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Charging on a horse is fun! Coming to a complete halt because a peasant poked us isn't... This mod helps with that by giving you some control over the rear-up and charge mechanics.

Permissions and credits
About "rear-ups"
In the base game, horses rear-up when they receive a certain amount of damage from polearms, from certain angles. This mechanic exists as a way to make spears a little more useful against charging mounted units. However, it's quite annoying in its current state since it doesn't matter how fast you go, your horse gets completely stopped (no inertia). Units doing a 180° turn at the last moment adds to the frustration.

This mod gives you some control over this. You can disable them entirely, or tweak some variables to fit your preferences (see the configuration file for more information).

About charges
Charge damage fix:
In vanilla, the charge damage formula gives lower results the closer the angle formed by the two vectors (the horse's and the victim's) is to 90°, meaning that charges from the sides do less damage than players usually expect. This mod offers an optional fix making damage more consistent.

Self-inflicted damage:
In the base game, horses don't get damaged when charging into infantry. With this mod, you can change that. It uses the base game's calculation method, but it takes the horse's armor into account instead (I recommend activating the fix in addition for more logical results).

Damage multiplier:
By setting a multiplier in the config file, you can increase all charge damage (both inflicted, and self-inflicted if enabled).

Knockdowns are also somewhat inconsistent since a lot of emphasis is put on the angle formed by the point of collision and where the horse is headed (it's hard to give a better description, sorry). While charge damage also works that way, for knockdowns I think it's better to have more predictable outcomes. This mod allows you to replace vanilla's behavior with your own, easier to understand settings.

Note that at the time I'm writing this, the game has different damage models between game modes. Charges do in fact 2.5 times more damage custom battle mode than in story mode. This mod doesn't change that.

By default, all parameters are set so that they match the original behavior of the game.

This mod uses ModLib as a soft dependency (meaning that it won't crash if you don't have it) to provide you with a friendly graphical user interface, allowing you to easily change mod settings. Versions of ModLib older than 1.3.4 aren't supported. Mod Configuration Menu version 3.0.11 can also be used.

If you prefer the old school method, the config file is located in {Bannerlord's path}\Modules\DontStopMeNow\ModuleData\ and will be generated the first time you launch the game. Here's the config file as of 1.5.1.

Personal recommendation (link):
- Disable rear-up mechanic entirely.
- Enable "Fix charge damage formula".
- Set charge damage multiplier to at least 2x.
- Enable self-inflicted charge damage for both player and AI.
- Enable "Replace vanilla knockdown" (otherwise knockbacks settings will be ignored).
- Set a minimal speed requirement for knockdowns of 6m/s.
- Increase knockdown angle to 360 (for consistency sake).

Known incompatibilities
This mod can safely be removed from your mod list without affecting game stability.

Realistic Battle Mod: If "Fix charge damage formula" is enabled, either charges will do crazy amount of damage or the fix won't be applied.

Known issues