Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
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This mod brings more diversity into the traffic by adding more cars to the spawn pattern.

Permissions and credits
Better Traffic Diversity


This mod brings more diversity into the traffic by adding more cars to the spawn pattern.

-Adds more cars to the traffic pattern
-Adds unused cars to the traffic pattern*
-Makes the traffic pattern more realistic*²
-Fixes the cement trailer*

The unused cars: Ambulance, Sedan B, SUV A, Trailer CMT, Trailer A

*²Example: The garbage truck now spawns everywhere except for the highways. 
The garbage truck normally spawns only in Downtown and in one of the industrial zones.
The people in Rosewood apparently don't need someone to pick up their trash... :D

Known Problems

There are a few graphical issues for some of the unused cars, but it isn't really noticeable while normally playing the game.




1. Open VltEd & click on File->Import->ModScript
2. Select the .nfsms file included in the download
3. Click on install & wait a moment
4. Save, start the game and have fun!


My mods are exclusive to Nexus Mods!

-Do NOT sell my mods or parts of it!
-Do NOT (re)share my mods on Nexus Mods or other sites!
-If you want to use my mods as an addition for your mods or mod packs, please contact me first.
-Feel free to share pictures or videos about my mods, but credits would be nice here.
-You are allowed to modify my mods in any way for your personal use.
-You are allowed to create patches, fixes, add-ons etc. for my mods.* 

*My mods must be a requirement for your mod. Do NOT provide my complete mod with your patches, fixes, add-ons etc.!

If you need specific permissions not listed here, don't hesitate to contact me.


-nfsu360 for the tools
-Black Box & EA for the game "Need for Speed"


This mod is just a reupload and provided "as is", this means that I don't provide any support anymore!