ammunition to have a better global coherence and to avoid word-wrapping ("12.7mm Round, Hollow Point" is now "12.7mm (Hollow Point)", for example).
* Harmonized the capacity of all the same kind of ammunition - for example, all 5mm rounds now properly have a DT modifier, all buckshot shells have a proper damage modifier, etc.
* 10mm, JHP (Hand Load): Has been replaced by the 10mm JSP round, with improved damage and a minor armor-piercing capability.
* 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells: Magnum and Slug rounds now have a higher chance of recovering a hull whenever fired off.
* 20 Gauge Shotgun Shells: Magnum and Slug rounds now have a higher chance of recovering a hull whenever fired off.
* BBs: Can now be crafted from and to Lead.

* Around 70 new armors and headgear, including classics (Hardened T-51b Power Armor), cut content, uniques (Van Graff Heavy Armor) and variants of existing armors (Brotherhood of Steel Combat Armor). They are perfectly integrated and balanced to fit all playstyles.
* Rebalance of the Light, Medium and Heavy armors. Medium and Heavy will weight less and have some DR (more for the Heavy) with their DT to be better protections.
* All glasses now only take the "Eyeglasses" slot instead of both the "Eyeglasses" and "Mask" slots. It means you can now wear glasses with certain headgear you couldn't use before.
* All items that had no DT before now at least gives 1 DT, or 1 DR if they are too light to be of any protection. This is because NPCs can only repair apparel items that gives at least a little amount of protection. That way, every apparel item can be repaired by NPCs without impacting balance too much.
* Other items were overhauled for a better coherence - for example, before, some hats had DT were other did not. The Boomers outfits, which are just leather jackets, had 4 DT when the Kings Outfit had 0. This kind of incoherence has been fixed.
* Helmets are now divided into Light (normal), Medium (Combat Helmets, Riot Helmets), and Heavy (Metal Helmets), just like armors. They will usually match the category of their main armor set. You can't repair a Power Helmet with a Baseball Cap anymore, but most headgears were edited to have more health and to be easier to cross-repair (ex: using a Decanus Helmet to repair a Legionary Helmet wasn't possible before).
* Most faction armors were renamed to properly show their faction and to make armor sorting easier. For example, the "Trooper Helmet" is now the "NCR Trooper Helmet", the "Raider Blastmaster Armor" is now the "Fiend Blastmaster Armor", etc.
* Cass' Hat: Has been made playable, and can be removed from her at will.
* Chinese Stealth Armor: Can now be found with a separated Chinese Stealth Helmet, which has NVG capacity.
* Dirty Pre-War Businesswear: Fixed it not having a proper female gray texture.
* Enclave Officer Outfit: Female "disappearing arm" bug fixed.
* Grimy Pre-War Businesswear: Fixed it using the same textures as the Dirty version.
* NCR Ranger Patrol Armor: "Power Armor Stance" bug fixed.
* Pimpboy 3 Billion : Female mesh added.
* Rebreather: Isn't a quest item anymore. Also, it now correctly gives DT instead of DR.
* T-45d Power Armor: Now use US Army decals instead of Brotherhood ones.
* Tortiseshell Glasses: Renamed "Tortoiseshell Glasses". Slightly more common, they were ultra-rare before.
* Vault 34 Security Helmet: Fixed to look like the Fo3 Vault Security Helmets.
* Veronica's Hood: Has been made playable, and can be removed from her at will.
* Fixed all variants of the Radiation Suit and Hazmat Suit having disembodied hands in 1st person view.
* Fixed several Metal Armor variants not having correct normal maps.

* Cazadors: Attack range value upped to be slightly less than the original 1.0 one, but more than the edited 1.4 one.
* ED-E: The un-upgraded version of ED-E was not flagged as a "Flier" creature, and thus was vulnerable to land mines and other ground hazards. The upgraded Energy Zap won't have an idle sound anymore, and will have the same projectile as the Pulse Gun/LAER rather than the one of the Alien Blaster.
* Feral Ghouls: Won't give Good Karma when killed anymore. NCR Trooper Ghouls and Vault Security Ghouls will now have DT because of their armor.
* Lakelurk: Will now drop more Lakelurk Meat.
* Legion Mongrels: Now run slightly faster, and have the "Tough Dog" ability (2DT, like Vicious Dogs).
* NCR Guard Dogs: They are now German Shepherd instead of Vicious Dogs.
* Nightkins: Their "Nightkin Toughness" ability now correctly gives them DT instead of DR.
* Sentry Bot: Unconscious animations fixed. Head slightly harder to shoot in VATS.
* Spore Plants: Can now drop Spore Plant Pods upon death.

