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Adds 14 unique wanderers, complete with backstories and unique skill sets, that can easily be customized to your liking with the Bannerlord Wanderer Creator. Updated for 1.1.1!

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Are you getting tired of wanderers without a backstory or a specific skill? Perhaps you want an easy way to add your own? This mod adds 14 unique wanderers that can easily be customized to your liking by using my Bannerlord Wanderer Creator tool.

All 14 new wanderers have:

  • Introductions / backstories
  • Custom starting gear
  • Unique skillsets and traits

Confirmed working since Bannerlord version: 1.1.1


  • It may take a long time in-game for the wanderers to spawn. If you want the wanderers to be available immediately, start a new game or spawn them using console commands.
  • The game only loads a limited amount of all wanderers (including default ones). I recommend using a mod like Unlimited Wanderers to ensure that they show up, or Companion Spawn Improvement to get more control of how new companions are spawned.


Download and install using Vortex, or extract the contents of the ZIP into your Bannerlord Modules folder.

Customizing the wanderers from this mod

  1. Download the mod here att NexusMods
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Load" and load the downloaded .zip
  4. Edit the wanderers you want to your liking
  5. Click "Download" and follow the installation instructions

Creating your own wanderers

  1. Go to
  2. Add the wanderers you want by clicking "New wander" and filling in their info
  3. Click "Download" and follow the installation instructions

Frequently asked questions

My wanderers are not in the encyclopedia. Where are they?
  • If you have started a new campaign and are using a mod like Unlimited Wanderers, then the mod probably isn't installed correctly.
  • If you have started a new campaign without an unlimited wanderers mod, then there is a risk that other wanderers were loaded instead of yours.
  • If you haven't started a new campaign then you might need to wait longer in-game until a new set of wanderers are loaded into the game.

My wanderers show up in the encyclopedia, but not in the city it says they are in. Where are they?
The location mentioned in the encyclopedia isn't trustworthy, and almost always wrong. If they are in the encyclopedia, they have been loaded into the game, which means they will show up in a city.

Some of the wanderers are crazy expensive, is this a bug?

No, that is on purpose. The game calculates the cost of a wanderer based on the gear they are wearing, which means that the better-armored wanderers will cost a lot more.

These skills are not balanced/low enough/high enough. Can you change them to X?
I won't, no. But you can easily do it yourself using the instructions under "Customizing the wanderers from this mod".

See for a list of frequently asked questions for mods created with the Wanderer Creator.