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Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian Studios has exploded out of early access into full launch like an enraged dwarf through a bar door, and we are loving this game! With over 1 million mod downloads since launch (4 days ago), it’s clear the game is already a community favourite on Nexus Mods. Our Vortex game extension has been updated since going from Early Access to Full Launch, allowing for general mod management through Vortex (this will auto-update and require a restart of Vortex).

Allowing Vortex Downloads
As a general callout to mod authors, please set your mod files to allow Vortex download. This can be done by going to the file(s), clicking manage, then edit details, then unchecking Remove the 'Download with manager' button (at the bottom of the form that pops up).

First Thoughts
As a D&D fan and player of Divinity: Original Sin, the turn-based, initiative combat is familiar and smooth for me, though it might feel quite cumbersome to those players coming from games like Path of Exile or Diablo 3/4. That said, the attention to detail and the sheer volume of content is stunning. As one reviewer of the game put it quite beautifully: "Can kick squirrels......Game of the year".

My first character rolled, Prince Caspian Stoutbridge III is a Halfling Dexterity Fighter of noble descent with a dark secret, and an even darker moustache. Small in stature, but large in banter and appetite, currently wielding a rapier longer than his body and a shield he can barely see over. The BG3 character creation tool is customisable enough for me, but might not be enough for many members of the community. Fortunately, you can mod the character creation to your heart’s content!

Modding for BG3 has been active throughout Early Access, and the community has been growing steadily during the 3 years of EA before launch. Now, a ton of mods exist to customise your game experience and add to an already vast and wonderfully detailed game.

It’s time to shine a flickering torch on some of the most popular mods and modders post-launch.

Update: Many mods with pak files will require the Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Fixer

Top Trending Mods

These are the top trending mods on Nexus Mods for Baldur’s Gate 3 since the full game release.

Races Unleashed

Mharius has also created a bunch of expanded race functionalities, such as Half-Elf Unleashed giving access to various additional proficiencies and skills.
These mods add a ton of interesting gameplay for those of you looking to further refine your favourite characters. Check on their mod page for further 'unleashed' mods.

Level 20 (multiclass)

This mod from Malcroix allows you to reach level 20, provided you multiclass and no single class exceeds level 12. While it does not give access to higher spell levels and abilities, it does expand gameplay options and allows you to create truly diverse characters.

Fast XP

Another one from Malcroix for all the dirty, no-good, cheating swine out there (or to be fair, the time-starved or impatient gamer who wants to skip repeated, early content). Fast XP is a trending mod that allows you to double XP gain, or go quickly to level 6 then progress as normal. For anyone rolling multiple characters, this mod is a huge time saver.

Carry Weight Tweaks

The mod to end all of your inventory woes from Avalonica. Carry Weight Tweaks gives you the ability to increase the Encumbered Multiplier, Heavily Encumbered Multiplier and Carry Limit Multiplier in three mod versions.

Also, check out Avalonica’s Short Rest Tweaks allowing you to increase short rests from anywhere between 4 to 9999 for the ultimate refresh (also makes the game fairly 'easy mode').

My Pick: Tav's Hair Salon

A really nice mod for character creation from Toarie. Mostly for human / elf / half-elf / drow / tiefling bodytype 1 and few for bodytype 2.

Toarie makes shoutouts to Padme4000 for their hair resource template and mod name, Shinyhobo for the modders multitool and Norbyte for the Export Tool.

Get the Game

So, a bunch of amazing mods coming your way for Baldur's Gate 3. I'm looking forward to hearing about any other recommended mods in the comments below. Baldur’s Gate 3 can be purchased through (This is an affiliate link, any purchases through this link will directly add to the Nexus Mods payout to mod authors).


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  1. AestheticSpartan420
    • member
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    Where can one request certain mods ? 