* Fixed the three Kings guarding Freeside's north gate having silent dialogs.
* You can now properly give 500 caps to the Vegas Medical Clinic.
* Dazzle: You now properly require the Cherchez La Femme perk rather than the Black Widow one to have cheap sex as a woman.

Faction Armors Overhaul
* Non-humanoid companions such as Rex, ED-E and Lily won't drop faction armors to the ground anymore.
* If you have a positive Reputation with a faction, you won't "lose" that reputation back to neutral when wearing their armors.
* No more annoying faction warning pop-ups that appears on changing the worn armor to a faction armor.
* Khans armors will now makes you friendly with the Fiends. Cut dialogs with Bert Gunnarsson, Cook-Cook, Driver Nephi and Violet are thus unlocked.
* Wearing a Brotherhood/Khans armor won't make you hostile with the NCR and vice-versa if you made the right in-game alliances.

* All the FormLists were updated to contain the proper items. For example, you won't be stolen your bedroll kit at the entrance of the Fort anymore. The various weapon perks will work with all the relevant weapons, you and your companions will be able to slip the proper Holdout weapons into Casinos, etc.

* Around 15 new food item, including Cheezy Poofs, Brahmin Cheese, Nuka-Cola Quantum and various military rations.
* Raw Meats: will now all have a Strength reducer modifier unless you have the Lead Belly perk or a Food Sanitizer. Lakelurk meat is not included due its fishy nature.
* Steaks: will now all be more nutritious than raw meat.
* Stews (and Noodles): will now all restore some dehydration.
* Food Sanitizer: Has been added back into the game. It'll slightly increase the quantity of HPs restored by food and will negate the reduced Agility/Strength/Endurance effects associated with some kinds of food items.
* Stimpak: Weight set to 0.25.
* Super Stimpak: Weight set to 0.5.
* Wasteland Omelet: Now have a damage bonus to make it closer to other high-level food items (Brahmin Wellington, Yao Guai Steak).

Leveled Items
* Fixed the possibility of Hidden Valley Paladins spawning with a T-51b Power Armor and a T-45d Power Helmet.
* 9mm Round, +P: Will now be more common - it was missing from the leveled list of special ammunitions.
* Plasma Grenade: Fixed a bug where vendors would sell less grenades than intended.
* Pulse Grenade: Fixed a bug where vendors would sell less grenades than intended.
* Fixed the .45 ACP and Railway Spikes ammo lists. They were spawning with either the full amount of ammunitions or nothing.

Loading Screens
* Replaced many loading tips with more specific, more helpful New Vegas references. Text mentioning Fallout3 items and skills was mainly removed and replaced with New Vegas lore and gameplay. New Vegas perks take a much higher priority than old Fallout3 perks, especially the less useful ones.
* Many new screens were added with tidbits of information from the Fallout New Vegas: Prima Official Game Guide, the Van Buren project, J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG and The Vault wiki.
* Many new screens were added with information about the Brotherhood of Steel. They are only used in the Brotherhood bunkers.

Misc Items
* New item: Vault Water Canteens. They behave like the Pre-Order Vault 13 Canteen (except that the "you take a sip from your Canteen" message happens only once) but are home-made by the FOOK team.
* A lot of items now use their own unique icons rather than the generic junk one.
* Fission Battery: Replaced many static Fission Batteries with actual items that you can loot. Left behind all the batteries that were obviously intended as power sources for nearby lamps, such as in Primm and in Goodsprings.
* Rocket Souvenir: Isn't a quest item anymore, so it can be sold, bought or discarded at will. It now has a Weight, and is also a crafting item.

