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Does not work with current version of Bannerlord. This is my full permission for anyone to fix, update, or add to the mod. I'd love to see it back and in use.

Adds 10 spells to Bannerlord.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After equiping some of the spells for the first time there will be a long delay of several minutes before the game will be

Permissions and credits
This mod adds ten spells to Bannerlord. Compatible with my mod adding in mage units here Magic Casters.

Arcane Shot
Magical energies focused into a small, ball of energy. Novice mages depend on this spell to defend themselves while they hone their channeling ability.
Stats: 20 skill, single target, low cutting damage, medium range.

Popular with battle mages fighting well armored foes this spell bypasses wood and steel to melt into the flesh of living beings.
Stats: 40 skill, single target, low piercing damage, medium range. Ignores shields.

Arcane forces channeled into a ball of flames. This spell will explode on impact burning the target and scorching anyone nearby.
Stats: 50 skill, affects small group, good cutting damage, medium range.

This enchantment will collapse even the strong willed, leaving them helpless on the battlefield. Whether driven by mercy or sadism, some mages prefer to take their foes alive.
Stats: 70 skill, single target, (high blunt damage), very short range.

Deepflame Bolt
Magical forces pulled into a sharp bead and infused with arcane fire. The resulting bolt punches through most armors killing many on impact. With its excellent range and accuracy experienced battle mages depend on this spell to drop enemies well before they come within striking distance.
Stats: 90 skill, single target, good piercing damage, long range.

Calls down a rain of rocky debris pounding a group of foes.
Stats: 110 skill, affects large group, good cutting damage, short range.

Brilliant Lance
Focusing pure arcane energy into an unstoppable piercing shard this spell pierces through anything and keeps killing. 
Stats: 120, affects single target initially, but pierces through and hits anything behind and repeats, good damage, medium range.

Channels magic into a pure, nearly invisible, crashing wave. Even thosethat are able to survive the blow are often knocked to the ground.
Stats: 160 skill, affects medium group, high blunt damage, medium-long range.

Only the most studied master wizards have developed the focus and strength of will to summon forth and bind their magic into this terrible explosion. Casting
the feared fireball requires both hands and takes too great a focus to use while mounted. Best used in siege warfare.
Stats: 200 skill, affects large group, very high cutting damage, long range, difficult and slow to aim, requires two hands, cannot cast mounted.

Barely controlled but bursting with raw power, Witchfire is wielded by wild mages born with the touch but not afforded proper academy training. This invocation’s poor range and poorer accuracy make it a dangerous weapon for ally as well as enemy. The tool of the desperate and degenerate, witches found
channeling this power are ruthlessly hunted and executed in civilized lands.
Stats: 60 skill, affects small group, medium-high cutting damage, medium range.

Game Information

For best visual effect open your Options game menu, Gameplay tab, and dial down the “Weapon Trail Visibility” slider to the lowest setting (0.00). This removes the stone throwing trail while still keeping the spell effect trails. Big thanks to XavtheRiv for figuring this out!

The first seven spells can be found for sale as the price threshold rises. The last spell, Witchfire, is not for sale in shops. All spells can be added through Cheat mode. Most of the spells look great when viewed from the perspective of another person casting them. Try giving them to a companion, but watch out for friendly fire.


Works for version 1.1.4 (probably past versions as well)
It should be compatible with everything as it just adds spells and doesn’t replace anything.
It doesn’t work in Total Conversion mods as written but can be made to work by manually placing of the files. If you want help with that msg me.


Remove the past versions of this mod before installing. To install just download and drop in your Bannerlord Module folder. Make sure you also have the Harmony mod installed. Activate it in Mods when you start up and you’re good to go. This mod can be safely added and removed from an ongoing game.


These spells were originally developed based off of the code of captainchina123's mod WQMagic fireball. This mod was heavily inspired by BenjiG91's awesome but sadly long outdated  CalradiaAwakens - A Fantasy Total Conversion and the super fun Phantasy mod for M&BWarband by Guspav and GSanders.

Lesser Scholar’s excellent tutorial ( and responsive feedback taught me how to add in new models and effects for the
spells and rewrite the xmls from scratch. I highly recommend it!
Lastly, this easy to follow Blender tutorial ( by BlenderGuru took me from zero experience in 3D modeling to creating the (admittedly crude) spell effects used in this mod.

Wish List

Add sounds matched better to the spells
Add localization
Create a vendor to buy the spells from and take them out of the shops
Add the ability to start as a mage with the spell Arcane Shot
Add non-damage effects to increase variety of spells
Incentive light armor or mage robes for casters by either limiting spell use to when wearing them, or empowering spells when in robes

If you enjoy the mod and want to help with any of the above or have other requests or ideas contact me!

Thank You for Downloading!

This is my first mod of any game and I’m pretty excited just to see it up on Nexus! If you have any ideas, criticism, balancing suggestions, or run into any problems, please leave me feedback in Posts. If you take any good screenshots using the mod please send them my way. I'm pretty terrible at doing that and would love to have better ones to post. If you’re enjoying the mod, it would make my day if you clicked endorse!