    i'd really love to see marvel character/skins mods in Bg3 

    or any pointers on how i could get started on creating something myself
    1. guisanmartins
      • member
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      Eu quero essas skins como roupas para acampamentos
  2. lokiphurr
    • member
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    Soo, can someone please turn Baldurs Gate 3 into a true sequal? Or does it have to stay as Divinity 2.5? I'm not saying that the infinity engine was spotless, but at the time they made gold from it. This isn't Baldurs Gate, anyone who played the originals and enjoyed them can see this. Thank you and please save this franchise from DOS hell.
    1. MisterGunpowder
      • member
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      I'm sorry to tell you, but that's not going to happen short of someone outright rebuilding the entire game. The originals were based on an entirely different edition of D&D, which was AD&D 2e. Everything worked differently. This game is using 5e, and it's a pretty faithful adaption of it just like BG1 and BG2 were faithful adaptions of 2e. So for it to play like the originals, you'd have to strip out everything the game is built on and essentially make a new game.
    2. JimileeWatt
      • premium
      • 1 kudos
      It is a sequel.
    3. RazorOS
      • supporter
      • 0 kudos
      How to let everyone know you have less than 15 hours of play time in one post
    4. BurningFalcon
      • member
      • 4 kudos
      I'm not really sure how BG1+2 were adapted in regards of the DnD-?Edition of that time, but in my opinion, BG3 is far from faithful to 5e.
      Larian made so many changes, it's almost a complete Homebrew rather than a 5e game.
      I hate to repeat myself on that matter, but Solasta did a far better job in terms of being faithful to 5e, and it's combat is, in terms of 5e-rules, far superior.
      I'd probably love and praise BG3 if I wouldn't have ever played 5e P&P and/or Solasta.
      But the way it is, it's just a 7/10.

      They changed Initiative (d4 instead of d20)
      They changed the range of range and reach weapons. (true, Solasta also has reduced range, but they are still closer to the original)
      They don't let us roll our stats to "balance" MP
      Every race has the same ASI, again to "balance" MP, which makes Half-Elves and (Gold)-Dwarves lose 1 Stat, and Humans 3. - The proficiencies they get instead are almost not worth mentioning.
      Some of the feats they implemented miss their +1 ASI
      There's no grid for combat (yes I know, BG1+2, NVM, and so on also didn't have a grid, just don't understand why)
      (Greater) Invisibility and See Invisibility work completely differently
      Darkness doesn't have really create magical darkness and rather applies blindness instead.
      If there would be an invisibile creatue next to you, and you'd try to hit it, you'd have disadvantage, but in BG3, you just hit air. (There are some way to figure out where invisibile enemies are.)
      You need lockpicks and additional disarming kits, rather than 1 thieves tools.
      You find tons of ropes and there's never 1 occasion in which you'd need a rope.
      You can wield 2 weapons without the light trait, unless you take the dual wielder feat, this prevents you from wielding a versatile weapon and a torch at the same time, which 5eRAW would be possible. You'd just don't get the bonus-attack action. - They have no problem wielding a versatile weapon and a shield. - Also, in 5e, there's not really a "main hand" and "off hand", you either have weapon(s) equipped or not.
      You have critical success/failure for non-attacks, which is just a homebrew rule, which doesn't make any sense (probably only implemented because "a lot" people use that rule, or because they couldn't seperate the dice rules)

      I'd probably find many more changes, and I would disagree with most. - The overall experience of BG3 is still good, and you can tell they tried their best to make a good game with MANY choices, but they just failed (in my opinion) in giving us a great 5e-Feeling.

    5. NeatWolf
      • supporter
      • 2 kudos
      Everything worked differently. This game is using 5e, and it's a pretty faithful adaption of it just like BG1 and BG2 were faithful adaptions of 2e
      I wouldn't call it a "pretty faithful adaptation" of 5e to be honest.
      Rules As Written they made all kind of horrors.
      Solasta is a pretty faithful adaptation. BG3 isn't.
      I'm not saying it's bad, but there's TONS of differences from 5e (for balance or fun reasons) - that's why there are mods that try to make it steer back into 5e RAW boundaries.
      1d4 for rolling initiative? No Ready an Action action? No Dodge action? [long list here] Blasphemy! 
    6. sadunkal
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      Instead BG3 is all about shoving things down now... I wish the games played more like bg2. And yes normally you can do a lot of things with ropes. If you are not going to implement it then remove it from the game ffs. Feels like they didn't play the original games tbh.
    7. zeor18
      • member
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      I just finished bg1 and bg2. They were.... kinda shit. I'm glad we got somthing new and better lol.  Don't get me wrong, it had story and opitons... but the game play and graphics are shit.
    8. Mjp11
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      I liked Solasta too but outside of faithfulness to 5e rules, the game was garbage in comparison in every other way. I liked the travelling I guess.
  3. MidgetMe
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    Personally I think a fun mod would allow for manual entry for dice rolls. While some would definitely use it to always roll a 20, I think it would be fun to roll a physical die while playing the game, and type in the rolls. I'm also curious if such a mod could accept rolls from "smart dice" so you could roll the physical dice and it would automatically send the result to the game. :3
    1. Demorphic
      • Community Manager
      • 48 kudos
      First time hearing about smart dice, but they do indeed exist, thanks
    2. MidgetMe
      • premium
      • 0 kudos
      I don't actually own any smart dice, but for this... I'd be mighty tempted.
    3. kobzik26
      • supporter
      • 0 kudos
      this sounds pretty cool +1
    4. epiko2010
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      This already exist. I programmed this mod for Solasta, called ManualRoll. You can find it here on Nexus. You can input manual result and also connect with smart dice. Try it. It is real real funny.
  4. riko464
    • member
    • 12 kudos
    Hello, could you help me?
    My problem:
    I trying to make my own body-shape. But when I put my reshaping meshes into the game I can see
    some body-parts throw new-reshaping clothes/armors when character in
    actions and its looks like "bad mesh stretching" of reshaping
    My actions :
    1. Take file from the game with LSLib Toolkit from .GR2 to .dae formats
    2. Import .dae file to Blender 3.6
    3. Sculpting mesh
    4. Export resculpting mesh from Blender to the pak folder as .GR2