* Bert Gunnarsson: Will now accept to heal you if you have a limb crippled or are hurt in any other way, rather than just checking your Health.
* Boone: Can't be stripped naked anymore (sorry ladies). He'll now always wear at least an unplayable version of the Merc Grunt Outfit.
* Cass: Now has the correct tagged Skills, according to her dialogs (Explosives, Guns, Unarmed). Before, she had Melee Weapons, Guns and Sneak.
* Dawes: Won't shoot you after you pay your way into the NCRCF when wearing a Powder Ganger outfit.
* Crimson Caravan Traders: Will now work like Traveling Merchants.
* Emily Ortal: Unlocked a dialog tree about her relationship with Benny.
* Isaac: Won't lock himself in his house anymore.
* Ranger Andy: Fixed him not talking to you when trying to teach you the Ranger Takedown if you had a too low Unarmed skill.
* Raul: will now let you repair items at the Lucky 38 if you bought the Workbench upgrade. Will now also be in a proper Sandbox mode while in the Lucky 38.
* Poindexter: Is now a Caravan player.
* Vulpes Inculta: Slight redesign to match his Collector's Edition card and the female Caesar's Legion Courier's ending slides.

Object Effects
* Most hats and caps will now only give a Perception bonus if (and only if) the player is outdoor and if the hour is between 6 AM and 6 PM - it's supposed to help against the sun.
* You can now toggle the Object Effects in the FOOK Menu. For example, you can only enable the effects for unique armors, or only enable non-combat effects. Besides uniques, only low-level and/or faction armors have actual combat bonuses, as an incentive to not use only the usual Leather/Metal/Combat armor progression.

* New perk: Communist. While using weapons of Chinese or Russian design, your shots are 20% more accurate and, regardless of ammunition used, you ignore an additional 4 points of a target's Damage Threshold. Vodka's dehydration is also ignored.
* Cherchez La Femme: Damage bonuses increased from 10% to 15% due to proportionally lower numbers of female characters in the game.
* Child at Heart: Perk unlocked! Merchants underestimate your bargaining abilities because of your childish behavior and you will get better prices (-15%) from them. It will also unlock a handful of dialog options with children, and you may even have a chance to find the unique, lucky Barnabas Bear!
* Cowboy: Damage bonuses reduced from 25% to 20%. Now also affects Throwing Hatchets (and variants).
* Demolition Expert: Now has only 2 ranks. Each rank grants +10% damage and +10% larger explosion radius.
* Hit the Deck: The DT bonus won't show up in the Pipboy anymore, but it will still be present when shot at.
* Lady Killer: Damage bonuses increased from 10% to 15% due to proportionally lower numbers of female characters in the game.
* Lead Belly: Now negates the Strength penalty from eating raw meat, but doesn't make the Food Sanitizer useless as it doesn't remove penalties associated to other kind of food.
* Meltdown: Now only triggers from plasma weapon kills.
* Ninja: Now properly adds 15% to the current Critical Chance instead of multiplying the current Critical Chance by 1.15. Set to require either Unarmed or Melee Weapon skill levels.
* Piercing Strike: Set to require either Unarmed or Melee Weapon skill levels.
* Plasma Spaz: Now also increases attack rate with plasma weapons by 20%.
* Pyromaniac: Now require the Energy Weapons skill instead of the Explosives one.
* Rad Absorption: Now decreases radiation 10x faster.
* Stonewall: The DT bonus won't show up in the Pipboy anymore, but it will still be present when shot at. DT bonus vs. Melee/Unarmed weapons increased from 5 to 10.
* Slayer: Now also increases attack rate with melee and unarmed weapons by 30% (previously only decreased their AP cost). Set to require either Unarmed or Melee Weapon skill levels.
* Super Slam: Set to require either Unarmed or Melee Weapon skill levels.
* Terrifying Presence: Enemies now also have -20% chances of hitting you with a Critical Hit.
* Unstoppable Force: Set to require either Unarmed or Melee Weapon skill levels.

* I Fought the Law: The NCRCF's Alarm can now be stopped using the Warden's Terminal.
* My Kind of Town: Deputies will now show up when the NCR and Meyer routes are completed.

