My Time at Portia

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This mod creates a chance that a boss enemy will attack Portia every day

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With this mod installed, there is a chance every day that an elite or boss monster will attack a random area of Portia and its surroundings. Defeating the monster will give a relationship bonus to every known favorable NPC, and give the loot the monster ordinarily drops.

As well, there is an option to have random dungeon monsters spawn throughout the map in groups.

Boss Monsters

Boss monsters will be chosen from a list related to the current player level. Current lists are:

Player Level 1-15:

  • Poppycock
  • Balloon Urchin
  • Vampanda
  • Hermit Snaillob
  • Bandirat Prince

Player Level 16-30:

  • Chemical Dropout
  • Bikini Flippers
  • Courtious Bunny
  • Flurpee
  • Mrs. Ladybug
  • Balloon Urchin
  • Bikini Flippers
  • Hermit Snaillob
  • Snake in a Box
  • Bandirat Prince

Player Level 31-45:

  • Rock On
  • Chemical Dropout
  • Chief Honcho
  • Rat King
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Piggy-bot 002
  • Bandirat Prince

Player Level 46-60:

  • Captain Crabbo
  • Chemical Dropout
  • Chief Honcho
  • Rock On
  • Piggy-bot 007
  • Piggy-bot 032
  • Rat King

Player Level 60+*:

  • Chemical Dropout
  • Chief Honcho
  • Rock On
  • All-Source AI
  • Piggy-bot 007
  • Pirate Queen
  • Forgotten Knight
  • Rogue Knight

*This last list currently requires that you have also both finished the Rogue Knight questline and reached level 100 of the Deepest Ruin. If you haven't done those two things, it uses the level 41-60 list instead.

The current set of locations bosses might attack are:

  • Center Plaza
  • Sophie's farm
  • Sophie's field
  • the tree farm
  • Portia Harbour
  • Amber Island (if accessible)
  • Ingall's Mine (if accessible)
  • Southblock (if accessible)

The chance can be set manually in mod settings. You can also choose to turn off the global relationship reward.

There is also optionally a chance for the boss to bring along a gang of lower tier monsters that you can customize in mod settings.

Relationship rewards for killing a boss are calculated at x points per tier. So at 5 points per tier, 4th tier players will get 5*4 = 20 relationship per NPC on killing the boss.

Random Monster Spawns

Enabling this option causes dungeon monsters to spawn throughout the entire outdoors map. As a caution, this can be incredibly CPU intensive if you try to spawn hundreds or thousands of them (max is 2000 for this reason).

Dungeon monster levels are semi-random, within a range related to the player's level.


Most of the monsters that spawn are challenging and will kick your butt if you aren't well equipped. They'll also beat up any civilians they meet. You've been warned!

The mod adds a map marker and a notification for the boss invasion as well, but doesn't trigger a quest.

Monsters also drop all sorts of high level loot (the same loot as if you met them in their original locations, I haven't changed that).


Requires Unity Mod Manager. Install by extracting to your Mods directory, or via the UMM interface.

Source code at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.