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Mestre Karin

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A simple mod for My Time At Portia

Permissions and credits

  • Items
    • Item Duplicator.
      • Open your bag/storage, select the item and hit * (keypad multiply).
    • Brute Remover (remove any item).
      • Open your bag/storage, select the item and hit - (keypad minus).
    • Item Spawner (use Insert to open).
  • Player (use Home to open)
    • God mode.
    • Infinite stamina.
    • Infinite Vp.
      • Run/jump/dash forever.
    • Exp multiplier.
    • Gold multiplier.
    • No drops.
      • No more junk when killing mobs.
    • Jetpack (with extended fly time) anywhere (use keypad 8).

  • Download Unity Mod Manager  and install it (you can follow the tutorial on it's page).
  • Download this mod and install it using UMM.
  • Run the game.

While in-game (i.e., after loading a save), you can use the shortcut Insert to open the Item Spawner or Home
to open the Player Options.

* The time will be paused when you open Player Options/Item Spawner.

If you have other mods installed, it's possible that some features will not be enabled and you'll see a text warning you about that (see image below). E.g. 'Your Game Your Settings' has exp multiplier, and since this mod uses the same function, you will not be able to use it.

Also, there will be a list of conflicting mods in the logs tab from UMM menu.

*NOTE: This will only work if the conflicting mod loads first. Using above case, if 'You Game Your Settings' loads after this mod, it'll probably crash.

You can found the source of this mod at Github.