* Several Faction Leaders and other named NPCs have been rebalanced - for example, Head Paladin Hardin of Hidden Valley was previously level 11, making him as bad as an unexperienced BoS Paladin. He's now a level 23 killer. Chief Hanlon was worse than a low-level Ranger, and so on.
* Created and edited a handful of classes to have a better NPC lineup, from untrained (Bandits/Thugs), to professionals (Caravan Guards/Gangers/Legionaries), to skilled (Casino Family, Great Khan, NCR Rangers), to very skilled (Centurions).
* Many NPCs that had a wrong class (ex: Paladin Ramos being of the Slaver class, some Legionaries having Vault Dwellers stats, and so on) have been fixed, so expect them to be a little tougher.
* 1st Recon soldiers (and former members) are now much, much better sharpshooters.
* Benny now have the stats of the family leader he's supposed to be.
* Brotherhood of Steel members were buffed with implants to represent their technological edge.
* The Boomers will now also use U.S. Army and paratroopers weapons like the Assault and Marksman Carbines alongside some Combat Armors.
* Caesar's Legion soldiers now have the proper levels and stats to represent their physical fitness and their experience.
* Casino Guards are now strong enough to represent their tribal upbringing.
* Great Khans are now all of the same strength, instead of the females being half as weak as the males (good one, Obsidian). They are roughly on par with Legionaries, with some advantages and drawbacks.
* Gun Runners Guards are not pitifully weak anymore.
* Fiends will now all have the skills to use their Energy Weapons and won't give Good Karma on death anymore. Special Fiend variants can appear, each buffed with a particular drug. For example, a Fiend Steadshooter can spawn instead of a Fiend rifleman, pumped full of Steady.
* Kings Gang Members are now a match for the various Thugs of Freeside.

* You can now use your Sneak skill at a Workbench to paint some Combat and Power Armors into other variants.
* Recipes needing raw meat will now require a Steak instead. That way, you're not locked out of crafting high-level recipes with mid-level meat.
* New craftable weapons: Acid-Blood Grenade, Auto Axe, Cryolator, Dart Gun, Deathclaw Gauntlet, Mantis Gauntlet, Nuka Quantum-Grenade, Railway Rifle, Rock-It Launcher, Shishkebab, Spiked Bat, Tribal BB Gun.
* New campfire recipes: Mac & Cheese & Cram, Mole Rat Wonder Meat, Strange Meat(with Cannibal perk), Strange Meat Pie (with Cannibal perk), Ultrajet (with proper recipe), Yao Guai Steak.
* New workbench recipe: Armored Vault Suit, Cherry Bomb, Hardened T-51b Power Armor, Nuka-Cola Quantum, Tin Can.
* Fixed the BBs crafting recipes to be less exploitable.

* Boulder City: Ike doesn't share the same vendor chest with Trudy (Goodsprings) anymore.
* Camp McCarran: A Far Go Trader has set up shop near the truck garage. The Far Go Traders are known for selling a great variety of outfits and rare armors.
* Camp McCarran: Sergeant Daniel Contreras has been fixed - he won't wear the armors he is sold anymore, he will properly reset his caps every three days, and he'll only sell his chems if you finished his delivery missions first.
* Cottonwood Cove: A Legion quartermaster, Armicustos Atellus, has settled in the Storage building. Since the Legion mostly relies on looting to equip their soldiers, he doesn't sell much and doesn't have much Caps, but he does have an interesting supply of Throwing weapons and Legion money.
* Freeside: Mick & Ralph's shop heavily fixed. Ralph will now properly sell the miscellaneous items around the store. Mick will now properly sell some nifty Fallout 3 weapons as well as case boxes. Both of their inventories will properly reset as any other vendors, and that does include Mick's secret storage.
* Hidden Valley: Knight Torres inventory fixed to reset like every other vendors.
* Mojave Outpost: A Van Graff Sales Representative has just opened a low-level Energy Weapons shop in the unoccupied Brahmin pen.
* Nellis AFB: The Boomers now sells much more Explosives.
* Primm: Johnson Nash now sells a few low-tier Energy Weapons.
* Silver Rush: Gloria Van Graff's inventory fixed to reset like every other vendors. Also, the LVLIs were fixed to properly give better weapons at later levels, and she can now also sell the weapons just in front of her.
* The Strip: Sarah will now sell the Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit and a Vault 21 Water Canteen as unique items. She will also sell Vault 21 Cards.
* The Thorn: An awesome merchant specialized in melee/unarmed weapons, heavy armors and booze has just opened.

