My Time at Portia
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Allows you to add any item in the game to any shop (by default adds most unimplemented items).

Permissions and credits
To use this mod, create a json file in the mod's asset directory with the same format as the included unimplemented_items.json. Explanations for each entry are:

  • ID: the ID of the item from Props_total_table in the database. A list of item ids is here
  • count: how many copies to sell
  • currency: the type of currency to use to buy the item (leave at -1)
  • requireMission: which mission if any is required (leave at -1)
  • storeId: which store sells the item (ids below)
  • chance: chance of the store selling the item each day (0.0 - 1.0)

Store IDs are:

1    Farm Store
2    The Round Table
3    Clothing Store
4    Best Brother
5    Total Tools
7    Martha's Bakery
8    Alice's Flower Shop
9    Clinic Shop
10    Mysterious Man
11    Emily's Food Stall
12    Church Store
13    Badge Exchange
14    A&G Construction Store
15    Tody's Fish-o-Rama
16    McD's Jumpin' Livestock
17    Temporary Store
18    Temporary Store
19    Temporary Store
20    South Block Trade Store
21    Harbor Trade Station
22    Gift Exchange
23    Church Store
24    Research Center Exchange
25    Oaks' Handicrafts
26    McBurger

The unimplemented_items.json file adds the following items to various stores:

Concave Mirror
Convex Mirror
Egg Sculpture
Egg Top
Garden Table
Hydrangea Dance
Jumping Waves
Layered Bookshelf
Painting: Me
Painting: Carp and Lotus
Painting: Crescent Moon
Rainbow Photo Frame
Red Lamp
Ship in a Bottle
Twisted Window Origamy
Water Cooler
Vending Machine

The model for Garden Table is a plant box and the model for the Xylophone is a wash basin, and I don't know how to fix this. The actual xylophone model exists in the game files but is not used somehow.

Requires Unity Mod Manager. Install by extracting to your Mods directory, or via the UMM interface.

Source code at