Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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A mod aiming to make smithing more enjoyable.
Include better stamina management and QoL features such as shift click to smelt/refine faster
and keeping the last used desing for every category even when the smithing menu is closed.

Main Features :

-Better Stamina management - Your total smithing stamina depends on your endurance and your smithing skills ( = 100 + smithing skill + 10 * endurance).
As opposed to other smithing mods simply increasing the cap, smithing will be harder in the beginning and becomes gradually more viable as your skill improves.

Stamina regeneration has also been changed from 5% per hour in vanilla to 10% per hour while resting in a town and 5% per hour anywhere else.
Now, a good 10 hours sleep at the nearest tavern is all you need to get back to work instead of an absurd 20 hours long break.

-Faster Smelting - Holding shift while clicking on the smelt button will smelt the entire stack of item, or as much as your stamina or coal supply will let you.
No need for an autoclicker to smelt those 40 throwing knives anymore.

-Faster Refining - Holding shift while clicking on the refine button will perform the selected refining operation 10 times.
Holding shift and ctrl will refine as much as your stamina or raw material supplies will let you. Making those thamaskene ingots have never been easier !

-Weapon Designing QoL - Whenever you leave the smithy or switch weapon category, the weapon you were working on will be saved and restored when you come back.
You can now rest easy knowing that sick weapon design you didn't have enough energy to craft will wait for your return.

This mod was tested for bugs and balance during an entire playthrough, but there's always things falling through the cracks.
You can adress any suggestion/issues at my personal discord Monty#2962