Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Make everyone in the world .65 of their height.

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Ok so I made a mod recently ( and found out you can change peoples heights so i messed around with that and well you can make yourself small, VERY small. So this is just making everyone .65 of their height, you can make people much smaller but it makes people so small that they are not able to kill each other because one handed weapons cant hit.

My other mod was getting clogged with random stuff and i didnt think that this would still fit in that mod category anymore. I have two versions one that work with detailed character creation and a standalone, the DCC one includes the body slider changes in my other mod.

All this mod does is change character height, weapons and horses are still normal size. If anyone can point me to the file that changes the size value of those it would be MUCH appreciated. 

Completely removable just make sure to make a back up of the skins.xml file!
How to download 
Bannerlord-Modules-Native-ModuleData- replace skins.xml file
Bannerlord-Modules-!DCC-Moduledata-replace skin.xml file

More of a meme than anything but i found it funny so here i am

Problems i have found is during a seige archers can only shoot for so long because people go to the walls to breach and the archers just cant shoot at them the walls are too tall. Also its hard to kill cav/easier to kill cav. Harder cause the archer/lancer is smol. Easier cause archers kill the horse faster.