* Around 60 new weapons, including classics (Wattz Laser Pistol/Rifle), cut content, uniques (VT-191 "Murdelizer") and variants of existing weapons (White Legs Storm-Drum). They are perfectly integrated and balanced to fit all playstyles.
* Most vanilla Guns and Energy Weapons were renamed to have either their official name (Glock 86 Plasma Pistol), a classic Fallout-inspired name (HK MP10 10mm SMG) or a guess using vanilla materials (AER12 Tri-Laser Rifle).
* Added iron sights to several Energy Weapons: Alien Blaster, Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle and all uniques and DLCs variants.
* Fixed companions weapons: Boone's Scoped Hunting Rifle (will now use proper Hunting Rifle sounds), Lily's Assault Carbine (now silenced). They will now use also special ammunition if given to them, but they will be consumed, unlike their unlimited base ammo. All of the companions' weapons also have a mod (Cass' Shotgun has a choke, for example).
* Recharger weapons (Pistol, Rifle, MF Hyperbreeder Alpha) can now be used by NPCs - they were previously thinking they were always out of ammo.
* Several weapons can now be crafted, like the Deathclaw Gauntlet, the Mantis Gauntlet and the Shishkebab.
* Several weapons are not quest items anymore and can be removed from the inventory, like the Codac R9000 Camera and Loyal's Detonator.
* There is now unique ejected shell casings meshes for all Guns calibers, such as .22LR, 9mm, .45 Auto, .308, and so on.
* Binoculars: Now have a much better zoom and an integrated Night Vision Effect.
* Euclid's C-Finder: Weight reduced to 2.
* Incendiary Grenade: Enemies dieing from a critical hit wont be reduced to plasma goo anymore.
* Plasma Rifle: Fixed the rifle using sounds from the Plasma Pistol.
* Thermic Lance: Now does Fire damages on crits and on VATS special attacks. Considered a Pyromaniac weapon.
* Trail Carbine: Vanilla cut mods added back.
* Updated the textures of the following weapons: Marksman Carbine, Makarov PM, .44 Magnum Revolver, Taurus Raging Bull, Grenade Launcher, Grenade Rifle, Combat Shotgun, 9mm Submachine Gun, Gauss Rifle, VSS Vintorez and their uniques counterparts.
* New mods added to the Makarov PM, the Taurus Raging Bull and the FN FAL.
* Fixed lack of 3D sounds for all variants of the Power Fist.
* Fixed the Cryolator to spawn more spaced gibs to avoid clipping.
* Slight nerf of the Fiend Roaster.
* Added a cut icon for the Golden Gloves.

* 15 new map markers, including Fremont Street, the Great Khan Armory and the McCarran Supply Shack.
* Camp Forlorn Hope: Removed the annoying Bloatflies of the graveyard.
* Freeside: The Kings will now only bring you gifts every three days instead of every single time you enter the zone.
* Primm: The dead Sheriff and Courier will now disappear once the town has been cleaned out and given a new sheriff.


* Fallout: New Vegas
* Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM), http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/36901
* (Recommended Option) Fallout: New Vegas DLCs: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners' Arsenal
* (Recommended Option) New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) v2 beta 12 or higher, http://nvse.silverlock.org
* (Recommended Option) The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) 1.2, http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42507


In addition to a required files and a couple of ESM and ESP files, FOOK-NV includes many "loose files", which are mainly fixed meshes and texture replacements for vanilla armors, creatures, items and guns. The loose files are optional though recommended, because they enhance greatly the game.

0. Check the mod page for the latest news, resources and hotfixes.
1. Download the latest versions of the Required Files and/or Optional Files. You'll need the following : "FOOK v1-13 Required Files", "FOOK v1-13 ESM and ReadMes" and optionally the "FOOK v1-13 Optional Files". Also any optional patch(s) that may apply to your game or load order (like compatibility patches).
2. Unzip all the files to a temporary location.
3. Examine and familiarize yourself with the contents of all the folders, then READ the ReadMes.

There are two different options for Installing, Upgrading and Un-installing FOOK: the "Automated Method Using Fallout Mod Manager" and the "Manual Method". Both options require FOMM and are detailed as follows:

FOMM Auto Installation:

Veteran FOMM Users:
Install/activate (in this order): "FOOK v1-13 Required Files", "FOOK v1-13 Optional Files" (if used), "FOOK v1-13 ESM and ReadMes", then any patch(s) you might need. If you don't have ALL the official DLCs (excepted Courier's Stash), be sure to remove both the "FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esm" and "FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esp" files from the "FOOK v1-13 ESM and ReadMes" folder before installing/activating. See below for Load Order recommendations and detailed instructions for upgrading and un-installing.

