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Overhaul mod focused on increasing the difficulty of the career. Tougher pursuits, harder races, 6 opponents in most races, more traffic, more career challenges need to be completed to race against bosses. Total tollbooth races overhaul. NOS Junkman parts available from bosses rewards.

Permissions and credits

This is my attempt to make the best racing game ever made (IMHO) even better. I created this mod for myself, but I thought maybe other people would enjoy it, so I decided to share. That being said, this mod's purpose is not to please everyone, it only strives to make the game more challenging.

This mod focuses on spicing thing up in the career mode especially.

WARNING!: If using mods that mod/add cars that are better (performance wise) than the vanilla cars, it defeats the purpose of this mod, thus, the experience will be entirely different than of what I'm trying to express through this mod.

What are the changes?


Police cars are more resilient.
More roadblocks.
More reinforcements during pursuits.
Reduced bounty when destroying cop cars to balance the fact that more cops will be chasing you.
Chopper is chasing player for longer.
I have reduced the evade cooldown duration because it took way too long in my opinion.
Increased the time it takes to get busted at higher pursuit levels (similar to the lower levels) for balance reasons.
More cost to state needs to be achieved for 911 to be called (between 2000 at heat level 1 and 4000 at heat level 5).
More traffic cars need to be hit for 911 to be called (7 at all heat levels).
Cops sight range increased.
More cars are patrolling once 911 is called (between 1 and 5).
Once 911 has been called, cop cars will patrol for 30 sec at all heat levels.
Changed Acceleration Multipliers for Police cars so that now they can no longer do circles around you at 350 Km/h.
Ever noticed the fact that no circuit in the entire career has cops in them? Well, not anymore.

Races and Free Roam:

All of the AI racers have their skill set to 100.
I also added Catch-up skill to all the opponents in career mode, although it seems it doesn't work in every race for some reason, nothing I can do about it.
Traffic in free roam has been set to 100 (max, as far as I can tell). The world will look a lot more animated and less boring.
Traffic in non-boss Circuit, KO and Sprint races is set to 50 (was lower for most races).
The speed of traffic cars increased so that it now seems more 'realistic'.
The weight of traffic cars has been increased, so hitting them is more of a time penalty than before.
Number of opponents in Sprint, Circuit and Speedtrap races set to 6 (they sometimes spawn in an awkward position, but still, double the challenge).
Number of opponents in KO races set to 5, and the KO races have 5 laps now (obviously).
Increased the number of laps of all Circuit races in Career by 1.
Now, before you can challenge a Blacklist racer you must finish all their milestones and races, and the amount of bounty needed has been increased.
Nerfed Junkman performance parts since they made the cars way too fast and jittery, thus, actually more difficult to control, and with my mod installed control is king, you will need as mush as you can get, being able to control your car better will indirectly make you faster.
Now, 2 of each type of junkman performance parts "drop" from bosses (yes, even NOS). So if you defeat the first 14 bosses (since Razor doesn't "drop" anything) you will be able to modify 2 of your favorite cars to the maximum. Choose wisely.
Cash rewards from every non-boss races have been reworked. The amount of cash you get is based on the difficulty of the race. The difficulty is determined by the length, nr. of laps, if cops are present or not and the type of race. Basically, races that take longer to win, reward more cash than the others.

And now I want to talk to you about Tollbooth races.

Remember those? 


Well...that's probably because they were so boring and easy that you were probably doing them with your eyes closed while driving with your feet or tongue or...let's leave it at that.

Well then, I have good news for you boys and girls(unlikely). They won't be boring anymore! In fact, now, they may very well be your favorite kind of race in the game (they are mine).

First of all, the traffic in all Tollbooth races is set to maximum, now. 
Second, but equally important is that I have reduced the time bonus you get at the start and when passing through additional tollbooths, so that now you will actually have to work for it. Yay!

So far, only career mode tollbooths and the first 17 out of the 34 challenge series tollbooths have been moded. The rest have had their time bonus reduced by 20% as a starting base, and are a work in progress.
The first 5 stages of Tollbooth races were tested while using the non-upgraded cars I got from defeating bosses.
From BARON and above, I have only used the Cayman upgraded with performance parts available in each appropriate stage (and junkman parts I got from bosses).
I am confident to say that tollbooth races will now force you to be your absolute best if you want to win them.
If they seem too difficult I have a few of tips for you:


Have patience and practice. Learning the track is extremelly important.
The start is important. Doing a burnout at the beginning of the race will cost you precious time. Every second matters.
If you crash during the early segments of the tollbooth race just restart the race, because as you go on things will get more and more tense and you'll be more prone to making mistakes. Better to restart early on and save yourself some time.
The timers will allow for small hiccups here and there, but take note that really bad crashes like rollovers, spins or any crash that will require a car reset can very easily result in failure.
Driving on the opposite lane is a big no-no in most cases. There will be sections with lots of traffic.
Approach turns at correct angles (always from the exterior). If you played simulation racers before then you shouldn't have any problems with this.
Stop using the handbrake to take easy corners, you will lose a lot of speed by doing so. Try taking corners by simply deccelerating before them or by swiftly tapping the reverse button once. For taking extremely tight corners, I personally use the handbrake together with the reverse brake to slow down fast before turns (never during them), but you can also try using an "ABS like" brake by tapping the reverse brake multiple times in very quick succession before the corner.
Almost always accelerate when exiting corners, it will actually help you turn better. This is a real life thing too.
Don't waste NOS, but don't hoard it either. Using NOS at the same time as the car shifts gears is not a good idea. Save nitro for when you're exiting corners and such.
Not every car in the game is viable for winning these races. Remember that handling>speed all day. Avoid cars that slide too much. And most important, fine tune the hell out of your cars if you want good results. Test them, understand them, love them.

Cars that I personally avoid like the plague are: A4, RX-8, SL 500, GTO, Monaro, CLK 500 and Elise.
Cars that I consider "god tier": Punto, Cobalt, Clio, Mustang, 911 turbo (this thing is insane if properly fine tuned), Ford GT, SLR Mclaren, and my absolute favorite, the Cayman. It just can't get any better then the Cayman. Feels extremely confortable to drive. I can almost say it's like an extenstion of myself. Perfectly suited for any scenario if fine tuned properly.

This mod also contains the Better Traffic Diversity mod made by HeicoDE, which is an amazing traffic mod that is complementing the other traffic changes my mod makes really well. 

Speedyheart's 'No air stabilizer' mod can also be found inside my mod's files. I haven't been able to find the mod anywhere on the web anymore, so I took the liberty to pack it together with my own mod. This mod stops you from always landing on your "feet" every time you jump etc and it enables you to pull off some insane mid-air stunts.

Tollbooth test run which also showcases the increased traffic changes. Lots of mistakes were made in this run, but still, you get the point. Sorry for the bad quality.

How to install:

Simply copy the contents of the folder found in the archive into the main folder of the game and replace all when asked. The reason I haven't made this mod a VltEd script file is because it doesn't get installed properly with VltED. Install other mods on top of mine if you want to, although I don't recommend you do that (you will most likely break stuff!).

Be sure to make back-ups of your own files, I am not to be held responsible if anything bad happens to your game.

This mod was made for the 1.3 Black Edition version.


Uploading this mod to other websites is not allowed.

You are not allowed to upload this mod as a translation fix.

Not having fun while playing with this mod is not allowed.


HeicoDE for being such a great guy letting me implement his mod into mine.
Speedyheart for creating the 'No air stabilizer' mod.

That being said...I wish you good luck and have fun.