Fallout New Vegas

This is a collection of simple tweaks to the formulas that calculate player Hit Pints,Carry Weight, Hardcore Needs (like Starvation, Dehydration and Sleep Deprivation) and the chances of Miss Fortune and the Mysterious Stranger appearing.

All of this was made possible by lStewieAl’s Tweaks and will only work if that mod is installed. Using Game Setting Tweaks saves 4 plugin slots.

All the tweaks were designed with the STEP Fallout New Vegas guide in mind. For example, the tweaked Carry Weight formula intends to balance the game around the fact that the player will be using backpacks which provide a Carry Weight bonus.

The ini file comprises of 4 sections that tweak the following four different aspects of the game:

MissFortune and Mysterious Stranger Rebalance: Miss Fortune and the Mysterious Stranger are not the best perks. They appear only when the player activates VATS and even then the chance of them appearing is rather low. This mod attempts to increase their chances of appearing. Hopefully they will appear more often, making the perks slightly better. Just don’t expect them to become great.

  • fVATSFortuneOdds increases the chance of Miss Fortune appearing in VATS. She has a flat % chance to appear and the default is 10%.
  • fVATSStrangerOdds increases the chance of Mysterious Stranger appearing in VATS. He has a % chance of appearing if the enemy’s HP (hit points) are below a certain threshold.
  • iVATSStrangerMaxHP is the enemy’s HP threshold beyond which the game calculates the chance of the Mysterious Stranger appearing. As long as the enemy’s HP are above the threshold, the Mysterious Stranger has 0% chance of appearing.    

HealthFormula Rebalance: This is a tweak that only affects the player. It tweaks the parameters in the HP formula to make Endurance more important and player level - less important. Player's health is calculated as:

HP=(END*fAVDHealthEnduranceMult) + (10+((LVL-1)*fAVDHealthLevelMult)) +
where ...

  • HP is 'hit poits', 
  • END is 'Endurance',
  • LVL is level,
  • fAVDHealthEnduranceMult modifies the HP gain per point of endurance;
  • AVDHealthLevelMult modifies the HP gain on level up.
  •  fAVDHealthEnduranceOffsetis an additional modifier to the base hit points a character gets at level 1. In the vanilla game this is set to 0 (i.e. no additional bonus or penalty).

The vanilla formula is thus HP=100+END* 20+(LVL-1)*5. The tweak changes it to 50+END*25+(LVL-1)*2.The max HP based on the old formula were 545, now reduced to a maximum 398.

ClassicCarry Weight - The tweak makes STR more important as a stat. Low-STR characters will carry less, but at around STR 7 difference becomes minimal. It also makes alcohol and Buffout more important (as they provide a temporary STR boost). It also works better with the backpacks added by mods, as it finds more use for them. Those backpacks provide a boost to carry weight, so they are too powerful on vanilla settings. Also STR is the easiest stat to increase. With all implants and a power armor, a player can get a +5 boost in STR. The Base formula is:

CW=(fAVDCarryWeightsBase+STR*fAVDCarryWeightMult), where ...

  • STR is 'Strength',
  • CW is 'Carry Weight',
  • fAVDCarryWeightsBase is the base CW, irrelevant of STR,
  • fAVDCarryWeightMult is the CW bonus per point of STR.

HardcoreNeeds Increase Faster: These settings control how fast a certain Need advances (seconds needed to gain a point in Starvation/Dehydration/Sleep Deprivation). The lower the amount, the faster the meter fills up. The current tweaks speed everything up by just 20% and Sleep - by 30%. The vanilla settings are too easy to manage and not challenging at all.

All the settings come preconfigured. Users are free to modify the values as they please. The ini file provides instructions on how to do so. Deleting any section will revert the relevant values to vanilla. Deleting the whole file will revert all values to vanilla. Deleting the file at any point is safe and will not break the savegame.

ESP file: Now comes with an .esp patch for the Hoarder trait. Due to the lower starting Carry Weight Allowance, now Harder will penalize the character if they carry less than 130 lbs. (vanilla is 160). Thus a Courier that takes Hoarder at the start of the game should have at least 4 STR, ot ehy won't be able to cover the minimal requirements.

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