Novice FOMM Users:
1. Relocate all unzipped folders to your mods folder. If you don't already have a mods folder, create one entitled "New Vegas Mods" (for example) and locate it in your Fallout: New Vegas Directory (Not Data Folder!).
2. Do you have ALL the official DLCs? If "Yes", proceed to "Step 3". If "No", open the "FOOK v1-13 ESM and ReadMes" folder and locate the two files: "FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esm" and "FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esp". Delete both of these files. *Note that if you install the official DLCs in the future, you'll need these two files, so you will have to redownload/reinstall the "FOOK v1-13 ESM and ReadMes" archive.
3. Launch FOMM, click "Package Manager".
4. Locate "Add FOMod", scroll to "Create From Folder", navigate to "FOOK v1-13 Required Files", double-click it then click "OK". Once added to the "Package Manager", highlight it and click "Activate".
5. Repeat "Step 4", this time adding and activating "FOOK v1-13 Optional Files" (if used). IMPORTANT: when activating this second part (and all subsequent parts), an "Upgrade?" window will appear: "A different version...(blah blah blah)...install the new FOMod normally". Click "NO" to this every time.
6. Repeat "Step 4" once again, this time adding and activating "FOOK v1-13 ESM and ReadMes". If you're using a patch(s), install/activate them LAST, in the same manner.
7. Close the Package Manager. In FOMM be sure ALL the check boxes next to the files you've just activated are "ticked".
8. Arrange the Load Order (see below).

Manual Installation:

1. Copy ALL the contents of the unzipped folders to the Fallout New Vegas Data folder (Fallout New Vegas/Data). By default, this is usually: Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout New Vegas/Data.
2. Launch Fallout Mod Manager and place a tickmark in the checkboxes beside the FOOK - New Vegas.esm and .esp file(s) and all other FOOK files/patches you may have installed.
3. Arrange the Load Order (see below).

The Mod Configuration Menu / Darnified UI Installation:
If you are using The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) 1.2 by Pelinor, or MCM and Darnified UI (DarnUI) v0.0.4 by Darn - pre-edited "start_menu.xml" files are provided for your convenience located in "Fallout New Vegas/Data/Menus/Options/". Copy the XML file of your choosing, paste it in the same directory, and rename it to "start_menu.xml".
- If you use MCM with FOOKNV, you would copy/paste/rename "start_menu - VANILLA MCM.xml" to "start_menu.xml".
- If you use MCM and DarnUI with FOOKNV, you would copy/paste/rename "start_menu - DARN MCM.xml" to "start_menu.xml".
For more instructions about how to install MCM and DarnUI, check their respective mod pages.

Load Order:

FalloutNV.esm must go first, "FOOK - New Vegas.esm" should go near the top of your load order. "FOOK - New Vegas.esp" should be the very last item of your load order to avoid conflicts.

Standard Load Order WITHOUT the New Vegas DLCs:

FOOK - New Vegas.esm
<any other mod>
FOOK - New Vegas.esp
<any Patch(s) you may have installed>

Standard Load Order WITH the New Vegas DLCs. You need ALL the New Vegas DLCs (excepted Courier's Stash). As you can see, similar recommendations as above for "FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esm" and "FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esp":

FOOK - New Vegas.esm
FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esm
<any other mod>
FOOK - New Vegas.esp
FOOK - New Vegas DLCs.esp
<any Patch(s) you may have installed>

We don't plan to have separate files for people who only have one of the official DLCs. Note that Fallout Mod Manager is only required once, to create your load order. After that, you can launch the game as you want.


FOMM Auto Upgrading:
0. Download the latest file(s)/patches(s) you wish to upgrade, unzip to a temporary location and examine/familiarize yourself with the contents of the folders.
1. Launch FOMM, click "Package Manager".
2. Locate the mod file you wish to replace, highlight it and click "Deactivate". Right-click on the mod file in the Package Manager and delete it. Repeat if there are more than one mod file to upgrade.
3. Open your "New Vegas Mods" folder, locate and delete the old version(s). Replace with the new. Close the folder.
4. Install/activate the new mod files as you normally would (refer to the "Installation" instructions above).
5. Double check your Load Order and rearrange if necessary (see "Load Order" above).

Upgrading Manually:
0. Download the latest file(s)/patches(s) you wish to upgrade, unzip to a temporary location and examine/familiarize yourself with the contents of the folders.
1. "Copy and replace" ALL the contents of the unzipped folders you're Upgrading to the Fallout New Vegas Data folder (default location: Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout New Vegas/Data).
2. Launch Fallout Mod Manager and place a tickmark in the checkboxes beside the mod files you've just Upgraded.
3. Double check your Load Order and rearrange if necessary (see "Load Order" above).
4. After upgrading, launch your game and load your latest relevant save. Open the FOOK Menu in your inventory and "Set all options to FOOK defaults" then close (doing this may move the camera slightly apart. If this occurs, save, quit, then reload the save).

