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Get double XP for the whole game, or reach level 6 very fast and then progress as normal.

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UPDATE: Following requests, this mod now also has an option of effectively doubling XP throughout the game.

Option 1: Fast XP to Level 6

This mod allows new characters to reach level 6 very fast (soon after leaving the Nautiloid). Basically, the goal is to skip early leveling for those who already played through Early Access and don't want to spend any more time as a low-level character. Also it's level 6 since now with multiclassing there is more space to play with character builds which don't "come online" until after a few levels, and you don't have access to the respec feature right off the bat.

This mod does not affect game balance beyond allowing you to reach level 6 faster; the amount of XP required to reach higher levels is unchanged. So it's not a cheat but rather a way to move through the Prologue and Act I faster, for those who already know these areas by heart and want to get to the new parts quicker.

Option 2: Double XP for the whole game

This mod halves XP requirements for every level, effectively doubling XP gain. It will affect the entire game, allowing you to level twice as fast.


the rar file contents to your BG3 installation folder / Data folder, keeping the rar file's internal folder structure.

The pathway should be like this:

For Fast XP to Level 6:

For Double XP:

If you want to have BOTH Fast XP and Double XP (you damn munchkin!) then install Double XP first, then install Fast XP and overwrite file when prompted.

Compatible with my Oathbreaker Armor Set mod.

Fast XP to Level 6 is compatible with my Level 20 mod (overwrite that mod with this one, keeping that mod's second XPData.txt in the SharedDev folder line).

P.S. NOTE: Disregard previous concerns about multiclassing, seems to work fine in that respect.