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Removes spawning Vanilla Companions and only spawns your made Companions or added on extra Companion mod.
Removes Name Generated first names as well.

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Due to this awesome website and mod being made  or
awesome work from drdanzel. I repurposed my companion hoarder mod to make this mod. 

Description:  This mod will simply stop adding vanilla companions into the world map.  They will spawn one of each companion of the ones you have made or from any other extra companions mod. This will also rename the companion to be the name you gave them. No generated first names. 

start a new campaign. As this is only when the code is used.

Unlike the my companion hoarder mod, I let the spawn rate of the companions to the standard vanilla one companion spawn per settlement. I assume that this would be used to only get around 20 -50 companions. If people want it so that you can spawn more than one companion per settlement I will put it back on. I am still working on trying to spawn more than one naturally as well.

Please don't edit any of the characters in the xml files in this moduledata folder as this is how  I removed the vanilla companions

  1. Unzip MyCompanionsOnly_module folder. Open it and Place "MyCompanionsOnly" folder into "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules" 
  2. Make sure that both dll files are unblocked. Or use Module Unblocker mod
  3. Launch Mount and Blade Bannerlord and enable "MyCompanionsOnly" under Singleplayer mods. This mod needs to load below all the main mods from the game.  Good mod here for that is the fixed launcher which allows you to drag your mods order and auto sort for you.

 Use at your own risk for your save files cannot guarantee anything.

Recommended Mods

I suggest using the custom wanderer mod and you can create characters quite easily.
One minor thing is as the preset for the website is with name generator so under surname/title just put down the full name you want now. 

If you want any more changes getting the detailed character creation is great.


Happy for people to use this mod and alter it.

Please just credit me for some of the work. 


Not compatible with Bleinz unlimited wanderer mod. As we have the same code.
Beware it might override other people mod that are coding in URBANSPAWNCAMPAIGNBEHAVIOR

If you have any mods that alters the wanderers in the spspecialcharacters.xml then this mod will need to go below them.