1. After upgrading, launch your game and load your latest relevant save. Open the FOOK Menu in your inventory and "Set all options to FOOK defaults" then close (doing this may move the camera slightly apart. If this occurs, save, quit, then reload the save).
2. Wait four days (of in-game time) in an unoccupied location to reset the cells and NPCs inventories. A player's house is a good place for this. Remember you can toggle off Hardcore Mode in the game options if you don't want to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of water during those four days.
3. Save your game and quit. This procedure is just to make sure your save is updated to work with the latest features.


Note: Many required and all loose files are simply overrides for already existing resources included in vanilla New Vegas, and can be left as is or overridden without issue to fit user tastes.

FOMM Auto Un-installation:
1. Launch FOMM, click "Package Manager".
2. Locate the mod file(s) you wish to un-install, highlight and click "Deactivate". Right-click on the mod file(s) in the Package Manager and delete.
3. Open your "New Vegas Mods" folder, locate and delete the mod file(s). Your Data Folder is now fully restored to it's original condition prior to downloading/installing FOOK.

Manual Un-installation:
1. Launch FOMM. Untick all the FOOK .esm and .esp file(s) and any patch(s) (if any).
2. Delete by hand the files/folders associated with the mod from your Data Folder.

1. After uninstalling, launch your game and load your latest relevant save.
2. Wait four days (of in-game time) in an unoccupied location to reset the cells and NPCs inventories. A player's house is a good place for this. Remember you can toggle off Hardcore Mode in the game options if you don't want to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of water during those four days.
3. Save your game and quit. This procedure is just to make sure your save is updated to be completely FOOK-free.


Any mods editing the vanilla ammunition, armors, leveled lists, NPCs and weapons will most probably conflict with FOOK-NV. Please remember that conflicts do not always mean bugs, it's just that some of the FOOK features will be overriden.

FOOK-NV can override these changes by having the ESP file placed below the other mod in the load order. If you wish so, you can also just keep the FOOK features overriden, or even try to create a merged patch. For simple incompatibilities like armors and ingestible, it should work without problems.

The FOOK Team is not responsible for any incompatibilities or bugs stemming from using non-compatible mods in your load order.

Recommended/Compatible Mods:

Recommended mods are always compatible with FOOK, but remember to check that all those mods and the corresponding compatibility patches are up-to-date.

* New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) v2b12 or better. Don't miss the cool NVSE features: http://nvse.silverlock.org/
* The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) 1.2 by Pelinor. Configure all of your favorites mods in the same place: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42507
* WME - Weapon Mod Expansion. A massive expansion to the New Vegas weapon modification system, adding over 150 new modification options to the game. Made by Jonnyeah, a FOOK Team member: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37576

About Project Nevada:
* Remember that Project Nevada is split up into different modules.
* Project Nevada Core and Cyberware modules are compatible with FOOK (and any other mod).
* As for the Equipment module, there's a lot of overlap between the two, so just pick one or you will end up with a lot of duplicate weapons.
* Rebalance module should also be compatible with FOOK, since most settings can be set to 'Vanilla' which will stop PN from changing the settings and other mods can alter them instead.

* BIS - Brumbek's Inventory Sorting, by Brumbek. This mod renames every single item you can pick up to sort your inventory: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/38604
* Robert Fook Armor, by Nivea. This mod adds Robert male versions of all skin showing FOOK New Vegas armors: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42336
* FOOK n Breeze Armor Patch, by Keleigh3000. This mod adds Breeze male versions of all skin showing FOOK New Vegas armors: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/50771

* Arwen's Camera Mod: The NVSE Camera Options in the FOOK menus makes this mod incompatible. You can emulate the mod by enabling the FOOK Camera Feature Options and using the arrow keys to adjust your camera close to Arwen's setting (NVSE required).
* Perk Every Level: You can emulate the mod by choosing another perk/level rate in the FOOK menus (NVSE required).
* Mods changing the weapons animations: You need to re-install those mods after installing FOOK.

Outdated Mods:
* nVamp: The current nVamp version was made for FOOK-NV 0.70, which has gone a long way since. Don't use nVamp.


Please, remember to update keep up to date your Fallout: New Vegas game, your Fallout Mod Manager program, the New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) and The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). FOOK is always made to work with the latest tools and updates.