    Where is my misstake?
  5. dktz00
    • member
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    Can someone make a hairsyle mod to add in Dragonball Z hairstyles, namely Goku's and Gohan's regular and/or super saiyan hair styles?
  6. Souhna
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    so, i installed vortex now, and let vortex manage mods and stuff for BG3 ....
    i have installed 1 mod..a nd the  basic stuff vortex wantet me to install to support bg3....
    now bg3 hangs in the loading screen at 100% and wont continue even to the  main menu ...
    it just says 100% and nothing happens after game start ...
    when i totaly remove all stuff egarding vortex  its fine idea why but ...
    1. Cheyron
      • premium
      • 359 kudos
      how can anyone help you with this vague explanation? You installed 1 mod and all the basic stuff... maybe you installed a skyrim mod for all anyone knows lol. Whenever you need help on your pc, you need to draw people a picture... include every little detail so people can get an idea what might be bugged. In order to get help for modding your game, people need to first learn how to ask for help.

      "it broke when i did da thing" is not going to get you responses.
    2. ChrisACU
      • member
      • 0 kudos
    3. kobzik26
      • supporter
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      you need BG3 Mod Fixer for any mods.
  7. Jedikhin
    • member
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    I hope to see a mod that inserts the Mordhau voice lines into the game for custom origin characters. I want to be a dwarf bard with the foppish voice.

    "That's not an army... I've seen bigger book clubs!"
  8. kamenriderghost1
    • member
    • 0 kudos
    Fix map Baldur gate 3 Direct 11  :C
  9. grisxlda
    • premium
    • 0 kudos
    Wish it could be on the homepage of the site since it's so popular
  10. GoodDodge
    • member
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    I'd like to humbly request a Mod for Controller players, a really simple one that I'm sad is not implemented as normal controls/functions.

    Can we get a Mod that makes the Radial Wheels 'Sticky'. At the moment you have to push your thumbstick towards the ability you want to pick to highlight it, hold it there and hit select. If you let go of the thumbstick it just un-highlights whatever you were hovering on.

    If the last highlighted Selection Remains Highlighted even after Thumbstick has been released to default position (Not touching the Thumbstick), that'd be really nice.

    Something else that'd be good too, the D-Pad currently does Nothing while in the Radial Menus. If they could be made to select the very top action and move one over left or right by D-Pad use, that'd be epic too.

    And lastly, could the Map Cursor have a Gravitation Pull to the nearest Map Marker? Because currently on controller we just miss and have to recorrect half a dozen times before we can see what the marker has to say.

    And by other suggestions:

    Could it be made so that when you press the right thumbstick to see the loot be a toggle and not hold would be nice too.
    1. Cheyron
      • premium
      • 359 kudos
      i play with controller too and they need to fix a ton of stuff. You can't even manage your inventory with a controller, in order to put stuff in bags, you have to switch to kb/m. they need to finish adding controller support... console players will be screwed if they have to deal with the current inventory system. These should not be mods, this should be added by the game devs.
    2. MisterGunpowder
      • member
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      You don't need KB+M to put stuff in bags. You have to open the bags first, and RB/R1 will open your inventory at the side, just like if you're accessing your storage trunk.