If you use a mod that needs a Compatibility Patch to work with FOOK, make sure the patch is properly up-to-date to work with both new versions of your mod and of FOOK. Otherwise, problems will happen.

Vanilla Bugs:
* A vendor doesn't refresh his inventory: Have you properly waited four days (of in-game time) in an unoccupied location, as described above? If yes, enter the vendor's shop and, without interacting with anyone, save and quit your game. Re-launch the game and then use the "Continue" option to load your save. The vendor should have refreshed. Mick & Ralph are both commonly having this bug.
* Some NPCs have a very pale face: You must open your (install folder)/Fallout New Vegas/Fallout_default.ini file and change the "bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0" line to "bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1", and then open the Game Launcher to actually update the Fallout.ini that is in My Documents.
* Some NPCS are naked/have a weird inventory: An engine bug will sometimes not correctly refresh named and unnamed NPCs. Should you encounter this problem, just open the console (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Gamebryo_console_commands), click on the npc and type "resurrect". The NPC will be correctly refreshed with its new FOOK gear.
* NPCs talks with an echo and there is heavy outdoor lag: You must open the Fallout_default.ini file mentioned above and make sure that the "bEnableEnviroEffectsOnPC" line is set to zero, and then open the Game Launcher to actually update the Fallout.ini that is in My Documents.

Incompatibilies with other mods:
* Some NPCs with rifles are shooting at their feet: If you're using a mod like New Vegas - Re-Animated and Ironsights Animation, you need to reinstall them after you've installed FOOK.
* The Inventory Sorter doesn't work: Are you using Project Nevada ? If yes, use their own Inventory Sorter, as the one in FOOK is disabled when detecting Project Nevada.

No other known issues so far, please let us know if you find any.


1.13, 16/03/2014 - Updated textures for some weapons and a handful of fixes.
1.12, 11/02/2012 - Handful of fixes for a crash-on-exit issue and faction armors.
1.11, 09/11/2012 - Small tweaks to the mod that doesn't come with updated Data or Loose Files.
1.10, 03/10/2012 - Adding support for the JSawyer mod, handful of new weapons, lot of bugs fixes. The FOOK BSA file isn't used anymore.
1.00, 12/23/2011 - Release version of FOOK. A lot of streamlining and fixing of the mod and of the vanilla game.
0.90, 11/11/2011 - Gun Runners' Arsenal support, new weapons, huge amount of fixes to both FOOK and the vanilla game.
0.80, 10/06/2011 - Lonesome Road support, The Mod Configuration Menu support, new weapons, huge amount of fixes to both FOOK and the vanilla game.
0.70, 08/02/2011 - Old World Blues support, new low-level Energy vendor.
0.65, 07/12/2011 - Compatible with patch
0.60, 06/28/2011 - Seven new exclusive weapons, new Legion quartermaster.
0.50, 05/31/2011 - Honest Hearts support, NPCs/Factions rebalance.
0.40, 05/04/2011 - Many new items, including crafted weapons. Compatible with patch
0.30, 03/28/2011 - Big cleaning of the ESM, some new weapons, new places to explore, first step of a vendor overhaul.
0.20, 02/25/2011 - Dead Money support. An inventory sorter has been added. Another new batch of weapons, first revamp of the main factions leveled lists. Compatible with patch
0.10, 02/06/2011 - First graphical overhaul of the game. New batch of weapons added, all inspired by Fallout 3.
0.06, 12/17/2010 - New dungeon, the Toxic Cave. Renamed a lot of items for coherence and sorting purposes. Compatible with patch
0.05, 11/11/2010 - FOOK-NV is now compatible with NVSE. FOOK menus have been created. Many fixes and tweaks.
0.04, 11/01/2010 - Many new items, creation of the FOOK BSA file, ReadMe properly broken up into three text files.
0.03, 10/21/2010 - More vanilla bug fixing, more new items introduced.
0.02, 10/20/2010 - More vanilla bug fixing, first new items introduced.
0.01, 10/19/2010 - Quickfix release, fixing little bugs discovered while playing the game.


As FOOK integrates a great number of meshes and textures contribution, we can't simply say "you can do whatever you want with this mod" because they are not ours. You should ask for the original authors of the things you like most if you wish to use them! See FOOK_Credits.txt for a listing of the original authors of FOOK-NV's components.

If you want to use FOOK-NV in your mod, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to assist you. But please, don't add FOOK to a modpack, we like to keep control of each released version so we can properly help our users if they have problems.